Monday, 28 July 2014

Manflesh Monday's - Meet Irish Actor, and Birthday Boy, the Lovely Eugene Horan of The Fairy Flag, Plan Z and The Pigman Murders.

Continuing my Manflesh Monday's series, I now introduce you to an incredible actor I have had the opportunity to work with recently, and someone that is just genuinely fucking lovely and awesome.  That was my first impression when he first phoned me to discuss schedules or whatever.  Straight away I just though, he sounds CUTE!  

Anyhoo...I then heard the words..."Jeremy Renner looking mother fucker!" from one of the actors when he was all dressed up with his hood on his cloak up.  And yup...I know EXACTLY what you're all gonna be thinking now!!  Haha.  He really does totally have a bit of a Renner thing going on though...and compliments like that do NOT leave my little Renner addled mind lightly!!  :)  I think it's just his nature, and the way speaks, he's got quite a soft accent.  There's something really thoughtful there, and with his accent being a really nice northern Irish accent as well, I guess it just adds to this natural soulfulness about him.  

The other thing he has that Renner has...he's a fucking OUTSTANDING actor!  Looks will only get you so far, and Eugene has been no stranger to extreme transformation for roles either.  Don't just take my advice on his acting though.  How about a certain Beano, aka Sean Bean?  He TOTALLY rates him...yes Dad...YOUR Sean Bean, haha.  Good old Sharpe.  Or Ned Stark...if you're into that sort of thing! ;) 

Beano isn't the only one that rates Eugene though and I think that one of my favourite things with regards to Eugene as an actor, is that people really seem to be drawn to him.  I found out after watching his Irish Mickey Ward monologue, and being in total awe to find out that I wasn't the only one.  Get this...THE Irish Mickey Ward, after seeing this monologue that Eugene did of him talking about Mark Whalberg playing him in The Fighter, Mickey's agent contacted Eugene to say how impressed Mickey was and that to get in touch when he's next over in Boston.  :)  That is pretty fucking rad, especially given that The Fighter was an outstanding, multi-award winning film...including winning two Oscars.  He knows what amazing actors are...and that makes me so excited for Eugene, and I truly hope that he is given the chances that I know he deserves.  

At the end of the day, Eugene loves his movies, and boxing and football, and he's a genuinely likeable, and lovely guy...and one that I truly excited to see where he goes next.

If, like myself, you are totally digging the lovely Eugene,  then you can find him at the following places.  Go check him out people! Ooh, and when I say people, yeah, guys, I think you'll have clicked that I'm not just doing these posts to objectify men, haha.  I'm picking guys that appeal to everyone, and I'm picking guys with ACTUAL talent too.  And most of them are total guy's guys as well.  No brainless bimbo's here people.   Just check out his website, and see what you think for yourself.  :)

Official Website
Official Facebook Fan Page
Official Twitter - @Eugene_Horan

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