Monday, 25 February 2013

Girl Songs to Slash Your Heart Open To!!

So whilst writing away, finishing off a bunch of Women in Horror posts I've been working on, I started thinking of songs to fit my mood.  A lovely dark path then ensued and I figured, why not share some of my favourites from this selection of gore~geous female fronted bands.  

First up, we have Jack Off Jill (singer Jessika Adams pictured above) - Strawberry Gashes...a song that I have pretty much played to death over time.  I found this wicked video online to go with the song, very horror~ific and pretty rad.  There's nothing prettier than the site of blood running down pale white flesh!!  

Next up...My Ruin, doing a cover of Nick Cave's Do You Love Me.  A song that suits Tairrie B's voice down to a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon.  Okay, fuck the tea...let's just go for the red wine and cigarettes instead.  ;)  

Like Jack Off Jill and My Ruin, Queen Adreena are a band I've long been a fan of and FM Doll is just an absolute fucking cracker of a song.  In fact, when I first read the script for Jen and Sylvia Soska's American Mary, I totally wanted Tristan Risk's character Beatress Johnson (pictured below) to strip to this song.  I'm now going for my own personal strip tease from Little Miss Risk...I'm sure she's that good that she could do it on cue!!  BWAH!


For You I Hold My Breath, from Katie Jane Garside's solo project is the complete opposite of FM Doll, the sweet sound of painful melancholy.  

After her painfully tender side...let's go back for some more Queen Adreena and beautiful screaming...Pretty Like Drugs indeed. 

Another band from that time that I absolutely relished were the Aimee Echo fronted Human Waste Project, Drowned was a particular favourite track of mine. 

Now for some of the uber hotness that is Christina Martinez...a woman who used to grace my walls.  Boss Hog were totally rad in the fact that it was Christina and husband Jon Spencer...a potent combo if ever I heard one.  

Fuck it, now I'm back in the 90's, had better get some Garbage...oh yessss!!  The moment I saw the video for Queer on MTV (yes, back when MTV was actually decent!!), I was in love with this fellow Scot!! 

As much as I fucking love Queer, I also have to give kudos to what is possibly my favourite Garbage song - The Trick is to Keep Breathing.  Perfect song to be depressed too...and I have the old flatmates to vouch for me on this.  Hi James, Ben and Bex!! *waves*  :)  

One of my ultimate favourite self indulgent songs is by the queen of self indulgent herself...of course I'm talking about that musically brilliant, more fucked up than 110% of the rest of society, Miss Courtney Love herself.  That song would be Miss World, by Hole.  And when someone comes home to find me sitting in the dark drinking a glass of wine with "I'm Miss World, somebody kill me.  Kill me pills...nobody cares my friend" blasting away...I realise just how depressively self indulgent it actually sounds.  

On a happier note...Echobelly's Dark Therapy, a song I associate with drinking in the Fishies when I was younger..then hanging out in graveyards with my best friend Nadine.  Oh Dark Therapy...I love thee greatly!! 

Whilst speaking of my darling Nadine...another band we both loved was Veruca Salt.  Volcano Girls is a wicked track.  And when it was then featured on satirical high school comedy Jawbreaker, it developed even more totally fucking rad~core awesome memories.  Oh Rose devil you!! ;) 

After Jack Off Jill split, gore~geous lead singer Jessika Adams went on to form Scarling.  My favourite song of theirs is a close call between Baby Dracula and Crispin Glover.  And let's face me a horror~ific female who doesn't love Crispin Glover.  Haha.  ;)  So fuck's both tracks.  Because they're both fucking awesome!! 

My second last song, WOW...the first time I heard felt like my heart had been ripped into a thousand pieces.  This featured as the end credit song on the Dahmer soundtrack...a film about my favourite serial killer, and starring my future husband, Mr Jeremy Renner.  EEEP!!  It was totally rad that years later I actually became friends with one of the amazing women behind the score, and actually interviewed her for this very blog a couple of years interview you can check out here

And lastly, whilst not a girl...he sure likes to wear more make up than most women, and horror darling Rose McGowan is fucking AMAZING in this video.  Oh, and it has Tiny from House of 1000 Corpses/Devil's Rejects in the video...and I love Tiny!!  I've listened to this song an unhealthy amount of times, and it shall be played at my funeral.  Because "All the drugs in this world, won't save her from herself!!"