Saturday, 26 October 2013

Team Tara Knowles - Why Tara is Doing the RIGHT Thing!!!!

"Dire Circumstances Require Desperate Measure."

Yes, they do.  

Season Six of Sons of Anarchy has led me to the realisation, more so than before...that A LOT of people hate Tara.  Like, totally hate hate!!  Skyler White/Lori Grimes style hate.  Now Skyler, I never really got the hate.  Didn't really make sense.  Lori...well, she was just a fucking cunt.  Haha.  Tara though....nooooooooooooooooo!!  I fucking LOVE Tara!!!

This current Tara hate has me on edge...and ready to fight.  Dirty if need be.  Just like my girl herself.  So much of the hate seems to come from people who're...I dunno...a bit retarded perhaps!?!  All the comments I'm reading are all, poor Jax, poor dare she drag Unser and Wendy into this...blah blah fucking BLAH!!!!  

First of all, poor Gemma!?!  REALLY??  This is the woman who basically orchestrated the death of her first husband, Jax's father no less.  She then let Clay take all the blame.  Tara not wanting to hurt Jax with how much of a fucking cunt his mother was, didn't tell him.  A point she is probably regretting every single day of her life; letting information like that slip.  Unser is no fucking saint in this matter either, being the one who helped Gemma and Clay cover the whole thing up.  

Gemma is the ultimate worst mother in-law.  She uses, and abuses.  She is an evil, vindictive, angry old whore (lol, sorry, loved it when Tara called her an old whore, haha), who is so fucking controlling, she should get a job with Sega.   Her fucked up love of her son is almost cringeworthy at times.  And the way she's always going on about her grandkids like they're her own's like she gave birth to them.  Even though she almost killed them whilst driving them whilst high!!  

And what people seem to be forgetting is that the only reason she was allowed back in to the family after that incident, was because Jax needed her to get close to Clay, so he could frame him for something he hadn't done...because he wanted him out of their lives!!  Sound familiar!?!  Tara has done the exact same thing to Gemma that Jax did to Clay!  

Another thing people seem to be forgetting is that it was basically Gemma that put the idea for her killing an unborn child in her Tara's head when she punched her in the stomach and snidely said "I hope you aren't pregnant!"...before then telling her that she'd rat her out to the marshall if she tried to leave, and that she'd be getting fist raped in jail till the kids were in their teens.  

But poor Gemma.  Poor fucking Gemma my arse.  That bitch deserves EVERYTHING coming her way.  

As for Jax, well....poor Jax!  Not.  This is the boy that promised to get Tara and the boys out of Charming, over and over.  That he has failed.  This is the boy that jabbed a speedball in his son's mothers neck to scare her away...then lying to Tara and saying "She's just a junkie."  It seemed to be at this moment that Tara realised just how much of a monster he had become.  He then couldn't prevent her from being arrested...again, he'd promised she wasn't going to go to jail.  Even though she was going to jail for the club.  Yes people, for the club!!  If Tara didn't get to Otto, and then get intel, the whole lot of them would have being going to jail.  She did this FOR THEM!  

Then...the single WORST thing EVER...he fucking cheated on her whilst she was in jail...for a fucking week....just because she didn't want to see him!!  And with a fucking whore no less.  And a Mommy whore as well.  No wonder Tara wants to get him away from his fucking overbearing psycho mother! 

Jax made me feel physically sick.  I was upset about it for the whole week after.  It was like my universe had just shattered into a million pieces...and those pieces will never find their way back together again.  That is for a seperate blog however.  It's a pivotal moment in the history of these characters, and as a viewer, there is a reason that it hurt so much to watch.  

Since Opie died, Jax has turned into an unstable, often psychotic, homicidal maniac.  Which normally I'd find totally hot...but then he cheated.  The killing I can handle.  The injecting of Wendy.  The set up of Clay.  All that I'm fine with.  Handing Tig over to August Marks...WTF?!!!  After everything he did to save him?!!  Speaking of fucking, insanely hot is he??  ;)  

Tara, at the end of the day...she is just trying to save her kids from their psycho grandmother.  And she is a psycho!!  Unless she gives up Jax and the rest of the club...Tara is going to jail.  The whole divorcing Jax thing...she's not doing that because she doesn't love him anymore...she's doing that so she can get full custody, and then be able to choose the boys guardian when she's inside.  She fucking loves much.  She basically tells the DA to go fuck herself and that she's not handing over her husband.  Yet so many people hate her??  WHY??  It wouldn't just be Jax that went to jail would be all our boys.  SAMCRO can't take a hit like that...they've only JUST got slightly pieced back together again after Jax acted like a twat and got the clubhouse blown up.  A moment, combined with the speech that Alice gives to Venus, that really has Jax starting to reflect on his actions of late. 

"Go ahead, tell that sweet boy all about his daddy.  How much you love him, want the best for him.  It won't matter, because when he find out who you are, he's gonna grow up hating you.  Hating your lies.  Hating the life you forced him into.  And hating himself.  This boy's gonna blow his brains out before his balls completely drop.  Not 'cause of me, or his dead mama....But because of you.  The awful thing that turned out to be his father."

Now, don't get me wrong...and everyone who knows me KNOWS how obsessed I am with Jax Teller...but he's just been a bit off track lately.  And until he lightened up and had a laugh in episode 6, and then was so upset at the end of episode 7, I was totally hating on him.  He was really upset in Sweet and Vaded though; both at Alice's speech, and at Tara in the hospital when she told him "I've lost our baby girl."  I loved how she said girl as well, after Jax saying that he thinks it's a girl, and she'll be "strong and beautiful like her mother".  That did hurt.  That was a total Jax and Tara of old line, and it made me crave them even more.

What Tara did though, I sussed it out a few weeks back.  As I was trying to get to sleep it just popped into my head and I'm like "she's gonna fake a miscarriage and blame it on Gemma".  I knew she was faking the pregnancy right from the beginning...but the miscarriage thing took me about a fortnight to click onto.  When asked how I knew that's what she was going to do.  My reply - "Because that's what I'd do!!"  And it is.  I mean, I'd never have a child in the first place...even if the daddy was Jax Teller.  Okay....maaaaaaaaaaybe I'd give in.  Haha.  But as for psycho grandmother...I'd play down and dirty as hell!!  Especially if the daddy was a total mommy's boy.  That's just the kinda girl I am though.  

All these higher than thou douchebags can eat it!!  Gemma is just gutted she wasn't smart enough to come up with Tara's brilliant plan herself!  And as for Jax...I call it payback for sleeping with the whore!!  

Jax cheating on Tara is far worse than what Tara has done.  He literally betrayed her...her actions were to wake him up.  And she was pushed to those actions.  

Yes, she knew the life she was getting into.  But he kept promising to get them out of it.  And what people fail to that she was doing this because she loved him.  That kind of love, one does not take for granted.  That is the kind of love where you will do anything for them.  No matter the output.  Tara has always been Jax's saviour.  But he was supposed to save her too.  And people shouldn't forget that.  

Thursday, 24 October 2013

CJ Wallis is Back in the Horrorverse with New Film BB, Due to Start Filming November 2013!

So it is it great pleasure that I can announce that after a wee bit of a break, Award Winning director/writer/all rounder, CJ Wallis, is returning to the horror genre.  Horror fans will know CJ as Goody Two Shoes in Dead Hooker in a Trunk, and he was also the guy who designed my wicked Jennifer's Bodies poster last year and collaborated on numerous shorts, PSA's, website development and pre-production of American Mary with Jen and Sylvia Soska.  

Over the past couple of years, he's been touring and documenting The Smoker's Club Tour (featuring Curren$y, Method Man, Spitta, The Jets and many more),  as well as a documentary for Curren$y himself, and numerous music videos.  He also frequently collaborates with The Scarlet Ending, Cornerboy P, Fiend and many more which you can view at his website.  

With BB though, I'm happy to say that he is back to the horrorverse with a macabre vengeance!
Hope you enjoy these two teaser pics and synopsis to start you nerding out on this wicked new project of CJ's. 

BB is the provocative story of a girl named Leah who, under the name "Candy Cummings," performs strip shows online from her apartment for thousands of strangers every day, never fully knowing the extent of evils that could be watching on the other side of the screen.  
BB is set to begin filming in late November from filmmaker CJ Wallis (@fortyfps) , assuming all roles on the films production & execution and introduces Jennifer Mae (@purplestar420) in the lead role of Candy. Two previous Wallis' collaborators (Troy DeLottinville & Karen Kruper) have also been attached for small roles.

The film will be set to screen in festivals in early 2014.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Happy Birthday to my Niece Kady, a Truly Awesome Ten Thirteen Child. And the Main Man Himself, the Original Showrunner You HAD to Follow - Mr Chris Carter!!

Happy Birthday Kady Cooper 
and Chris Carter!!!

So today is the birthday of not only my super awesome mini-me niece Kady, who is 8 is also the birth of the original Ten Thirteen man, the man that is basically God in my eyes...of course I'm talking about original California surf boy and creator of The X Files...Mr Chris Carter!!  I mean let's face it, trust me to have my niece, and the only mini-me I need (screw having my own kids, haha) to be born on Chris Carter's birthday...such an important date in the life of an X Phile!!  I'm sure my fellow Phile sister Moosey will totally agree.  ;)  And if you check out the pics of Kady getting her little surfer chick on...she really IS a mini Chris Carter!  Bwah!  My sister Suz, Kady's mum, is a total  Whedon'ite so it makes it kinda funny that's she's a Phile baby!!  Oooh, the powers that be.......spoooooooky!!! ;) 

Anyhoo, everyone keeps going on about Vince Gilligan and Kurt Sutter and how it's so rare for fans to follow the name of a series creator.  Well....first of all....Vince Gilligan started out on The X Files, and credits it fondly as to why he is the master showerunnr he is today.  Chris Carter however, hell....he was the original.   Before Whedon...before Lindelof and Abrams.  Chris Carter is, in my humble opinion, responsibe for all the amazing TV we have available to us today.  He is a true God in my eyes, and it makes me so nerdy happy that my little Kady~toes shares the same birthday.  :)  You can tell by her imagination.  She really does have a truly unique imagination.  And one that Chris would so be proud of.    

Anyhoo, I asked one of Chris Carter's original men, and one of my all time favouite actors....and one that pretty much my whole family love, Mr Terry O'Quinn, also known as Peter Watts in Chis Carter's Millennium (and starred in not only one, but two episodes of The X Files...and The X Files Movie) and John Locke in J.J. Abrams Lost to do a birthday shout out to Kady on his Twitter, and being the wonderful man he is; he happily obliged.  He really is truly awesome!!  I noticed that just below I had yet another of Chris Carter's boys...and one that Kurt Sutter has recently got his paws on, the one and only Robert Patrick, aka Agent Doggett...aka the freakin' T1000, he'd favourited dorky tweets I send him.  Man I love these guys!  

Lol, Kady was the first person to witness the effect that Terry O'Quinn had to me on Lost.  Haha.  She was the first one to walk in after the Lost like 6.30am UK time, to the emotional wreck of her dorky auntie.  HA!  She's a child with taste...and despite how much Buffy brainwashing her mommy gives her...I can't wait for her to start getting addicted to Mulder and Scully...and then Lost.  Moooahahahaha.  

So yes, Happy Birthday to you wonderful creative individuals that make such a difference in the life of Little Miss Morleysaurus.  :) xo

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Apparently Guys Feel Pressurised to Look Good Too...About Bloody Time! You Know We Live in a Messed Up Society When Even Jessica Alba and Megan Fox are CGI'ed Naked, Using Body Doubles, AND Being Slimmed Down Thanks to an Airbrush! And Charlie Hunnam Will Only Get His Top Off After Multiple Gym Sessions!

So was watching this documentary a little while back on the pressure that MEN feel to look good nowadays.  You know what...about fucking time!!  Women have been feeling insecure and like they need to look a certain way for way too long.  Why the hell should we keep this for's about time we dish the insecurities back!?!!!  Ps. this is a point about the state of society as a whole, and how fucked up it is!  I know plenty of guys who've been insecure about the way they look for a very long time.  And this doesn't mean I want all men looking like pretty boys either, I like my men to look like REAL know, like Jax Teller!!  BWAH!!  Ideally I'd like society to come to a crossroads where everyone just feels comfortable being themselves.  But in the meantime, I feel like payback's a bitch!! ;)

Although the funny thing is....even though I mention Jax Teller there...the reason why we didn't get much shirtless Jax in Season 5 was because he'd hurt himself shooting Pacific Rim, so couldn't get to the gym for a while and didn't feel like he was in shape enough!!  And even in the commentary on the first episode from Season 4, they were all taking the piss out of him about how much time he was going to the gym just for that opening sequence.  Which FYI, I totally think is one of the best opening montages ever!!  It's totally epic!

Women have obviously been under a lot more pressure than men to look good for a whole lot longer however, and in an age where there is so much digital enhancement; you literally can't trust if anything is fucking real anymore!!  Be it in still photos, music videos, films...the whole shebang!!  

I found this article earlier about ten actresses this guy said he'd like to see take their clothes off.  Amongst these actresses were Jessica Alba, and Megan Fox.  Now funnily enough, they mentioned scenes in Machete, and Jennifer's Body respectively...both of which had been featured in an issue of Nuts magazine where Alba and Fox were on the cover with a big caption saying something about 'favourite actresses naked', or some unimaginative shite like that!  The only reason I even noticed this was because I grimaced that my precious Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body was on the cover of such utter trash!!  I actually find it rather entertaining that the publishers of this garbage, along with I'm sure what is at least 98% of the morons that read it (!!)....actually believed it to be true.  

The thing that this wank rag didn't realise however (or perhaps they're just incapable of actually reading/researching actual films...probably the latter!!?), is that the two of them are CGI naked!!  And as in the case of Jessica Alba, not only did they CGI her clothes off....they also slimmed down her stomach, back and hips....and done something freaky deaky to her left leg!!  See pictures below.  


Since becoming a mother Alba has turned into a really likeable young woman...not just an annoying twit that couldn't hardly act and pranced around in a bikini all the time.  And I'll give the girl her due...she has stuck to her guns about her no nudity clause.  So good on her I say.  Be suggestive, but keep your own dignity!  

Despite the fact that I like her in Idle Hands; it wasn't until she did flicks like The Killer Inside Me and The Eye (which wasn't a terrible remake!!), and showed this whole other side to her that I really started to like her.  And having being subjected to Good Luck Chuck....she was truly the only likable thing about it.  She also had a great line that she delivers so perfectly when talking about his stupid "curse" thing, Chuck questions "Do you believe that!?!!!"  To which she replies - 
"Please....people will believe whatever they wanna believe."  

A statement that is so fucking true.  Whether it be images fed to them in magazines, bull shit rumours that get spread around.  The way I see it; the more that people see bad in others...the more fucked up shit they're guilty of as well.  Unless they've been totally shat on before and have a hard time trusting people.

 Since becoming a mother though, she's started up her own eco baby products company The Honest Company; and has actually become quite the spokeswoman for the modern day woman.  I'm curious as to what she felt of the CGI version of herself?!  

(Edited later to say, she possibly approved.  It is rumoured that she used a body double for Sin City 2 as she wasn't comfortable with her own body being used...although I'm pretty sure that's just a rumour and it might have just been CGI they used. It's Sin City though, so that would surely be easier to CGI her appearance than in Machete.  Apparently she exercised profusely, and due to having had an eating disorder as a teenager...resorted to chain smoking more than usual!!  It appears that even Jessica Alba struggles living up to being 'Jessica Alba'!!   No wonder she feels so insecure though......fanboys are hard people to please, so I think I'd be shitting it too if I'd just had two kids!!)

She has openly spoken about body issues in the past, and that it's only now, when she doesn't have the body that she used to....pre-stretch marks/baby inflicted cellulite....that she actually feels comfortable in her own skin, as a person. (Edited to say that despite this...she is still too uncomfortable to NOT use a body double in Sin City 2.) She still has a great figure, but I think it has been through sharing with other new mums just how hard it was to try and get back to that pre-pregnancy body, that's she's actually become so popular amongst women.  Personally I think she looks way better now anyway.  I always felt that she had such a boyish body, and she always seemed to be sprayed with so much fake tan and all that she just looks really natural.  She also knows how to take the piss out of herself and not take life too seriously...something I think you can see in this awesome photo shoot that was done for In Style Magazine in January of this year.  

And check her out being a super nerd in her new movie!! :) 

As I mentioned before, Megan Fox was also on the cover of this magazine, when the only pics that got out there, were not from the film, they were illegally snapped.  In the film she's totally CGI'ed out.  

Just flicking through pictures of these two girls alone....some of the pictures of them are absolutely horrendous.  They've been photoshopped so much it hardly even resembles them any more.  Hell, just look at some of the promo pics/posters for Jennifer's Body...the UK one is fine, but some of the airbrushed to the max!!  For example the one below.  

I don't understand why they'd want to airbrush her to look like that when the two pictures below are obviously either completely natural (not counting lighting and make up), or minimal touch ups.  And she looks amazing in both of them.  The picture below was one of the first released from the film and I instantly fell in love!, I went Megan Fox crazy.  Megan Fox posters, desktops....hahaha!  Gone was the Michael Bay spray tan and CGI effect, and here was a more kick ass awesome look!

At the end of the day, if not even Jessica Alba or Megan Fox can't live up to the crazy standards demanded of them by our fucked up society; how the hell is anyone else supposed too!?!  And the reason why Charlie Hunnam has that body...he works, a lot!!  Nobody's perfect though.  Everyone has things about themselves they hate/dislike or are insecure about.  Yes, I'm sure everyone has the odd flaw they'd like airbrushed out...but's that's all it's still gonna be there at the end of the day.  

I love what writer Diablo Cody said about the role of Jennifer upon the release of the film - 
"There's the scene where Jennifer's sitting alone smearing make up on her face.  I always thought that was such a sad image.  She's so vulnerable.  I don't know any woman who hasn't had a moment sitting in front of the mirror and thinking, 'Help me, I want to be somebody else.'  What makes it extra affecting is that Megan is stunning!"

If it's something you can change through diet and exercise, then go for it.  That's easier for men, and women who've not had babies obviously.  If not, remember - we're all supposed to be unique in our own little ways.  Who wants to be a fucking clone....or a Barbie doll plastic fanspastic!?!  Sure as fuck not me!  Nobody needs a false idol.  And I'm pretty sure that everyone that reads my blog would agree with me.  Y'all being the freaks all week that ya are!! ;)

Oooh, and lastly...whilst I'm on the subject of Jennifer's Body....check out sexy Jennifer Check really is a Jennifer thing of 'typical night out'!!  HA.  Same initials and all! ;) 

And she comes away with just as witty a one liners too!!  Hahahaha.  

Monday, 7 October 2013

Say Goodbye to The Bale, and Hello to Ben Affleck as Batman. Why I Think the Batfleck Will Work...Just Think That Chris Evans Became Captain America after Fantastic Four. Also How I'm So Super Fucking Awesome at ALWAYS Bringing the Conversation Back Round to Jeremy Renner! HA!

So I got into a conversation about Ben Affleck being cast as the new Batman the other day.  The thing that everyone seems to keep bringing up is that Daredevil is shit so how dare he think he has the right to do another comic book movie!?! retort to this has been two words...CHRIS EVANS!!!  Fantastic Four was shit....let's face it, he was pretty much the only good thing about that total cheesefest.  However, he then went on to become Captain America and I absolutely fucking adore him in that role.  He's perfect!!  Not only is he like totes babesville, he really brings a wonderful depth and quirkiness to the character of Steve Rogers before, and after he becomes the Cap!  

Whilst I'm on the subject of Chris Evans, and like I said to my friend the other day...I'm just glad that it's finally okay for me to admit to liking him.  I've totally had a crush on him since Cellular, but he was too much of a hunk for me to admit to liking.  Haha.  It wasn't until he'd done Sunshine and Street Kings that I finally let myself admit to my feelings.  I totally watched Cellular when it was in the cinema and I used the excuse that it was because I was just finishing and was bored and had nothing to do, and that was the first thing to start!!  Bullshit!!  Haha.  I'd seen the trailer, got totally addicted to the Evans and that's why I watched it.  Total saddo I know.  ;)  

But yes, he embraced the role of the Cap, and he is perfect in that role.  See picture below.  *cough*Jeremy Renner*/cough*  ;)

Just think...what if the studio hadn't have taken the chance with him!?!!  

As much as I'd have LOVED to have had Christian Bale back as Batman, I do appreciate his integrity at not just doing it for a shit load of money.  Good on him I say.  I wish more actors were like this and didn't just do stuff for the money.  Everyone needs to earn a living but some things just should never happen.  This is NOT an example of that though.  The Bale is my Batman and yes, Affleck has a whole lot to live up too....but this is a different Batman.  And people....even in the comics there is more than one Batman, so stop your bitchin' already!! 

 Besides, Christian Bale is busy playing with my future husband Jeremy Renner right now filming American Hustle...sorry guys, but as much as I think Bale is the ultimate Batman...making a film with the Rennersaurus is just too fucking awesome to pass up.

 Let's give Affleck a chance though, see what he can do.  I trust Zach Snyder's decision.  Ben Affleck was always hit or miss with me.  Earlier on in his career he was so good at playing the douchebag, that you kinda thought he was a bit of a douche.  Despite the fact that I really like him in Dogma.  

He's obviously a huge comic book nerd himself, and being best buds with Kevin Smith....that was an opinion I was dying to hear!!  And Smith is 110% behind him!!  In fact, to quote the man himself - 

"This dude has loved Batman going as far back as I can remember.  He only did fucking Daredevil because he loved Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns.  He's like, 'They're never going to make another Batman', because this was after Batman had nipples.  So he was like, 'Daredevil's cool, and mean Miller wrote him as well.'  So he liked the character, but it was always rooted in Batman.  He's always been into the notion.  He'll honour the character."

In fact, you should just listen to the hysterical comedy appearance where he gives his's fucking brilliant!!  I love how he mentions Robert Downey Jr. and how he used all his years of being Robert Downey Jr. and then clawing his way back to bring that charm to Iron Man...and how Ben Affleck has done the same thing....been to the top, fallen completely to the bottom, and then clawed his way back up to the top.  That's the kind of Batman they're looking for.  :) 

This isn't just about money.  I'm pretty sure he has enough that he doesn't need to risk his career again by doing something stupid!  And let's be fair, that's like saying if you made one bad horror movie, you shouldn't make another...that's just retarded!!  

I think things would have been a lot different if he hadn't started dating Taco Lopez...that almost ruined his career....more so than Daredevil.  He got it back though, and in fighting form.  As a director, Affleck is like a young Clint Eastwood.  He has perfected his craft, and acting in his own films only seems to have further perfected his acting skills.  I really liked Gone Baby Gone, but it was his second feature - The Town...that's what got me hooked on his ability as both an actor and a director.  I adore that movie and it's easily one of my favourite films of all time.  I put it up there with Heat in that sort of genre.  And that's a pretty big fucking compliment!!

With The Town, not only did Affleck cast my future husband Jeremy Renner in a role that is sheer beautiful brutality; he also yet again cast one of my favourite rappers, Slaine, as another part of the bank heist foursome.  Affleck had first discovered Slaine when he was casting Gone Baby Gone and obviously realised how fucking awesome he was as he cast him again in The Town.  :)

My only complaint about The Town is that they maybe underused Jeremy Renner....but that's just me.  Haha.  I've had a thing for the Renner since 1995, I am extremely bias!  The Town did get the Rennersaurus a second Oscar nomination, this time for Best Supporting Actor.  He lost out, but his time will come.  Oh yes it will!! ;)  

Anyhoo, after The Town, Affleck went on to score himself an Oscar...for Best Film with Argo....which was a fucking amazing film as well.  Totally deserved to win.  :)  I actually love part of his Oscar actually oozes Batman...especially the Bruce Wayne that is planned for Batman vs Superman.  
"What I learned was it doesn't matter if you get knocked down in life, what matters is that you've got to get back up."
 If that's not a Batman quote then I don't know what is!?!!  Well, apart from "I'm Batman!!"  Go Sheldon! ;) 

So yes, let's just give the man a chance.  Yeah when I first read it, I was suffering from a serious concussion and thought I was imagining it and did have that 'what the fuck!?!' reaction...however that lasted a second before I started thinking of all the pro's about him being the Dark Knight.  And I'm sure after consulting with Kevin Smith he was told that there would be no end of Matt Damon - Robin jokes.  Haha.  Matt Damon is fucking Jason Bourne though....I mean, don't fuck with the dude!! ;)

Only time will tell if Affleck has made a mistake, but I for one have faith in him.  This is a character he loves and I'm pretty sure that he's got enough pull in Hollywood (even if he's not directing the movie), that if he feels they're doing something shit...he's gonna have a say in it!!  So yesss....Team Batfleck over here.  

And big you like how I can totally refer back to Jeremy Renner like all the time.  Moooahahahahahahaha.