Monday, 14 October 2013

Happy Birthday to my Niece Kady, a Truly Awesome Ten Thirteen Child. And the Main Man Himself, the Original Showrunner You HAD to Follow - Mr Chris Carter!!

Happy Birthday Kady Cooper 
and Chris Carter!!!

So today is the birthday of not only my super awesome mini-me niece Kady, who is 8 is also the birth of the original Ten Thirteen man, the man that is basically God in my eyes...of course I'm talking about original California surf boy and creator of The X Files...Mr Chris Carter!!  I mean let's face it, trust me to have my niece, and the only mini-me I need (screw having my own kids, haha) to be born on Chris Carter's birthday...such an important date in the life of an X Phile!!  I'm sure my fellow Phile sister Moosey will totally agree.  ;)  And if you check out the pics of Kady getting her little surfer chick on...she really IS a mini Chris Carter!  Bwah!  My sister Suz, Kady's mum, is a total  Whedon'ite so it makes it kinda funny that's she's a Phile baby!!  Oooh, the powers that be.......spoooooooky!!! ;) 

Anyhoo, everyone keeps going on about Vince Gilligan and Kurt Sutter and how it's so rare for fans to follow the name of a series creator.  Well....first of all....Vince Gilligan started out on The X Files, and credits it fondly as to why he is the master showerunnr he is today.  Chris Carter however, hell....he was the original.   Before Whedon...before Lindelof and Abrams.  Chris Carter is, in my humble opinion, responsibe for all the amazing TV we have available to us today.  He is a true God in my eyes, and it makes me so nerdy happy that my little Kady~toes shares the same birthday.  :)  You can tell by her imagination.  She really does have a truly unique imagination.  And one that Chris would so be proud of.    

Anyhoo, I asked one of Chris Carter's original men, and one of my all time favouite actors....and one that pretty much my whole family love, Mr Terry O'Quinn, also known as Peter Watts in Chis Carter's Millennium (and starred in not only one, but two episodes of The X Files...and The X Files Movie) and John Locke in J.J. Abrams Lost to do a birthday shout out to Kady on his Twitter, and being the wonderful man he is; he happily obliged.  He really is truly awesome!!  I noticed that just below I had yet another of Chris Carter's boys...and one that Kurt Sutter has recently got his paws on, the one and only Robert Patrick, aka Agent Doggett...aka the freakin' T1000, he'd favourited dorky tweets I send him.  Man I love these guys!  

Lol, Kady was the first person to witness the effect that Terry O'Quinn had to me on Lost.  Haha.  She was the first one to walk in after the Lost like 6.30am UK time, to the emotional wreck of her dorky auntie.  HA!  She's a child with taste...and despite how much Buffy brainwashing her mommy gives her...I can't wait for her to start getting addicted to Mulder and Scully...and then Lost.  Moooahahahaha.  

So yes, Happy Birthday to you wonderful creative individuals that make such a difference in the life of Little Miss Morleysaurus.  :) xo

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