Monday, 12 May 2014

Attention All Philes...David Duchovny is Back in X Files Territory with NBC Charles Manson Drama Aquarius!

Okay, so yeah....this has me pee'ing my pants a little.  And unlike most people who think serial killers and murderers and stuff and thinking 'scary', this Phile is thinking -

 HOLY FUCKING CRAP, this is the closest we've had to Mulder in SOOOOO fucking long!!!!

(Above - Mulder....*le sigh*  The reason boys at school never thought they had a chance with me...THIS super sexy, insanely intelligent spookfest was just WAY too much competition!  Lol.)

So yeah, I'm like an over excited Beagle....walking round in circles pee'ing as I go.  Or something.  Haha.

Seriously though, as soon as David Duchovny and Charles Manson were even mentioned in the same sentence, my Beagle's eardrums were perforated by my squeee's of utter delight! :)

This is the first look at his sexy ass all ready to go on the hunt, and he's looking pretty god damn fine!

You can find out more about the series at the Official NBC Page, and be sure to follow the series on Twitter @nbcaquarius, and if you're not following David already (shame on you!!  Haha!), you can find him @davidduchovny.  Ooh, and use #Aquarius and get this bitch trending!! :)