Friday, 19 August 2011

30 Day Horror Movie Challenge - The Last Horror Movie You Saw in a Theater

Okay it sucks that I haven't seen another horror in the cinema since Insidious...that shows how lame cinema's here are for seeing horror...however, it is also with great  pleasure that I get to write about this film as my last cinema visit as this is what horror cinema is truly about!

From the very opening credit sequence I was hooked.  It was literally a thing of beauty and awe!  Now yes, I admit, I have openly geeked over my love of director James Wan and writer/actor Leigh Whannell from the very first time I watched Saw!  I fucking love these guys, they are amazing at what they do and I can happily say that James is one of the coolest guys I know and he is always a pleasure to speak too.  And a dork...can't forget the dork part! ;)  So yesss, much love already, haha.  Anyhoo....

From the moment that the title INSIDIOUS blares across the screen in all its glory, I literally wanted to be sucked into the film!  It is easily one of my all time favourite opening sequences of a's THAT good!!!

There is this beautiful creepiness about Insidious, the kind that is rare in horror today.  It exists but you have to dig beneath the surface...a favourite of recent times is definitely The House of the Devil...that film is fucking perfect and brilliant and creepy as fuck!!!!

The basic plot of course is that a couple and their family move into a new house, a beautiful house at that...damn you Heidi fucking Honeycutt and your review I read previous to seeing the film.  Heidi, as lovely as she is (man I want to go out drinking with her, haha!!!) did a review that kept running through my head "how can they afford to live in a house like that!?!"  I am clueless to American house prices so was able to put that aside but still had Heidi like the wicked devil, singing in the back of my head.  Haha.  Damn you Heidi!!!

Anyhoo back to the house...whilst exploring the oh so cool house, the young boy falls and bangs his head.  He goes to bed and the next morning when the dad goes to wake him up, he won't wake up leading the doctors to believe that he is in a coma.  Lots of totally freaktarded things start to happen and the family think that the house is haunted.  But lo and behold, it turns out that it's not the house that's haunted, but the child!  

I'm not going to give anymore away for those of you who haven't seen this brilliant film, one that is easily one of my favourite films of the past decade.  It's ace in every sense.  Whilst being a wonderful tribute to films such as first horror experience, it is also an amazing nod to the superbly creeptastic Carnival of Souls.

Whilst being a thowback to the films of old, it also had a very original feel to it and I absolutely LOVED was the perfect horror in a world full of saturated bullshit!  It was also amazing to have James Wan and Leigh Whannell seems like forever since the amazing and criminally underrated Death Sentence was released.  And ooh, FYI, it turns out that Death Sentence is actually my sister's boyfriend Brett...or Cockonomics, haha, favourite movie of all time...a fact that most definitely made me smile!  So yesss, Team Wan/Whannell all the way!  And whilst Leigh told James that he wasn't allowed to have creepy puppets in the movie, the creepiest puppet master still manages to sneak them in, bwahahaha.  I recommend watching this movie in a pitch black room with a glass of wine, and prepare to be freaked the hell out!!! :P

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  1. Hell yeah..Insidious was one freaky movie. I loved it as well. Great post Jennifer as usual. There has been a lack of horror movies here stateside as well. That just changed with the release of Fright Night. And coming soon...The Straw Dogs and The Thing (which looks insanely good). So things are looking up Jenn...just in time for Halloween. Once again great post.


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