Wednesday, 24 August 2011

30 Day Horror Movie Challenge - A Favourite Classic Horror Movie

Okay so when I saw I had to pick a classic horror movie, I thought, in what term does classic mean, hmmm??  Seeing as how my first thought was Creature from the Black Lagoon, I'm going with that one!

What makes this film so special has EVERYTHING a Morleysaurus loves most dearly!  The story goes that a geological expedition in the Amazon uncovers a fossilised hand with webbed fingersl from the Devonian period...a hand that could prove to be the link between land animals and marine animals.  The leader of the expedition contacts his friend Dr David Reed, an Ichthyologist who convinces the financial backers to fund a trip back to the amazon to find the rest of this amazing fossil.

Upon arrival at the site, they find the entire research team dead.  At first thinking a jaguar had attacked the camp they soon come to the realisation that the team were attacked by a piscine amphibious humanoid...a creature exactly like the fossillised hand.  Bwahahahaha.  So yes, straight away we have Geology, Palaeontology...the Devonian period - my favourite Geological period out of the Paleozoic Era.  The whole point of the creature coming out of the lagoon is due to global warming and rising sea levels and what not.  It's the perfect example of how global warming is destroying our planet.  So yes, add  to all these geektastical loves of mine a monster stalking and killing people and it's a movie of downright freakin' awesomeness!

Creature from the Black Lagoon is a beautiful movie and at times incredibly haunting.  Like all the Universal Monster movies there is a chilling, and melancholy aspect to it.  Some have said that unlike monsters such as Frankenstein, you don't emphasize with the Creature...but I disagree.  This poor animal should be extinct, but he's not.  He doesn't understand the time that he is in, he doesn't know the difference between right and wrong.  In that respect, he is exactly like Frankenstein.  And like Frankenstein he's got his eye on the girl and funnily enough, she screams at him whenever he goes anywhere near her!  Poor poor Creature.  Heehee.

Now talk of a remake of this movie has been going on for like 20 years or something, with some pretty fucking rad directors attached as well if I do say so myself.  If a remake was done right, then you know what, I'm all for it.  Directors such as Breck Eisner, the man behind the rather awesome remake of The Crazies, Guillermo del Torro - who is now playing with "big fuckin' monsters" in Pacific Rim.  Other names such as Peter Jackson, John Landis, John Carpenter...pretty much the masters of fucking horror...lots of their names have been attached to the project.  This I could dig.  The reason why I'm actually kind of behind a remake is that I LOVE the story, I want to see that story out there again.  But only in the right hands would I like to see a return of the Creature from the Black Lagoon!  :)


  1. Awesome Jennifer! This is one of my favorite classic horror movies. Glad you chose this one as part of your 30 day challenge.

  2. I had no idea - but we did a post about this awesome film the very same day! :"D
    (just in case you're interested - my review isn't as cool as yours I am afraid.. - really: Awesome job! here is the link:

    (noticed you did this because of Monty's promo post.. - I started to follow your blog obviously too late..)

    Love your review - just great! I think that the gill-man knew the difference between right and wrong: It was wrong to stomp into his home and try to kill him and pollute his lagoon - and he did more than right to defend his home.. ;") (yes indeed - I am in team gill-man. period.)

    I am curious about that remake.. They will have a tough time to make me happy - because I LOVE the original film so much.

    Your blog is terrific - I will go on follow it.. Have a great time!

  3. Thank you so much Irene, that is very sweet of you! <3 And I have just read your blog, and I loved much wonderful information. It must have been so much fun digging out all the facts, I love doing that! :)


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