Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Captain America - A Most Excellent Avenger in My Humble Opinion!

So yay, went to see Captain America and I have to say, I thought it was great!  Despite some ropey, way too digital scenes, it was the perfect summer popcorn flick!  When I posted on my Facebook page the question as whether to see it in 2D or 3D a nice big long debate started.  The only reason I'd even considered 3D was purely for the time and getting trains back and the end though, it made more sense to see it in 2D.  Personally I am not a fan of 3D, I find it gives me a headache more than anything.  When I saw The Dark Knight at the IMAX in London, the opening sequence in 3D was great but that was more than enough for me personally.  And ooh, FYI, did you know, the only bits of The Dark Knight that Heath Ledger saw before his death was in the IMAX in London with Christopher Nolan, how geektastic is that?? :)

Anyhoo, the scenes that I considered to be a bit ropey were the ones that were blatantly made for 3D...something that at the end of the day took you a way from the story a bit and made it almost like a video game.  The movie as a whole was fab though, it wasn't perfect but it was enjoyable enough that it meant that I was able to forgive Joe Johnston for these scenes that weren't so great!

Chris Evans was ace in the role of Captain America, and was clearly the perfect choice.  One thing that I particularly liked was the fact that even though Captain America is your true patriotic American boy, the film didn't feel preachy or filled with the 'we're American, we're so amazing' bullshit that it could have been oozing with, and that was really quite refreshing.

I loved Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark, he definitely had the Stark quality about him that we love so much about Tony Stark...he just wasn't as much of a playboy as his son would turn out to initially be, haha.  The supporting cast as a whole was great, especially Tommy Lee Jones, the army colonel who was more than bemused when scientist Dr Abraham Erskine picked a tiny 90lb, asthmatic Steve Rogers as the man he wanted as the ultimate super soldier.  As for Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull, superb!!!

Another cast member who was absolutely wonderful was the lovely Peggy Carter, played by Haley Atwell.  Not only was she one kick ass, fearless chick, she also did it with such wonderful style, looking fab throughout the movie!  Loved her! <3

And speaking of a tiny 90lb Steve Rogers, I thought the way that they made Chris Evans look so ickle was fab.  Technology nowadays is so advanced that this sort of amazing transformation is easily possible.  I actually kind of liked how long they spent focused on ickle Rogers as well, as freaktarded as he looked!  I all meant that when he became Captain America he looks so much bigger...but he wasn't too big.  Like not inordinately big...which was good!

So yes, as a prequel to next years Avengers movie, which I am soooooooooooo excited about, like more than you could possibly was an excellent start!  It set more characters in motion, something that is happening at a lovely pace with Iron Man and Thor already standing out!  We got to see more of Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury character putting his Avengers in place.  When I was going into the cinema to watch Captain America this Dad was just coming out with his two boys after obviously seeing the film and I overheard him say, "Did you recognise the man with the eye patch at the end who was speaking to him once Captain America was in our time...he's the one getting all the superhero's together for the Avengers film!"  Made me giggle at even the Dad's geekiness! :)

Bring on next summer I say, The Avengers is gonna kick some might ass, and yes, major geekgasm to the fact that my beloved Jeremy Renner is in a comic book has most certainly got this fangirl a bit giddiful and happy with anticipation.  And even more so when at the end of the credits of the film you got to see the trailer for The Avengers...AWESOME!!!!! <3


  1. Yay! First to comment on your terrific post Jennifer. I agree with all your points. I saw it in 2D and it was more than good enough that way. Every film does not have to be made in 3D. And I actually enjoyed the first half of the movie more which dealt with the setup and the bulk of the storyline which was very interesting. While the second half action scenes were thrilling, I thought the first half made the movie. The entire cast rocked as you stated. I do have to mention Hayley Atwell who was awesome as Peggy Carter. She was no damsel in distress at all, actually saving Steve's life that one time. Oh and The Avengers next summer will be off the chain, no doubt. Great post usual.

  2. Haha, yessss!!! And thank you! Totally agreed, Peggy Carter was ace, and completely no damsel in distress! One super kick ass chickadee! :P


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