Friday, 29 November 2013

19 Year Anniversary of the Death of Jeffrey Dahmer! ,

So we have just passed the 19th anniversary of the murder of Jeffrey Dahmer, my ultimate serial killer fascination, yesterday, the 28th November.  

"In those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them."  - Revelation 9:6

I admit, to some my love of Dahmer may come across rather morbid, but I never actually mean it to be like that.  I am just utterly fascinated by just how far he was willing to go, just to not be left alone. I just find his story to be really sad.  Both for his victims, their families, his family, and Dahmer himself.  

I mean, just put yourself in his desperate to not be on your own you try to create your own fucking zombies. The act of a sane man of course!  Dahmer was only caught after a potential victim got away and alerted the police to him.  By this point it was like he wanted to be caught.  Tracy Edwards, who was 32 at the time may have escaped his fate at the hands of Dahmer, but tragically he never received any counseling or anything to help him deal with the whole media circus that enveloped him the moment those policemen entered Dahmer's apartment.  

Edwards was sentenced in January 2012 after being involved in the death of a homeless man like himself, after he was pushed to his death off a bridge by a third homeless man.  Edwards was sentenced to one and a half years in prison, along with 2 years extended supervision.  One can only hope that this time in jail is theraputic for Edwards, who essentially still died that day he escaped Dahmer.  You can read my thoughts on how mortified I was to learn that Edwards received no post traumatic stress disorder therapy from the state of Wisconsin in a blog I wrote after his arrest.  One of my main points that I make, is one that X Files God Chris Carter made in the X Files Episode, Irresistible, which was based on Dahmer, featuring the character of Donnie Pfaster (pictured below), who later re-appeared in season 7 episode Orison. 

 "People wondered why it took them so long to catch this kid in Milwaukee. Thought someone should have noticed he was killing all those young boys. The truth is, no one ever believed it could happen." 

Now I have written about Dahmer a bunch of times in the past, including how he inspired Chris Carter to create the Donnie Pfaster character and was  his inspiration for Millennium.  Rather than regurgitate the same old feelings again, why not just link you to a bunch of stuff I've done before. :)  For a blog I wrote at the 20th anniversary of his capture, you can find it here.

You can also find some blogs based on the David Jacobsen film Dahmer, featuring my beloved (and totally future husband!!  HA!) Jeremy Renner playing Jeff, and just how much I freakin' LOVE LOVE LOVE that film and the soundtrack.    You can read a review I did for the movie over at my friend Monty Hawes site Hero Worship and another feature on how much I adore the ending of the movie, and feel it to be complete perfection here!

And in fact, I loved the soundtrack that much that after I discovered you couldn't buy it, I totally went all stalkypants on the lovely ladies that did the music, and when I bought their album This Side of North, they sent me the Dahmer OST free.  I then became friends with one of them, Christina Agamanolis, and in fact did an interview with her regarding her music and working on the film and stuff as part of my Women in Horror Recognition Month blogs.  So yes, please do take a moment to check out all this stuff, especially if you're as morbidly curious as I am.  And total Millennium loving X Philes.  :)

And last but not least, I would like to reiterate, I do not condone what Dahmer did, but I do find it utterly fascinating.  To quote the tagline from the David Jacobsen flick -

The Mind is a Place of its Own.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Prepare for the Ultimate Tease...CJ Wallis is Back People, and Shit's About to Hit the Fan for Jennifer Mae's BB Star Candy Cummings!

Holy fuck.  So I've just seen the teaser trailer for the new CJ Wallis flick BB, and it is fucking awesome!!  

CJ Wallis has been away from horror for way too long!  This is how a teaser trailer SHOULD look however!  Gritty, sexy, edgy and not quite preparing you for the ultimate fuck....a head fuck!!  I'm so glad CJ met Chaturbate camgirl and star/inspiration behind BB, Jennifer Mae.  

This looks like it's gonna be the perfect introduction into the good old world of horror and something tells me that a star is about to enter our world, with full nail biting force! :)  And speaking of nails....

...Soprano nails all the way...bitch! ;) 

So yes, boys and ghouls.....prepare yourself...and stay safe online.  You never know who's watching you! ;)

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Introducing the Star of New CJ Wallis Movie BB - Jennifer Mae!

After announcing the return of one of horrors favourite men, Mr CJ Wallis with his new movie BB, and then releasing both the teaser teaser poster, and then the actual teaser poster...I am now super excited to introduce you to both the star and inspiration for the film...and a fellow Jennifer to boot!!  Extra bonus! :)  So without further adu.....Miss Jennifer Mae, aka @purplestar420. 

How was it that you first met director/writer CJ Wallis?  And were you aware of his work prior to first getting on board this project?
I went to Rock the Bells in L.A. and  tweeted a picture to Spitta saying he won smokiest set of the night.  Spitta retweeted my picture, and CJ put my tweet in the "Trust Fall 3" video.  My fans started sending me messages saying "OMG Purp, CJ used your tweet in Spitta's video, that's so bad ass" and shit like that.  My reaction was "Who's CJ Wallis?!" They all told me he was a pretty big deal in the Jet Life world, so I figured 'Hey, why not give him a follow?'

We quickly hit it off and next thing you know, CJ is in my chatroom and sends me a message saying "I see you typing BB".  I got freaked out for a second, and the second after that, CJ had the whole movie pretty much planned out.

How did Mr Wallis go about asking you to be his leading lady?  Did he give you a basic synopsis of the film, or had he completed the script by that point?  And more to the point, was he able to ask you without sounding like a total creeptastic weirdo?  Haha. 
I think he kind of creeped himself out a bit after the message, and saw the entire script and major plot points just moments after.

To be honest, I thought he might just be blowing smoke up my ass, in hopes to get some L.A. booty when he was in town.  I wasn't until he made the poster with me in it, and put his name on it, and then posted it on Twitter that I was like, "Holy fuck, I'm about to be starring in a CJ Wallis film!!"

He never really came off creepy to me.  I thought he was interesting and bugged the fuck out of him with I think with a million and one questions.  I mean, he's this white boy from Canada, hanging out and working with a bunch of rappers...makes me wonder.

(Aww, and me both.  Haha.  Although I have an even crazier story that I KNOW you'll totally dig.  Just look up Silibil 'n' Brains.  Silibil is on of my best friends from school, and he did some mental shit.  Basically, according to record labels, Scottish white guys don't rap!  Billy and his mate Gav decided to con them into a record deal under the pretense that they were actually American!!  They've just had a documentary released about them called The Great Hip Hop Hoax.  You totally need to check it out.  :) 

  Oh, and CJ is like the most non creepy guy ever, haha.  I just wanted him to be skulking and lurking around this chatroom, weirding out he pretty ladies.  Bwahahahaha.  CJ, you need to work on your Norman Bates approach a little better.  HA!!)

Given that the subject matter is pretty risque; did you have any reservations about making the film?

No, not at all.  I always wanted to act, and did not hesitate to say yes.  There was no way I was going to let such an amazing opportunity pass me up, especially knowing there are so many other girls out there that would kill to work with CJ. 
Did you know any of the other guys working on the film prior to pre-production, and if so, who and how well? 
Nope, not a single one.  I'll be honest, and you might want to strangle me for this, but I don't watch much of, or TV.   I have definitely Googled the shit out of CJ since we said we were going to do this, and have seen the films he used them in, and they are both great actors.  I'm actually somewhat intimidated (in a good way) by them, being as they have so much experience, and I've only done middle school talent shows.  

So whilst I was writing about what to expect from BB, and making cast announcements, I came across (BOOM BOOM!!) your Chaturbate profile.  Tell me a little bit more about Chaturbate, how you discovered the site, how long have you been a member, and what has been your best experience so far on there?

Sooooo Chaturbate, I started on Chaturbate only back in March of this year but have been a web cam model for about four years now, give or take.  I discovered web camming when I got fired from my job working at a Head shop selling designer bongs.  I didn't get fired cuz I was bad or anything, I was actually one of their best employees, they just couldn't afford my wamping $10 an hour salary anymore.  :)

So I hopped on Creeps List...I mean Craigs List, and started searching for jobs, just like Mary in American Mary ironically enough, and came across an add that said "make $500-2000 a week working at home from your computer".  I was told I could do whatever I wanted and didn't have to get naked if I didn't want too and that I pretty much just had to keep people entertained from my web cam.  So I was sold!  (Maybe I should take up web camming....I can keep people entertained, haha.)  I fucking love web camming.  I get to dress up and get all sexy, I don't have to drive in traffic, and I can honestly say I make people very, very happy.  I work when I want, and I get to travel as much as I want since all I need is my laptop to make money.

My best experiences are, and not to sound corny, but they are when one of my anti-social guys doesn't come to my room for like a week or more, and comes back and tells me they made friends or got a girlfriend because of me, and that's why I haven't seen them in so long.  That stuff brings tears to my eyes.  I really enjoy the whole community of it and try to use my powers  to make things better.  The pornographic stuff I get to do is just to pay the bills.

Whilst investigating the site, I was reading through various model profiles, and what I discovered were some really quirky, fascinating and generally rad chicks.  Is that the general kind of person you'd normally find on there?
You will find everything on there.  Girls  from all over the world!  Each one has their own super power!  It's amazing really.  I mean, don't get me wrong, there are some things you might see that you'll  think are absolutely weird, or disgusting, but there's at least one person that can jerk to it! :)  I've met some pretty bad ass chicks from going to conventions and meeting them.  My best friend, who's going to be in a really hot sexy sex scene , Violet Vega (@MissViolet420) I met from camming, and she's honestly the nicest, sweetest, coolest kitten lovin', pot smoking, Canadian tattooed babe ever!  Pow! 
Being that the basic concept of BB is about not knowing the extent of the true evils that could be lurking on the other side of the screen; have you encountered any particularly disturbing individuals?
I'd be lying if I said no.  I have seen and been told some very disturbing tings on there.  People like and want some weird things.  Some might want to call them sickos, but I try to remember we live in a society where mental illness is at an all time peak and try not to criticize them.

I will say, you will be shown first hand in BB some of the horrendous things I've gone through as well as other girls.  I'm warning you cam girls, if you're already paranoid of who's on the other side of he screen, then you might want to watch BB with your boyfriend you tell the world you don't have, or possibly the cam model you can't stand, but you pretend to on Twitter...because CJ Wallis and I want to creep you the fuck out!!!!

What is the strangest request you've received so far from a viewer?
I used to have a guy that liked me to put a wig on and sign Taylor Swift songs.  As well as a guy a lot of the old school cam models know as the "cheese guy" who wanted me to go to the fridge, get a Kraft single, bite a whole in the middle and hold it up to my eye!  I have no idea what that was all about?!!

Morley - Haha, any thoughts there people?  I'm thinking that classic scene from A Serbian Film, you know...the one with the pee pee and the eye.  And when I say pee pee, I mean dick!! ;)  Heeheehee.  Man I love this scene! 

Dog person or cat person?  Or bunny? 

Dog.  All though I had a bunny named Stoney when I was 18, but these two girls Breana and Candice killed it.

Morley - Grrrrrrr!!!  Bitches be killed!! 
Wizard of Oz - kids fluff or downright fucking terrifying fuel for nightmares!?! ;)
Fuck, this is a horrible question.  Wizard of Oz is one of my Top 5 Favs, but I love to be so scared I don't want to go pee during the movie.

Let's blast out some favourites....and GO...

TV Show? 
Modern Day Horror?
House of 1000 Corpses.
Old Scool Horror?
Nightmare on Elm Street.
Long necks?  The really nice veggie eating one from Land Before Time.  Or wait...Jurassic Park?

And Sheldon Cooper...*cough* I mean...Jennifer Cooper enters the building... ;)

...Littlefoot in The Land Before Time was called always called a Brontosaurus, however, as all fellow dino nerds will know, the term Brontosaurus hasn't actually been the scientifically used term since 1903...110 years ago!!  It was only in 1979 however (the year that someone FABULOUS was born...*cough*ME*cough*) that the record was FINALLY set straight for the public.   Still though, even another te years later, in 1989, the US Postal Office released a series of stamps where they had an official Apatosaurus skeleton, the real name for "Brontosaurus", called a Brontosaurus.  Oh how my ten year old self ranted about this!  I mean, let's face it...I knew the difference when I was FIVE years old!!  The minute I started learning about dinosaurs, I knew it all...ALLLLLL I tells you!! ;)  But yesss, you have totally just given me the  most rad idea for a daily blog, moooahahaha.  Little Miss Morleysaurus does the Dino Daily!  Oh yeah! ;)  Ooh, and in Jurassic Park, it's Brachiosaurus, the ridge on the head gives it away.  :) 

Yes, I am an uber nerd.  Haha.  And aaaah, Jurassic Park.  Dr Grant how I love thee so!!  THIS moment here, it's probably my favourite moment in film history.  :)  *dies*  Wants to marry him, and BE him all at the same time!! Man I have gender issues.  Lol. 

Star Constellation?

The Six Sisters.  Or I think its called Subaru.  

Awwww, officially known as Pleiades, this forms part of the constellation of star sign. :)  It's actually the Seven Sisters, but to the naked eye one usually only sees six.  I think that's why the Japanese adopted that theme when they created the Subaru brand.  

Pumpkin Based Food Stuff?

Everything pumpkin!!  I love, love, love, love pumpkin!  And make the best pumpkin pie in the world.  I was actually born the day after Thanksgiving and my burfday falls on it this year.  

Oooh, must be a Jennifer thing.  Heehee.  If you're a fan of pumpkin STUFF, you'll have to try out my recipe for Pumpkin Turnovers...or as we'd call them in Bonnie Scotland, pasties.  But pasties in the States and Canada are nipple tassels, so I had to change the name in my recipe. I mention it.... ;)  Lol.  You can purchase the Have a Heart for Horror Cookbook here.  And try an original creation a la Morleysaurus!  All profits go to Project Get Safe.

Film as a Kid?

Young Dr Frankenstein.
Universal Monster?
The Yeti.  To be specific - "Bumble from Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. 


Faye Dunaway
Johnny Depp of course.  Just like every other twenty something year old in the world right?

Haha, I think I was the only one I know not to have a serious Johnny Depp love.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I think he's amazing, I've just never "got" the whole Johnny Depp thing.  Give me Jeremy Renner any day! Moooahahahaha.  #Stalkypants :) 
And last but not least, where is the most entertaining place you've ever had sex?  Hit me girl!  :)
Does on the internet with another girl count?  Lol.  I'd say so.  Haha.  If not then I'm gonna have to say in an elevator on Halloween in a retirement building in my Strawberry Shortcake costume.   

WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Heehee.  ;) 

All images are property of @purplestar420.  Apart from the obvious of course.  Those if you click on are linked to the original source.  If you are indeed  taken with the lovely Jennifer Mae then please do check her out on Twitter and tell her Morley sent ya!  Also be sure to follow 

CJ Wallis - @fortyfps 
BB - The Film - @bb_movie 

And if you feel the need for more random babblings, you can follow me as well.  Haha. @morleysaurus

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Exclusive First Look at the Poster for New CJ Wallis Movie BB!

It is with great pleasure that I give you an exclusive first look at the super cool poster for new CJ Wallis movie BB. 

Starring newcomer Jennifer Mae, this cool chick might be a newcomer to film, however she is most definitely not a newcomer to being in front of the camera.  Mae in fact inspired CJ to come up with what is sure to be a pretty fucked up film. Following a girl named Candy Cummings who performs strip shows from her apartment for thousands of people online everyday, BB looks at the fact that we never really know what kind of evils are lurking out there in the internet world.

To follow everything in the world of BB, check #BBMovie (@bb_movie) and keep your peepers on this spot!  I'm gonna be feeding out muchos BB awesomeness over the coming weeks, including interviews with the lovely Jennifer Mae (@purplestar420) and CJ Wallis (@fortyfps), a trailer and much more.   And remember...stay safe online as you never know who might be watching!  Moooahaha. ;)


Sunday, 10 November 2013

Fist of Jesus - Has Jesus Been Missing from YOUR Life!?!

So one of the most entertaining things about the Lord of Tears screening last Friday, with the exception of camptastic director Lawrie Brewster's laugh through the microphone as he was jibber jabbering away, heehee...was most definitely Fist of Jesus.  This short, and a few of the others ones he showed, most definitely explained why he gave us a, ummm....warning, shall we just say...prior to watching.  ;)



If I am ever getting sent to hell for my enjoyment of morally corrupt entertainment, this will probably be the thing to send me there.  So thank you Jesus!!  And Judas.  HA!  

Anyhoo, I have discovered that this jolly old hoot of a short is available online to watch.  And to watch you must do!!  You shall be saying thank you oh great one who shares the same initials as the almighty swordmaster!  Bwahahaha.  Yeah, that's me.  Oh yeaaaaah.  Anyhoo, do make sure that it's the video link you see on this page and not the YouTube version, as YouTube, being the spoilsports that they are, didn't allow the filmmakers to truly show Fist of Jesus in all it's blood-red glory.  The link I've provided here however is the fully uncut, BLOOOOOD red version.  Heehee.  

The practical effects in this are, like the film itself, absolutely genius!  My personal favourite is the piranha scene.  I almost pee'd my pants.  Absolutely fucking brilliant!! 

Don't take it from me though, check out this multiple award winning short for yourself.  You totally won't regret it!  And if you do...why are we friends again!?!   PAH! ;)  

To watch the brilliant Fist of Jesus, click on the following link. I did have it up here on my blog but you couldn't open the general page without this starting. So I've had to just add a link. 

You can still find it in all it's blood red awesomesauce HERE!!

Be sure to support the film on jolly Spazzbook and check out the official website for lots of super cool Jesus shit.  And, if this gets your pants bloody with anticipation, then you'll be happy to know that these super freaks are making a feature film.  OH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.   Once Upon A Time in Jerusalem.  So get on supporting and help these guys make this happen.  You know you want too! ;) 

Friday, 8 November 2013

Hollyoaks - Will Vs Dodger Savage - Somebody PLEASE Give Danny Mac an Award for Outstanding Acting and Not Just For Being Hot as Hell!

Tanned, buff, toned, stereotypical "hunk" who always has his shirt off.  Totally not the typical kinda guy I go for but god dammit, I do love Hollyoaks Dodger Savage!!  

You'll all either be thinking one of two things - typical Jen, moaning that a guy is TOO attractive, HA!  Or, why the hell does someone with such fabulous taste watch Hollyoaks!?!  Well, to answer the second can blame Jamie Lomas, aka Warren Fox, pictured below with Dodger!  It was him that got me first watching again, after I had stopped watching in the late 90's!!  I had went through a brief spell of watching it when I was a Uni, my flatmate and I went through about a year where we were a bit Hollyoaks/Eastenders daft.  Lol.  

It was Lomas's bad boy Warren Fox however that got me first sucked back into it  And then along came Emmett Scanlan, aka Brendan Brady...aka The Tash!!  The two of them together were just absolutely brilliant.  Add to that people such as Rachel Shenton's Mitzeee/Anne, and Claire Cooper's Jackie McQueen, and you genuinely got some bloody good storylines.  Plus, having a serial killer grandad on the loose, and at tea time no less, am I gonna complain?!!  Of course not.  ;)  

With Dodger though, at first he just made me laugh with the amount of cheesetastic times he got his shirt off every episode.  And then the whole Dodger/Texas (pictured above) storyline started...which then led to ERMAHGERD...his geeky brother Will is a psycho killa...Norman Bates.   Okay, not quite Norman Bates, but he did kill his mother.  

Starting out as the quiet geek with the ladies man stud of a brother, by normal Jen standards it would have been Will I was more interested in.  The fact that Will then went on to become a total killer, who was about to step into serial killer status, I should have preferred him even more.  Haha.  The way that he controlled Texas though, and basically tricked her emotionl self into sleeping with him, after telling her that Dodger was cheating on her...which he wasn't.  He then threw himself down a flight of stairs, crippling himself and guilting Texas into being with him.  That wasn't good enough for psycho boy though, and he knew that she still loved Dodger.  Texas is then going to leave him on her wedding day, and when she realises that he tricked her just to get one up on Dodger, and she calls him out for being the sicko that he is, he pushes her out of a window to her death.  Of course in true Hollyoaks fashion we don't find out it was Will that did it for bloody ages.  It's actually poor Dodger that gets arrested for her murder first.  Much to Will's delight.  It's only whatever time later, and in more like typical Saw fashion, that we discover Will is able to walk again. 

After Texas's funeral, and a confrontation with Will, Dodger leaves the village for a while.  Much to my dismay.  Thankfully though he returns.  And all this has been building up and up and up, to first the Hollyoaks blast, in which we saw some truly epic filming.  Will leaves Dodger to die, buried in a pile of rubble.  Screaming at my TV, I honestly thought it was game over for our super stud.  But like the Hulk, Dodger survives the blast, almost to then be suffocated by Will in the hospital.  Thankfully though, for his own sake at that time, Dodger has amnesia, and so Will thinks he's gotten away with shit yet again. 

Between the blast episode where he catches Will trying to kill Ash, and then his scene with Maxine in the hospital when he finds out she's had an abortion after their one night stand, we yet again get some power acting from le Mac'ster!  As pictured in an emotional scene with Maxine...who I TOTALLY want to get together with Dodger and ditch his controlling abusive dad.  

Anyhoo, all of that brings us to Wednesday nights episode on E4...the final confrontation between Will and Dodger.  All this week Danny has been outstanding, but the moment that he truly owned it was after Will dragging him over a rooftop with him, falling to the ground...before struggling and being helped up.  

He then just collapses in tears, tears over knowing that his brother killed the woman he loved, just to take her away from him...before killing his mum, as she knew the truth.  This scene was absolutely stunning, and had me in tears.  

Danny Mac is an actor who has proven time and time again, that whilst he is great at playing the cheeky ladies man, he is even better at displaying a real sense of vulnerability, and fear.  From full on going ballistic, to being able to convey so much through simple facial expressions.  He has this amazing, almost, little boy lost look that completely draws you in.  Many actors when asked to play the part of someone who is deeply hurt, or upset, half the time they end up just looking ridiculous.  Danny has such a naturalness to him, and he's been given some amazing opportunities with Dodger to get into some real nitty gritty storylines.  I think perhaps the wee dear could do with something a little lighter just to perk himself up now though.

So high fucking five you toned, tanned stud muffin.  People, stand up and give the dude a standing ovation. He has proved time and time again that he is more than just a hot bod and a pretty face...he is a bloody good actor to boot!  Danny Mac, I salute you!  

Oh yeah, and I'm now Team Dodger/Maxine.  Hear that 'oaks writers!  Again with Maxine, she's not my typical kind of gal, but Nikki Sanderson has been an absolute star, and dealing with some really hard hitting storylines too, ones that if played right, could make such a difference to individuals out there watching, and in a similar situation.  However, please let her, and Dodger have a happy ending.  ;)

Special kudos goes as well to James Atherton, whom once finally flipped and went full on crazy, was fucking brilliant as crazy eyes Will Savage.