Tuesday, 24 March 2015

BEST. ANNOUNCEMENT. EVER. The X Shaped Hole in my Heart has Already Started Healing. Welcome Back Mulder and Scully!!

Holy fucking shit.

I can't believe this day has finally happened.

They're back.  They're really coming back.

Please forgive me whilst I go and have a slight emotional meltdown.

And in the meantime, read the press release from Fox. :)

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Introducing Damon Runyan as Charles Falco in History Channel's Gangland Undercover - The REAL Sons of Anarchy!

Anyone who knows me will know that I'm hardcore missing a certain biker gang right now.  So much so that as of late, I've been finding myself watching documentaries on notorious biker gangs throughout the years.  I guess it is truly perfect timing that a new show from the History Channel, Gangland Undercover, is getting my mind all down and dirty with bikers again....this time however, it's based on actual events!!

This shit is so fucked up, that it's hard to NOT respect the big ass pair of balls that Charles Falco had!  This man infiltrated not one....but THREE outlaw biker gangs over a five year period!

Falco's serious undercover work led to 62 arrests, in a world where, had he been discovered....well....needless to say, it would NOT have been pretty!!  And I'm pretty damn sure that his death would not have been quick either!

Gangland Undercover is based on Charles Falco's book Vagos, Mongols and Outlaws, and featuring a silhouetted introduction from Falco himself each episode, in which we see Damon Runyan's gritty and realistic portrayal of  Falco.....and I'm not gonna lie.....he sells it fucking gooooood!!

Actor Damon Runyan has stated in interviews, including this one with my bud Troy Foreman for his site The PC Principle, that he worked closely with Charles Falco himself in preparation for the role, and still speaks to him daily...and I think that kind of relationship really shines through in Runyan's performance.  It was kind of like when Johnny Depp lived in Hunter S. Thompson's basement for four months in preparation for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas...you're gonna hear a lot a crazy shit...and you're gonna get a belter of a performance because of it!! :)

I love me my dark, gritty shows.....Gangland Undercover is the kinda grit that would stick in your cheeks after you've had your face dragged along the highway dangling off the back of a motorbike.  These guys take no shit, and Falco lived a life so dangerous, that's it's no wonder that he didn't completely lose the plot!  What I find truly remarkable as well, is that he's not even in witness protection anymore!!  

Definitely be sure to check out Troy's pretty rad interview...it's definitely worth a read, as it's a nice look into just what it takes to be an actor going into such a head fuck of a role!

Go check out the show, LIKE the Facebook page for the show, as well as Charles Falco's FB fanpage too.  You can also follow Damon Runyan on Twitter - @damonrunyan.  This guy is most definitely one to watch! :)

Morley xo