Thursday, 13 October 2011

Happy Birthday to the GOD that is Chris Carter...and KADY! :)

In every religion there is a God...a deity whom without, that religion would not exist.  And it was on this very day today, 55 years ago, that my God was born!  This man encouraged his followers to believe, and even when I was unsure of what was the truth, and what not...I still told myself 'I Want to Believe!'  The God that I am talking about is of course Chris Carter...the religion, that of the X Phile!

So yay, today, the 13th October 2011, I would like to say Happy Birthday Chris Carter, you Wonderful, Wonderful man!  My life wouldn't be the same without you.  You gave me Mulder and Scully.  Which in turn gave me some of my closest friends.  And then when I finally met you, you were the most amazingly kind and humble man...which made me love you even more.

And then 6 years ago, to this sister gave me possibly the second greatest thing in my life, my niece Kady!  A true X Files chick, Kady is a little crazy Cooper and a future X Phile indeed.  Even if her Mummy, my sister Suz, is content on turning her into a total Buffy nut...although, technically...without The X Files, Buffy so would not have existed...SIMPLES!  Myself and my sister Kimberley will fix that though.  Kady is a Tenthirteen baby and one that I am sure as hell proud of! :)  So yay, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KADY!!!!!!!!!!!! <3