Thursday, 11 June 2015

X Files Revival - Geeky First Images to Melt Your Little Phile Hearts! Chris Carter is BACK with Mulder and Scully!

Okay.  Mulder and Scully are back.  Like....they are REALLY back!  That of course makes this Little Miss Morleysaurus incredibly, Phile~tastically Xcited!  And what does an excitable Morleysaurus do.....except for squeeeeeeeeeee very loud!?!  She does the exact same thing, but whilst typing up said thoughts to share with her fellow Philes, nerds, and potential new fans who need a bit of an X education!!  ;)

Anyhoo.....EEEEEEE!!!  Just to see the back of that wonderful, amazing, just....gaaaaaaaaaah full of awesome Mr Chris Carter's head, it truly is enough to melt our little Phile hearts....I LOVE HIM, I LOVE HIM, I LOVE HIM!!!  I knew you'd be back Chris!  

I've seen some comments about why is Mulder not in a suit, why is Scully's hair not as red....blah blah blah.  Well....first of all....even if you didn't watch the criminally under-rated and absolutely stunning 2nd feature, I Want to Believe, unless you were just a casual viewer or gave up on it....then you would still know that at the end of the series, Mulder and Scully are holed up in a motel room and on the run after Mulder is sentenced to death by a military tribunal for "killing" Knowle Rohrer....who was in fact a Supersoldier.  As Doggett so perfectly put it in the Season 9 finale, The Truth - "Killing the man who can't be killed!?"  Formal dress attire need not apply when one is one the run from the government !  NOPE! 

In I Want to Believe, Mulder is brought in to help on the case of a missing agent....and the FBI have forgiven him.  Although they should totally be asking for Mulder's forgiveness of course...I totally agree.  HAHA. ;) At the end of I Want to Believe, Mulder and Scully are finally taking a break from darkness, and stepping into the stranding themselves on a tropical island....well, kinda.  Needless to say the LOST crossover thoughts that went through my head at the time, and still do to this's a total LOSTEE/PHILE explosion, haha. 

So yeah.....Mulder ISN'T an FBI agent again...YET.  So he can wear whatever the hell he pleases dammit!  And OMG.  Can women not change their hair colour!?!!  Really!?!  The tone of Scully's hair, AND style changed frequently through the seasons.  So quit yer moaning people!  

Anyhoo, I've seen a few wicked pictures from the set that are sneaking out, my favourite so far is THIS total Arcadia image.  HAHAHA.  They are like, SO together!!!!  I will keep telling myself this! ;)  

This one is super cute too! :)

Be sure to follow Chris freakin' Carter on Instagram...yeah......GOD himself has joined at least one form of social media!  @ChrisCarter1013  Also you can find the Official X Files pages  - @thexfilesfox on Twitter and Instagram, as well as @DavidDuchovny and @GillianA.  Of course I'll also be keeping y'all up to date with Phile geekery across various social media...just look for @morleysaurus all over the place! :)

Last but not least, my favourite X Phile fan find of the day is this cracker of a video to David Duchovny's track Passenger off of his Hell or Highwater debut album.  It's amazing.  So yay, check it out.  And go follow its creator, Twitter user Amanda Ross - @ACRProdCo and go check out her YouTube channel as well. :) X Philes stick together yo!  Enjoy! xox

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

CALLING ALL HORROR FANS - Help Bring the Lost Creepshow 2 Segment Pinfall to Life!

Peoples of the Jeniverse, I call upon your utmost awesomeness to get onboard a totally wicked, bad-ass crowdfunding campaign.  Oooh, but what would that be I hear you ask??

Most fans of Creepshow 2 will be well aware that George A. Romero originally had five segments in his screenplay for his genius follow up to Creepshow.  Due to budget constraints, two of them never made it into the final film.  Cat from Hell eventually made it onto Tales of the Darkside: The Movie, however....Pinfall has never seen the light of day...which totally sucks as it's a wicked and incredibly fun story that will both amuse and delight horror fans.  Summed up perfectly by its tagline -  
A Story about Murder, Revenge and...Bowling! 

Ian Vaughan Jones, Dayle Teegarden and Witch Tree Films have decided they want to change that...which is totally awesome.  And even more awesome as it's being filmed in Scotland, and by mostly Scottish filmmakers.  Yay Scotland! :)  They even have support from Creepshow 2's Daniel Beer who played Randy in "The Raft" segment....which is pretty darn cool! :)

This is a fan film, made for the love of Creepshow, and the love of the genre.  These guys live for this shit and having worked with the majority of them, I can tell you that this film truly is in good hands.  The makeup and special effects are just amazing, and any good horror fan knows that practical effects are the best! :)

Full cast and crew won't be finalised until we have raised the money, but everyone that was involved in making this trailer is totally excited to come back.  If you look carefully, you'll see that Mr Scotch Beef himself, star of The Fairy Flag and Safe Haven, Chris Capaldi is in there as well, looking rather gore~geous! ;)

There are some amazing perks for supporters as an extra incentive to support the film, we are calling out to horror fans to give as much or as little as they can afford.  If you could share the campaign around as well, tell your horror friends and Creepshow fans all about it, send them the links and get them to see for themselves how bad ass this could be! 

To keep up to date with the project, come follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to like and share and retweet our posts if you would like to see this made!  

If you are a journalist or blogger, or if you write for a website, we would love for you to do a feature to support the project and entice more people to get on board.  If you would like to request further information or interviews and what not, then email with your request and I shall get back to you ASAP! :)  Thank you! xox