Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Exciting IndieGoGo Perks to Get On Board Arbroath Based IronStar Films Short Film, Blood Loss.

Filmmaking peeps, check out this wicked opportunity to get on board my friends at IronStar Films new short, Blood Loss.  I have been friends with writer/director Graeme Carr for a greater part of my life, and I know how much of a film geek he is, and one with a wicked imagination.  These guys are just starting out, but as you can see from the teaser trailer, they are onto something pretty awesome.  They're in talks with some outstanding actors, as well as make up artists, and I'm really excited about being part of this project.  

You can check out my previous blog on the short, which also features the teaser trailer HERE!

So yay, get on board, spread the love and share, share, share.  Thanks to John Carswell, they have a superb location for shooting this too, it's so freakin' cool!!  Let's put Arbroath on the map showing the world what Scottish filmmakers are capable of. :) 

Check Out a Whole Heap of Wicked News about Amy Hoff's Original Web Series, Caledonia, Produced by TACHY Studios, Including Season 2 Premier Episode!

Well, I am happy to now show you what the guys have been up too on this Amy Hoff written and directed original series.  And when I say original...it truly is.  Amy is an actual real life monster expert.  Yup...I did just say that.  Haha.  Knowing Amy personally, I know the madcap life she has led, and Caledonia has her kooky style and creative intelligence slapped all over it! 

So yes, below you will find the premier episode of Season 2: Mortal Souls and then an exclusive Caledonia - Professor Elemental video!  Woot!  

And lastly, I am over the moon to announce that the first in Amy's series of Caledonia novels, which she has already written four of already, is to be published by Crooked Cat publishing in 2015.  If you have a taste for fantasy fiction that is quirkier than quirk, then you'll be digging Amy's wonderfully distorted view on Scotland.