Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Happy TenThirteen Birthday to My Three Most Beloved People - X Files Creator Chris Carter, Fox Mulder and My Niece Kady!

So today marks the most important day in the nerd calendar ala Morleysaurus - October 13th, or should I say TenThirteen....the day of my most beloved darling, X Files creator Chris Carter....which then led to Fox Mulder sharing his birthday....and then years later, due to a fluke nerd mistake...my sister Suz, a total hardcore Buffy and Angel fan, gave birth to my niece Kady on this day!  So when people ask me if I ever want children...hells no.....why would I want a child when I already have the perfect one?!!  PFFFT!  HAHA. 

In typical Morleysaurus fashion, I looked at my phone this morning as I was getting ready to go and do the banking, and lookee what time it was!?  HAHA.  I won't lie, I totally let out a squee of glee! :)

Anyhoo, with lots of X Files goodness coming up, here's to many more Happy Returns to my favourite people in the universe.  Yups!  

And let's just enjoy that X Files trailer for the bazillionth time! :P