Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Set Pics Reveal the New Vice President and it's...

So, the first Sons of Anarchy Season 6 set pics are out and my little beady eyes noticed a new patch on the cut of a certain Son.  As I was on my phone I couldn't be certain as the picture wouldn't let me zoom in, so instantly I got my Basil the Great Mouse Detective hat on and got on my laptop to investigate.  Sure enough, my suspicions were correct, and after Bobby handing in his VP patch at the end of Season 5 due to the way Jax handled Clay (despite how brilliant it actually was!!), it was time for a new VP to step up and become Mr Teller's right hand man.  Personally I don't actually think this reveal is a big surprise as I've been saying all along that he's clearly the man for the job...but it's still totally rad for it to be official now.  :)  So just who is the new VP??  I'll give you a clue -
"I've always been there, and I always will.  I love you kid."  

It's the prodigal Scot, CHIBS!!!!!!! :)

No other club member other than Tig understands what Jax has went through since Opie's death, and Chibs really is the best man for the job.  I think it was this moment that sealed the VP patch though.  

 As for Sergeant at Arms, after everything that happened last season, I really hope that Jax decides he wants Tig back in that role.  I think he will.