Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Halloween 6 - The Curse of Michael Myers...I LIKE IT!!! Do You? ;)

Right so earlier on today over on Facebook, Brad Reiter made a very bold statement about The Evil Dead movies:  
I know I'm going to be hated for this, but I find the EVIL DEAD series to be a bit overrated and it hasn't aged very well. Don't get me wrong, I really like the first, but the second got a little too over the top silly for me, and ARMY OF DARKNESS doesn't seem to hold up well.
Now I'm saying brave due to the fact that for some, saying something like this to them is like saying you've just carved up their grandmother and fed her to your pet hamster...it's the kind of shit that just doesn't fly!  It is also the kind of shit that I absolutely love.  I love it when people stand up and say something that is more than likely going to get them publicly lambasted by their peers!  Even though I don't personally agree with Brad, I love the Evil Dead movies, and personally think Army of Darkness is brilliant...but the conversation that always ensues from statements such as Brad's is always good!  Especially when the conversation is between intelligent people who can have sensible discussions without falling into childish arguments!  

So with those thoughts in mind, I decided to start a fun little discussion to see just who is cool enough to admit to liking what are considered some of the shitter films in the horror world!  I might even make this a regular feature.  

So to begin...one of my personal favourites in this category would be Halloween 6 - The Curse of Michael Myers!  Yes bitches, you heard me right, I LIKE THIS MOVIE!!!  In fact, this movie happens to have one of my all time favourite Michael Myers killing sequences in it - the strobe light operating room massacre!  In fact, scratch that...this movie has several super fucking awesome killing scenes!

Halloween 6 - The Curse of Michael Myers is also a bit special in that it was also to be the last time we would see the ageing Donald Pleasence as Dr Sam Loomis.  The film was released in the September of 1995, seven months after he had sadly passed away.  Even in the film it was clear that he didn't have much time left.  

I really don't know why this film gets so much shit!  I mean yes, the whole cult storyline is pretty lame but it's not totally shite!  I actually love the whole idea of the rune of Thorn and why Michael is evil and out to kill his family members.  I liked the idea of catching up with Tommy Doyle, one of the kids who Laurie Strode was babysitting on the night of the original Halloween.  He is older, completely fucked up and a bit of a loner...no surprise there then right??  He is also played by the one and only man of sarcasm himself, Mr Paul Rudd...in his first film appearance!  :)  In comparison to some of his other Hollywood co-stars, I don' think this is too lame a first appearance for Mr Sarky Pants!

Now if you are a fan of the Halloween series you will know the whole debacle about the the underground bootleg "producer's cut" of this film!  Yes I was one of the nerds who tracked down a bootleg copy just so I could see it for myself, it's totally different from the released version.  Now it's been a while since I saw either version, had I written this a number of years ago I would have been able to go on for ages, not so much anymore.  Maybe it is time I revisited both versions!  Anyhoo, all I know is that the "producer's cut" has extra added good AND bad!  Some of the deaths are altered and part of the story is completely different!  I'm pretty sure that the death of uber ass hole John Strode, played by Bradford English (what an awesome fucking name, haha) is different.  

So yes people, discuss...what are all of your opinions on this movie?  Love it or hate it?  I look forward to hearing your opinions!!! :D 


  1. I actually like this movie too. It was also the first Halloween I saw in the theater, so it will always have a special place in my heart. Will never forget the trick or treat sequence, when the kid says it's starting to rain, but instead it's blood dripping out of a tree where one of Michael's victims is hanging. That's good stuff right there.

  2. I legitimately like Deep Blue Sea, as I told you already on FB. But, to reiterate, I really love Deep Blue Sea, and it goes against every critic part of my brain. The story is asinine, the shark CGI is dated, and somehow, Tom Jane looks ugly in it. And yet...I don't know, something about the bad one liners, and absurd plot cheer me up.
    As for movies to admit not enjoying that will likely get me killed.
    I hated Hatchet. Hated it so much. I think The Devil's Rejects is highly overrated. As is the first and original Halloween.

  3. Heeehee, Mister Bones, I love the raining red bit! :)

    And Sean, you and your Deep Blue Sea love, haha. As for hating Hatchet, shame on you! I looove The Devil's Rejects and look at you all Mr Bravey Pants stepping up about Halloween. I disagree wit you however it's also quite refreshing to hear someone who's life is so embedded in horror to make such a statement! :)

  4. I agree in regards to the Evil Dead series. I find myself continuing to watch the original Evil Dead film when played on cable, the two that followed, although I love both of them, they don't hold up as well for me either. I'm a huge Bruce fan, stood in line for hours and hours to get 'If Chins Could kill' signed by the man and of course a pic of us together, killer! But, Evil Dead II and AOD were less stand alone 'movies' to me and more major vehicles for Bruce to be 'Bruce'... I watch Burn Notice solely for the fact he's on it....

  5. The Chin is THE MAN!!! He rocks! Haha.

  6. Oh dude, I did see Halloween 6! I remember now, the blood dripping out of the tree! Shit, this was like the first Halloween I saw!
    And yeah, I like it. Better than the one where Busta Rhymes kicks Michael Myers out a fuckin' window.


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