Saturday, 25 June 2011

Fright Bytes Episode 5 - Zombie Apocalypse with Lianne Spiderbaby Kicking Some ASSSSSS!!!

Woot, the time has come, Episode 5 of my amazing friend Lianne Spiderbaby's Fright Bytes is finally online. This episode was filmed by the super talented director of the Canadian indie zombie flick, Dead Genesis that is Reece Eveneshen and also stars Lianne's super cute brother Steve. There is nothing like a zombie apocalypse with Lianne kicking ass with a nice big gun! Rarrrrrrr!  I mean just check out that demented yet gorgeous smile that the little madam has on her face, you know she was loving this.  Heehee.  So yes, join me in my geek love for both Lianne AND zombies.  A perfect combination! ;) 

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