Thursday, 4 November 2010

Piracy: Why it fucks me off!!!!!!!!

Okay so I am presently delagaged to my bedroom as I refuse to sit in a room and watch a pirate copy of Machete.  It seriously fucks me off that A. guys that work offshore get pirate copies of everything and B. that I actually have a boyfriend that is sitting watching said pirate copy!!!!!  Grrrrrrrr.
I don't understand how an individual can consider themselves a movie fan when they can quite happily sit and watch an illegal copy of something that they know they are going to enjoy.  Where is the fucking logic in that!?!!!  Yes, let's download the movies that aren't going to make so much money at the box office and henceforth aren't going to install confidence in the money men to give these awesome directors the money to make more awesome movies.

The thing that most people don't seem to get is that these directors, apart from a slim few, they don't get loads of money thrown at them.  The whole retarded excuse of 'but they have plenty of money' is bullshit!!!!  That is not true and I hate to even think of the remotest of politics that go on in this industry.

 At the end of the day, piracy is piracy.  Further to my point, when I initially wrote this rant (it was about a week ago), I have since been in the company of a number of people to whom I have said I can't wait for Machete.  The response I got was, it's amazing, better than Planet Terror...can't believe you haven't seen it yet!!!  Of course I haven't seen it yet, it hasn't come out.  It's not even out to buy on DVD in the States yet!!!

I just don't get it.  People complain about the lack of decent movies, especially within the horror industry.  Yet they then download these movies.  And then I hear the excuse of, but I've wanted to see it since I saw the trailer a couple of weeks ago.  Do you know how long I have waited to see some movies, just because I refuse to watch pirate copies of them!?!  Spiral had been premiered at Frighfest years before it was released on DVD here and Grace, hell I gave up and bought a Region 1 copy.  The thing is, people don't seem to think that they are doing anything wrong by downloading these movies.  Yet they will pay to go and watch shitty Michael Bay remakes and downright piss.  They're the movies you should be downloading if you have too.  Not the small decent indie ones.

Yes, I admit it is frustrating when movies come out in the States and take forever to appear over here in the UK, but you know what, some movies are worth it.  And these are the movies you should be going to the cinema to see if they are lucky enough to have that priveledge.  And if not, then at least please buy or rent them to show support.  Now I could bring a point of mentioning Adam Green's Frozen, a movie that from my last post you can see I totally love.  The weekend that this movie came out to buy in the States (a week or so prior to its supposed theatrical UK release), I was all excited to see that it was number 7 on the IMDb Hit List.  There was me thinking, woohoo, finally, a genuine horror director was being recognised for a bloody good film.  So I post a message on Adam Green’s Facebook to see if he knew about this, to which he replied that it was in that position due to people downloading it over the weekend and then going on the boards to boast about downloading it.  What the fuck!?!!!!  I think this is a perfect example of a movie that should have got a wide theatrical release but didn’t due to the good old money men thinking it wasn’t going to make that much money so what’s the point!?!!!!  If that many people were downloading it then it showed a hell of a lot of interest in the film, but because it was being illegally downloaded, that interest wasn’t enough to give it the theatrical release that it deserved.  This whole situtation confuscles me.  

A perfect example of how DVD sales helped to save something…Family Guy.  Not enough people were watching so the network cancelled, yet due to superb DVD sales, it has been reinstated.  Twice!!!!!

And the good thing about actually purchasing the DVD means that you get all the special features, which if you look at my Frozen review, can sometimes be just as enthrawling as the movie itself.  So yes, support decent independent movies, especially horror and help join the forces of eternal horror geeks to prove that there is a shit load of bloody good directors in this genre…they just have to be given the chance to show that they are a million miles away from Michael Bay remakes and the like!!!!!   


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