Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Love Undying for the Gorgeous Movie That is Paul Solet's Grace!!!

So there hasn't been a really decent evil baby movie for a while, that was until Grace.  Now what to say about Grace…well first of all, putting my cards out on the table to start with, I find babies creepy in general!!!  There is nothing cute about freaky little monkey hands and feet and squashed heads…in my humble opinion of course.  My idea of a cute baby is the lizard baby in the original series of V (the remake has yet to do this sequence however I doubt it’ll be as cute!!!)  And not the girl with the little forked tongue…the proper lizard baby.  See left.  Isn’t that such a cuteeee?  ;)

Anyhoo, now that you know where I stand with babies and their supposed cuteness I shall tell you about little baby Grace and her absolutely adorable awesome fab mommy, (can you guess I like her!?!) Madeline Matheson played by the gorgeous and seriously underrated Jordan Ladd.  Tired of traditional medicine, Madeline convinces her husband that she wants to go with the companionship of a trusted midwife.  Although reluctant her husband agrees, all he wants is the best for his wife and unborn child. 

His mother on the other hand…holy crabby pattolas, she is a horrific woman!!!  Now I don’t mean that in the manner of she’s a bad person (much), she just has serious mother/son issues.  I think the other reason I instantly wanted to hit her over the head with a spade was that she is one of these red blooded, ‘araagh, meat…blood’ kind of people.  Okay that is maybe a slight exaggeration however her sarky remarks about the Vegan meal that Madeline has cooked for them, (and the rest) seriously had me wanting to do a Norman Bates on her.  Anyway, his mother is mortified that Madeline would even dare take her future grandchild to a midwife and is constantly butting her nose referring her to a Doctor that she is close with that is oh so amazing and prestigious and what not. 

Everything changes though when a tragic accident happens and Madeline is left with her unborn child lifeless inside her.  Determined to carry her dead child to term and deliver naturally, Madeline gives birth.  In a little wicked turn that is done in both a stunning yet harrowing manner, the power of Madeline’s love brings the child back to life.  Overjoyed to have been graced with this miracle Madeline names the little girl Grace. 

Now obviously miracles don’t happen without consequences and soon Madeline realises that little baby Grace is a bit different to other babies.  Understandably overtly protective of Grace, Madeline becomes increasingly isolated from everyone, finding herself resorting to horrific measures to keep her child alive. 

What I love about this film is its simplicity, it’s a wonderfully disturbing movie, and one that really gets under your skin without being at all in your face.  It’s beautifully shot and the acting is top notch!!!  Especially from the three main female cast members.  Jordan Ladd gives her best performance to date and major kudos goes out to Samantha Ferris who plays Madeline’s midwife Patricia.  I am officially in love with that woman!!! <3 She is a wonderful actress.  The same can be said for Gabrielle Rose who plays Madeline’s mother in-law, she is superbly freaky and scarily frightening at some’ll see what I mean.  She is so amazing she made me seriously dislike her.  And that’s being nice about it. 

This movie had a lot going on in the background that wasn't really spoken, only really suggested, I think.  This included that of a previous relationship between Madeline and Patricia.  Definitely got my little mind wandering and filling in a whole back-story.  I also loved Vegan theme that ran throughout, one that had an ever so amusing encounter with *some random shop dude*, selling meat in the store.  Made me giggle so much and it was a nice little addition for you fellow horror geeks out there.

And just throwing this out there...when the director who brings us something this fucking beautifully brilliant and Vegan feminist also a seriously hot tattooed guy with a wicked sense of promoting and really can't help but fall for him and add him to your dungeon list!! *cough* Nia...Jen and Sylvia... *cough* ;)

So yay, love the supreme awesomeness of this movie.  And the special features, compliments of The Barnipede, are pretty damn awesome too.  :)

Oh yes, and last but not least, I’d like to give a big shout out to the distribution people for putting the DVD in boxes with recycling signs carved out.  I’d be lying if I didn't do a big squeeeee, when I opened the case.  Laugh at me all you want but hey, it’s horror and environmentalism…it’s Jen in a box!!!  ;)

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