Sunday, 7 November 2010


With the opening of KFC *shudder* in Arbroath, here is a message I wrote to the Arbroath Herald about a year ago, obviously it wasn't printed, probably a bit too hostile, haha.  Anyhoo, my thoughts are still the same so figured I'd share it with you.  Besides, Arbroath REALLY DOES need a cinema, it's so annoying having to go to Dundee.  And if you don't drive it's even more of a pain in the arse!!!

"So after my plans to go to the cinema were literally washed out after the severe flooding with the burn, I got to thinking...why is it that we still don't have a cinema in Arbroath???  The one thing that this town really needs yet instead what do we get, KFC!!!  A place that is so vile and crude in its animal cruelty that it literally tortures, burns and scalds roughly 1 BILLION chickens per year!  These poor creatures are squashed into excrement filled sheds where their wings and legs are often broken before having their beaks cut off, throats slit and then, frequently whilst concious, being dipped into scalding hot water to remove their feathers.  How and why is it that we live in a town that considers this barbaric behaviour more important than giving us something to do on a rainy day, or a winter night?  Surely as a town we should be coming together to say look, this is a fishing town, not a vulgar tacky corporate fast food joint!  Surely actually giving people something to do like go to the cinema would reduce the need for people to just go to the pub, because lets face it, that’s pretty much all there is to do!  Well that and get fat with both environmentally and animal un-friendly fast food outlets!!!  The Declaration of Arbroath was prepared as a formal Declaration of Independence for goodness sake!  Can we not at least try and maintain a little bit of culture and well, independence!?!”

Jennifer Cooper, Arbroath

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