Monday, 15 November 2010

Gooooey stuff of the Lost love sort.

Okay so I have just been going through stuff on my laptop that I'd written a while ago when I came across this.  Proof that yes, I am a little bit of an emotional sap at times.  Anyhoo, I'm glad that in Sawyer and Juliet's case it all worked out.  And FYI, I loved the last episode of Lost.  Mwah!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

“If I never meet you, then I never have to lose you.”

The penultimate series of Lost posed a number of questions, not least that of “Is it better to have loved and lost, than never loved at all?” If we never met, how different would our lives be?  Is it worth the pain of losing but retaining the love inside, or is life better lived, unknown, unloved.  Do some pains really go too deep that we’d rather lose all memory and connection?  Or is it possible that love proves so real that your spirits can never truly be apart, no matter how far your actual beings are?

“Just because two people love each other doesn’t mean they’re meant to be together.”

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