Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Help Fund a Campaign for New Scottish, and Bloody Awesome Vampire Series The Family! Miss Morleysaurus is VERY Impressed!

So a little while ago, by pure chance, I found this guy advertising for actors on Gumtree for a new horror webseries that he was working on.  Always looking to promote my friends and their awesome work, I contacted him to find out more and to see if he needed any help!  Well, to cut a long story short, director Stuart Millar got back to me and we added each other on FB etc.  After speaking for a bit, he asked if I wanted to read the script and give him feedback and stuff.  

What can I say...the script for The Family is really fucking good!!  For a start, it was really well written, and would easily translate into a series of short stories as well.  What I loved though, was that there was a lot of deliciously dark humour to it, and that I really dug...and I think the horror community will too.  The story is really interesting, and it's a great take on the vampire genre.  The fact that this is a Scottish production, of course I'm gonna do everything I can to promote it!  :)   

From having looked at some of the work that Stuart has done before, you can tell this guy has a real talent, with a beautiful eye for detail...something that I'm sure will make The Family look ever so lush.  Combined with a great story, I see a wonderful future for this story and now is your chance to get involved from the start!

There is less than 2 days left on the IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for it.  Vampire fans, you really need to check this out.  I promise...there are no sparkles!! ;)  

You can read more about the project below, and if you think it's something you'd like to see come to fruition, then clicky HERE and check out the campaign, and donate and share and stuff!  Also go check out and LIKE the Facebook page too! :) 

The Family is a proposed mini series focusing on a family of centuries old vampires who are each struggling in their own way to adapt to modern life, all the while a detective is investigating a string of murders which leads back to them. As the detective's investigation leads him closer to the family, they must decide how to act in order to protect themselves from the law.

The film focuses not only on what these characters are but who they are, and each character struggles in their own way. From loneliness and wishing for their humanity back so they can connect more with the world, to a passionate killer embracing the demon in him and becoming more detached from the from the family he created, and a young recently sired vampire who is still coming to terms with what it means to be undead.

Each character faces their own troubles but are brought together through their blood bond and the main theme of the show is that family never dies. This is also highlighted by the detective who puts his own family at risk while pursuing the murders.

The theme of family and the supernatural element means the best way to describe this show is a cross between The Sopranos and True Blood. As such there is some adult content and graphic violence.

The intention is to film one full episode using the achieved target and distribute the episode via vendors such as Distrify, in the hope of raising enough funds to film a second episode, and from there a full series of eight episodes.

Seth: The third oldest of the family. Seth is a quick tempered hot headed male. He is always looking to fight and relishes the prospect of killing, often killing his victims brutally and with no remorse.  Unlike the other vampires he does not kill only to feed, but for pleasure. He is a loose cannon and his hotheadedness and temper causes trouble for the family many times.

Seth is played by Matthew Masters. Matthew started to develop his acting skills by enrolling with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s Short Course in Acting. Since, he has worked on various projects, including voice work for the BBC MiHigh TV Series, and the short film "Death".  Matthew also appeared inAristotle Events Filming previous project, the award nominated "New Caelum".

Meet Liam- Old and weary, tired of his existence, he envies the mortality of humans. His loyalty to The Family, once strong, has long since waned, and now he drifts through his demon life simply going through the motions. He feeds only when he has to, no longer enjoying the blood and the release it gives him.  In a desperate effort to find meaning in his existence, he sired Hope, the youngest of the vampires, something he now bitterly regrets.  Liam is haunted by an unknown woman, who Liam believes to be a hallucination brought on by a lack of feeding, but when the ghost speaks to him, offering him a way out, a way to connect to the mortal world, Liam finds himself with a difficult choice to make.

Liam is played by Dechlan Reilly. Dechlan, a Scottish actor living in Edinburgh, trained in the Edinburgh Acting School. Recent credits include theatre, as Algernon Moncrieff in "The Importance of Being Earnest." and short films "The Dragon Thief" where he portrayed Halric, and "Lucy" in which he portrayed Caleb.

Anne: Created by David when he was looking for a partner, Anne is a seductive girl who uses her sexual charm to lure victims. She is overtly sexual and flirtatious, which masks her softer, more emotional side. She wishes to be a mother, something she can never have and something she hates David for, despite her love for him. To compensate for this, she is overly protective of the youngest vampire Hope.

Anne is played by Annabel Logan. Annabel is a Scottish actor, writer and musician living in Edinburgh. She trained professionally at East 15 Acting School in London. Over the past 5 years she has worked extensively in theatre and film as well as song-writing, singing and playing accordion and piano for the Edinburgh based band, 'The Beggar's Cavale'. Her most recent credits include the Leading Lady in the 'Banque Nationale de Paris' commercial and as Eve in BAFTA New Talent nominated film, 'A Practical Guide to a Spectacular Suicide'. She also has an MA in Classical Studies from the University of St Andrews where she also won the coveted McEuan Rose Bowl for excellence in Drama. Her Twitter is @burntoutbulbs.

Meet David- The oldest of The Family, who turned Liam, Seth and Anne in to vampires. He is feircely loyal and protective of his family, sometimes overly so. He is often seen as the leader of The Family, and makes most of the major decisions regarding their actions, despite those decisions not always being agreed with by those around him, but everything he does is all done in the name of the blood he finds sacred and in the name of The Family.

David is not only physically strong but intelligent, and over the centuries has honed his hypnotic skills which he uses on the most weak minded of his victims.

David is portrayed by Daniel Arbon, a highly talented actor with experience in historical dramas including portraying an English Knight at the Battle of Bannockburn for the BBC, and working on a US TV production of "The Life and Art of James Mcneil Whistler" produced by PBS. Daniel has a keen interest in history and has experience in swordfighting, archery, horseriding and blacksmithing.

Meet Hope- the youngest of The Family, turned at 17, she is the only member who would still be alive now had she remained human.  Finding it difficult to adjust to her new life as a member of The Family, she is withdrawn and nervous.  As a human she cherished life, as a demon she craves death and this conflicting emotion has her questioning her identity and who she has become.  

Hope looks to Anne for answers about who she is and who The Family are, and has become reliant on Anne's caring nature to help her adjust to the demonic world, becoming a surrogate daughter to Anne.
Hope can use her innocent and naivé persona to her advantage, particularly when hunting for victims, playing the role of a lost little girl before revealing the demon inside.

Hope is played by Natalie Chiappa.  Natalie is an aspiring actress, relatively new to the industry, and has an interest in theatre and comedy.  She studied drama for two years and is now searching for more professional work to expand her portfolio, often travelling from her home in Elgin to central Scotland for auditions, showing her dedication and passion for her craft.

The Family are also hunted by Detective Gavin, an honest hardworking detective investigating a string of murders which lead back to The Family, and the closer he gets to connecting the murders to the vampires, the more he starts to worry for the safety of his own family.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Mexican Anthology México Bárbaro Brings Us a Selection of Amazing Mexican Directors, Both Male AND Female!

8 Mexican directors unite to bring you tales of the most brutally shocking Mexican traditions and legends to life.   

Mexico Barbaro brings to life stories that form a part of our culture, and even some that have haunted our nightmares since childhood, which took away our innocence. The boogeyman, trolls, ghosts, creatures, Aztec sacrifices, and of course our beloved traditions such as Day of the Dead immerse in urban and rural stories.

Mexico Barbaro has 8 visionary directors, from downtown, north and south of the country, including mexican residents who live in other countries. All have different life experiences that will give a unique narrative to each of these haunting stories.

The Visual Art is created by Mexican illustrator Guro.

México Bárbaro comes from the mind of Lex Ortega, a guy who has worked with some of the best directors in the business.  Working with Alejandro Gonzales Iñarritu on 21 Grams, he also worked with three of my favourite actors as well...Benicio Del Toro, Sean Penn and Naomi Watts.  Prior to that he worked on one of my sister Cat's favourite films, City of God.  Starting out working on those two films alone he'll have been exposed to a whole powerhouse of acting/directing/all round filmmaking!  So when it came to pulling together directors for México Bárbaro, you know that he is going to be looking for truly raw, and god damned brilliant talent!!   And you want to know what makes him even more super fucking rad....he fucking LOVES his dog!!  And aliens!  Which instantly makes me want to get behind the dude.  Ooh, and he has a featured short in the anthology.  :)  

Just to give you a brief run down of the line up of directors involved, they are - 

and last but not least, the gore~geous Gigi Saul Guerrero...who talks exclusively to myself about México Bárbaro, over at my blog for my Official Women in Horror Recognition Month event, Jennifer's Bodies!!  

For more information please check out the Official Facebook page.  And keep your eyes peeled here too, as I'll be sure to keep you up to date with this wicked project!! :) 

Monday, 17 February 2014

*squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* Mother FUCKING X Files Creator Chris Carter is BACK!!!!!! New Amazon Originals Series The After Now Available to Watch on Amazon and Lovefilm!

Holy fuck....he's back.  He's REALLY back!!  The most significant, and important man in the history of the universe of all EVER!!!  And already he has me thinking, he has me researching.  He has ME!!  End of.  I am, of course, talking about Chris Carter....the man responsible for either directly, or indirectly, for almost every great showrunner on TV today!  

Any X Phile will realise that I took my name Morley from Cancer Man's cigarette brand in The X Files, and in my niece Kady I have the ultimate 1013 child.  Carter nerds can read my birthday blogs to Chris and Kady here and here.  The picture below is from the afternoon just after I met Chris and Frank and then went to the London dungeon, and I seen this!!  :)

As a fan, one of the general rules, is that you  never meet your idols.  Because let's face many people really live up to our expectations?  That being said...I met my idol.  I met the man I have worshipped since 1993, and his partner in crime, Frank Spotnitz...and they didn't disappoint!  

Considering that they changed my life, admittedly taking way a huge part of my social life, haha...but helped transform this little nerd, into the BIGGEST fucking nerd on the face of the planet!!  Heehee.  Not only did they change my life, but they changed TV, for the fucking better.  

You would expect people who were THAT influential would have at least a little bit of an air of cockiness!!  But no....Chris and Frank were two of the single most humble men I have ever met!  And that just made me love them all the more!  :)

(Pictured above - Me and Rex in London after meeting Chris and Frank at Forbidden Planet and recreating a scene from The X Files, Tooms.)

So anyhoo, I am sooooo freakin' excited to nerd over the fact, that after a long absence, Chris Carter is finallly fucking back!  And he's like...REALLY REALLY back!!  Instantly sucking me back into that Carter like vortex of awesome.  A world where intelligence and understanding is key.  A world where things are never always as they seem.  A world where I can squee at random super nerdy references...and squee with glee!  

His new pilot, The After, is part of the Amazon Originals programming where basically they select certain shows to pilot, and then it's down to the audience to vote for their favorites, and the ones that they want to see develop into a full series.  This is a brave move, although it's actually really cool because it means that people all over the world can watch the pilot on Amazon or LoveFilm, and then vote and comment on it to influence Amazon's decision whether to keep it or not.  So basically, it's not all down to the viewing statistics of American audiences as to whether to cancel or not.  We all have a say!!  That means NO illegal streaming.  This isn't a case of streaming in the UK because it airs here totally ages after the States.  This is also neither a case of just watching online because you have a "website" you go to.  

As a hardcore X Phile, I have devoted a large part of my life to the work of Chris Carter, and I have seen shows such as Millennium and The Lone Gunmen cancelled way before their time.  Yet shitty crap gets series after series.  And this is NOT cool!!

 And speaking of Millennium......The After is OOOOOZING Millennium references.  And then my personal favourite of the episode..."What's a Ten Thirteen?"  *giggles*  

Anyhoo, my friend Troy of TV Wise had the pleasure of interviewing Mr Carter, and it's a totally ace interview that I thoroughly recommend!!  You can check it out here

"TVWise: The After includes the use of the Ouroboros which was an important aspect to the mythology of Millennium. Was that symbol something you chose to include on purpose?
Chris Carter: Yes. Using that symbol was no accident and it will definitely come into play."

So remember....that this is of the UTMOST FUCKING IMPORTANCE.  You MUST watch Chris Carter's new show The After, on Amazon, or Lovefilm if you're in the UK.  And then VOTE for it!!  And comment, comment, comment!!!  And let's hope that there are enough smart people around the world that do the same, and that Amazon then listen.  :) 

Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Killing's Stephen Holder - I LOVE You!!

You know, it's been a long time since I last felt the same way about a TV law enforcement agent as I did Agent Mulder.  But then Stephen Holder came along and changed all of that.  I fucking LOVE that guy!!  Season 1 and 2 of The Killing were spectacular, Season 3 however....that was a whole other ball game!  

In my humble opinion, Season 3 of The Killing is one of the most perfect examples of TV in the history of TV....and film, if I'm going to be perfectly honest!  There is something so rare and beautiful about it, it's almost like it was too perfect for mainstream audiences to get behind.  And that makes me sad.  And I have to admit, I was fucking raging when it got cancelled....AGAIN!!  Thankfully though, due to super awesome nerd fans, and Netflix, we are going to get a Season 4....a chance for loose ends to be tied up, and for our characters to leave us on a not so "holy fuckballs" cliffhanger/Orison note. 

Thank you Netflix for not letting such amazing characters suffer just because people were too stupid to get behind them.  Holder and Linden ARE the single closest thing I've ever come to Mulder and Scully since they were taken away from me.  And anyone who disagrees.....tell me you've watched EVERY episode of The Killing, and EVERY episode of The X Files...and then tell me you disagree.  I am a hardcore dedicated X Phile, and trust me...those words do NOT come lightly.  I think Holder and Linden are deserving of that comparison though.  They truly are that amazing.  Love them!! :)

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead are BACK with New Flick Spring....and are Teasing Us Rather A Latte!!

"On a long enough timeline, every girl gets weird."

Okay so the horror hotties Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, are back!!  Filming has already wrapped on their follow up to indie horror hit Resolution and I gots to say, with a poster (see above) this fucking rad and a gore~geous blood splattered bathroom pic....I am soooooo on-board the Spring Express!!  Oh yeah!!  

Now we have yet to get a trailer, but here's hoping the boys will be providing us with some lush goodness in the not to distant future!  Moooahahahaha.  

In the meantime however, please check out the Official Facebook page, and if you live in the Twittervese, you can find Justin @JustinHBenson and Aaron @AaronMoorhead or the actual film @SpringTheMovie.  Also if you check out this blog I wrote on the guys, you will find links to Heather Seebach's interviews with the boys for Viewer Discretion Advised....and stuff!!  ;) 

Monday, 20 January 2014

Brand Spanking New Poster for The Young Ones - Safe Haven!

Got a wicked new poster for The Young Ones - Safe Haven for y'all.  

Check out the Official Website and the Official Facebook Page as well, and please share the trailer and drop the page a LIKE as well.  Also if you're on Twitter then please make sure to follow us @TYOSafeHaven and by using the #TYOSafeHaven and #TYOSeries across all social networking sites.  :)

Directed by Stuart Gilmartin, and written by Craig Wallace, The Young Ones - Safe Haven is the first instalment in a new web series from the guys at Scotland's Tachy Studios.  Starring Evelyn Ryan, Gary Lind and Dayle Teegarden, The Young Ones is a dystopian horror coming to invade your senses very soon!! :) 

Friday, 10 January 2014

James Cullen Bressack's Stalkypants Film To Jennifer Available to Purchase for Your Viewing Pleasure!

To Jennifer basically goes like this...Joey suspects his girlfriend of two years, Jennifer, is cheating on him. He is so convinced that he enlists the help of his cousin Steven to create a Video Diary of his attempt to catch her in the act as well as to document the heartbreak she is putting him through. In an attempt to make her feel guilty, he intends to give this tape.

The third film from the rather awesome, and annoyingly young (HA!!) James Cullen Bressack, To Jennifer stars indie horror darling Jessica Cameron, Chuck Pappas, Jody Barton and Bressack himself, with a sneaky peaky cameo from my horror hoe sista Tristan Risk herself, moooahahahaha!!  Ooh, it's also the first film to be shot entirely on an iPhone 5, which is a pretty cool concept in itself.  Have a peak at the trailer and see what you think.  

The film is now out to buy on DVD, or you can get it on VOD and stuff.  For  more information just get your butts on over to the Official Facebook page and get supporting this 

And let's face it...who wouldn't want to stalk a Jennifer!?!  ;)