Sunday, 25 August 2013

Compliance - A Lesson to be Learned from this Shockingly Brutal True Story.

So I watched the movie Compliance last night.  What, the fucking, fuck!?!!!  This is a NON -EXAGGERATED  story based on real life events. And after looking into it, the film version is actually LESS shocking than the events that unbelievably transpired!!!

The story goes that this chick was basically working in McDonald's (or ChickWich for the purpose of the film version.) when she is called into the manager's office after a guy claiming to be a cop calls, saying he's on the other line with head office and that he has a woman with him saying that this chick has stolen money out of her purse earlier that day at the restaurant.  He then asks the manager to check her pockets, then purse etc. to look for the money.   

From then on out his orders get more and more shocking, outrageous and perverse. From being strip searched to eventually being ordered to give the managers fiance a fucking blow job! I mean...again...what the fuck!?!  What this poor girl went through was nothing short of outright disgusting and completely degrading.  Viewing this, you're thinking the whole time; why the hell did someone not actually use their fucking brain and ask questions!?!  

The whole time the girl was begging to leave, and for them to let her go.  But she still complied with their requests, purely because this guy on the other end of the line said he said he was a cop.  The only two dudes who actually told the guy to get to fuck were a young fellow co-worker and an older maintenance man.  This girl was pretty much sexually assaulted and humiliated.  Just because some guy on the end of the phone claimed he was a police officer...a figure of authority.

I think that what sickens me the most about this story is that it's TRUE, and it was committed by SOBER and supposedly sane adults.  I've done a lot of stupid shit drunk in the past, but this is just sickening.  And it's the fact that this guy got away with this shit on at least 70 cases in around 30 states!!  I mean, what the flying fuck balls!?!!?!!!  Where were the fucking so-called adults in this story.....what fucking idiots!?!  The girl in question immediately went to the police and after 3 years in therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder; eventually went on to sue McDonald's for millions.  You can find out all the gory details of the full case at good old Wikipedia.  And whilst I don't trust Wiki as a credible source of total information, it does feature lots of links to ACTUAL articles as well.

 Several people were charged, but due to lack of evidence, the sick prick behind the whole thing, 37 year old David Stewart, he got away with it.  Since the trial, the calls have stopped.  Incidents similar to the one depicted in the film happened at several McDonald's, KFC and Taco Bell amongst other places...usually small towns in the middle of butt fuck nowhere.  After raiding Stewart's house, they found applications for the police force, along with loads of police type shit.  Basically this Corrections Corporation of America worker was a police force reject who wanted to command a position of authority.

Just knowing what I've been like from, ummm...previous encounters with the law, I know for a fact I would have questioned this.  If I've done something, I'll admit to it.  I once got told by two police officers in Plymouth that I was "too cute to be in jail" after a stupid student prank got me a night in the slammer.  When asked next day if I wanted a solicitor, I said no - when asked why - "Because I did it!!"  I then did say I was possibly away to go out and commit murder of the person who got me stuck in jail for the night, to which I was told "well that interview would be slightly longer."  Haha.  The "too cute to be in jail" comment came after they told me I was lucky it was a quiet night and that I got a cell to myself as there are a lot of bad people out there, and that I wasn't one of them.  I just did something rather silly.  And most criminals don't keep the tools of their crimes in an Alien from Toy Story bag.  True to my dorky nature, I still got about 5 officers talking about The X Files as I was getting checked in before being led to my cell.  #XPhileForLifeYo

Anyhoo, on this other occasion in Arbroath, an incident with my boyfriend pissed me off and so I downed a bottle of Tequila.  Fast forward about an hour or whatever later and I'm coming round in the back of a police car.  Instantly I start screaming "let me out!!".  They told me they were just taking me home but after realising I'd quickly sobered up they finally agreed to let me out to walk the rest of the way...I was almost there anyway.  The last thing I had remembered was him falling in Keptie Pond due to being completely cunted; and then the next thing, I'm in the back of a police car.  The next day I saw that my elbows and knees were covered in cuts and scrapes.  All I can figure is that I fell over, knocked myself unconscious, then the police went past and picked me up.  I'll give them their due; they let me out.  Probably figured what's it worth the extra paper work.  Because if Hot Fuzz has taught us anything...there's always a lot of fucking paperwork when you're a police officer person.  ;)  In that situation it was fine as I was disgustingly sober when I came round...but that's not always the case.  I'll be the first to admit that did give me a bit of a fright...and I felt like a bit of an idiot.  What's life if you don't make an utter twat of yourself every now and again though!?! ;)   

Still, even then I questioned what I was doing there.  The only reason I'm sharing this story is as a lesson that it doesn't matter what state you're in, or what happens...always question authority.  Always make sure they're for real.  There are some sick fucks out there who will take advantage at any given opportunity.  

Don't get me wrong...I am a sick, twisted fuck.....however I believe that such perversion should be facilitated on those who actually "deserve" it.  It is always wrong when an innocent suffers.  I would love to think there's a Frank Castle out there protecting us all...but that is not the case.  Clearly!!

At the end of the day, don't be fucking stupid.  ALWAYS question authority.  Everyone makes mistakes.  And don't just accept that someone's a cop because they say they are.  Badge number bitches!!!  Just try to be safe people.  I know coming from a train wreck like me that's a bit of a hyper-statement; but still, remember there are bad people out there...and in reality, real life bad is nowhere near as sexy as Jax Teller kinda bad.  Then fucking with people is entertaining.  And super fucking hot!! Ya dig?  ;)

Pictured above, the moment where Jax finally kicks the utter fuck out of "Ima Cunt!!" in Sons of Anarchy.  A scripted moment of ficitional violence against women that I was literally cheering at.  And to be honest, I don't know one feminist female who wasn't cheering along with me.  Haha.  This is fiction though...the events that inspired Compliance were not.  Unfortunately.  

Monday, 12 August 2013

Rex Gets Super Scary in Toy Story of Terror!!

ER.MAH.GERD  My Rexy is getting a Halloween spin off in Toy Story's new TV spin off...EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!  Toy Story of Terror - could it get any cooler!?!!!  Mooooahahahahahha.  ;) 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

NERD. GASM. Jeremy Renner AND Christian Bale in American Hustle.

Okay so holy moly, fuck me sideways.  Two of my ultimate most favourite actors ever are in a film together.  Jeremy fucking Renner AND Christian fucking Bale!!  Words escape me.  This is freakin' Batman AND Hawkeye.  EEEEEEEEEEEEE.  

This is pretty much nerd porn if you ask me.  Dodgy suits and all.  Haha.  This is from the wicked awesome director David O. Russell, who everyone nerds over Silver Linings Playbook...which I thought was alright, but not as amazing as everyone kept saying!!  To me, this is the guy that did The Fighter, and more importantly, I Heart Huckabees.  Check out the trailer for American Hustle below and let me know what you think. :) 

Bearing in mind, this is two of the single greatest actors of our time...and the sexiest!!  I love these guys more than I can ever express and to say I'm nerding about this flick is a total understatement.  BWAH!!  
And just to be are a couple of pics of them both looking at their finest.  Moooahahahaha.  Both looking beautiful...and then super hot, Morley style!! ;) 

Sexy Christan Bale.

Even SEXIER Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman!! 

Sexy Jeremy Renner in one of my favourite pics of him from back in the day. 

Even SEXIER THAN SEXY Jeremy Renner as Jeffrey Dahmer. 

Ooh, and here's an extra added Renner pic showing his love for the Batman!!  BWAH!! ;)  Enjoy.