Tuesday, 29 July 2014

EXCLUSIVE - First Official Stills of Former Scottish Rugby 7's Player, Face of Scotch Beef and Star of The Fairy Flag, Chris Capaldi, in TACHY Studios Safe Haven.

Safe Haven is a new dystopian film from the Scottish filmmakers at TACHY Studios.  Starring former Scottish/International rugby 7's player turned model/actor, Chris Capaldi as Dan, in a role that will most definitely make people see that there's more to this Scotch Beef model than meets the eye.  Coming off Fife production, The Fairy Flag, Chris is dying to get his teeth into as many meaty roles as possible.  The kind of meat that is acceptable in my Vegan eyes.  The creative meat.  Bwahahaha. 

Be sure to check out the picture of his co-star Clare Ross that I released the other day, and get a look at the two of them in action together below.  Also check out my wee feature on Chris Capaldi as part of my Manflesh Monday's series of posts...just so you can put the body to the face! ;) 

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Manflesh Monday's - Meet Irish Actor, and Birthday Boy, the Lovely Eugene Horan of The Fairy Flag, Plan Z and The Pigman Murders.

Continuing my Manflesh Monday's series, I now introduce you to an incredible actor I have had the opportunity to work with recently, and someone that is just genuinely fucking lovely and awesome.  That was my first impression when he first phoned me to discuss schedules or whatever.  Straight away I just though, he sounds CUTE!  

Anyhoo...I then heard the words..."Jeremy Renner looking mother fucker!" from one of the actors when he was all dressed up with his hood on his cloak up.  And yup...I know EXACTLY what you're all gonna be thinking now!!  Haha.  He really does totally have a bit of a Renner thing going on though...and compliments like that do NOT leave my little Renner addled mind lightly!!  :)  I think it's just his nature, and the way speaks, he's got quite a soft accent.  There's something really thoughtful there, and with his accent being a really nice northern Irish accent as well, I guess it just adds to this natural soulfulness about him.  

The other thing he has that Renner has...he's a fucking OUTSTANDING actor!  Looks will only get you so far, and Eugene has been no stranger to extreme transformation for roles either.  Don't just take my advice on his acting though.  How about a certain Beano, aka Sean Bean?  He TOTALLY rates him...yes Dad...YOUR Sean Bean, haha.  Good old Sharpe.  Or Ned Stark...if you're into that sort of thing! ;) 

Beano isn't the only one that rates Eugene though and I think that one of my favourite things with regards to Eugene as an actor, is that people really seem to be drawn to him.  I found out after watching his Irish Mickey Ward monologue, and being in total awe to find out that I wasn't the only one.  Get this...THE Irish Mickey Ward, after seeing this monologue that Eugene did of him talking about Mark Whalberg playing him in The Fighter, Mickey's agent contacted Eugene to say how impressed Mickey was and that to get in touch when he's next over in Boston.  :)  That is pretty fucking rad, especially given that The Fighter was an outstanding, multi-award winning film...including winning two Oscars.  He knows what amazing actors are...and that makes me so excited for Eugene, and I truly hope that he is given the chances that I know he deserves.  

At the end of the day, Eugene loves his movies, and boxing and football, and he's a genuinely likeable, and lovely guy...and one that I truly excited to see where he goes next.

If, like myself, you are totally digging the lovely Eugene,  then you can find him at the following places.  Go check him out people! Ooh, and when I say people, yeah, guys, I think you'll have clicked that I'm not just doing these posts to objectify men, haha.  I'm picking guys that appeal to everyone, and I'm picking guys with ACTUAL talent too.  And most of them are total guy's guys as well.  No brainless bimbo's here people.   Just check out his website, and see what you think for yourself.  :)

Official Website
Official Facebook Fan Page
Official Twitter - @Eugene_Horan

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Saturday, 26 July 2014

First Official Still of Clare Ross as Jo in Tachy Studios Feature Safe Haven!

Check out this exclusive first image of Clare Ross in TACHY Studios new feature film The Young Ones - Safe Haven.  Things are really shaping up on this project, and it's looking to be something pretty special.  

You can read a bit more about Clare Ross via my Jennifer's Bodies blog as part of my Women Crush Wednesday's segment.  Do it! :P 

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

EXCLUSIVE - Manflesh Mondays - Introducing Former Rugby Player/Model Turned Actor Chris Capaldi, Star of Scottish Fantasy Feature The Fairy Flag, and New Dystopian Feature The Young Ones - Safe Haven!


I have been meaning to start a Manflesh Monday's post, and seeing as how I am soooooooooo good at perving on guys...I thought now was the PERFECT time!  Bwahaha.  Now me being me...when I say 'manflesh', there is always going to be something more than the way someone looks.  You can stick to your trashy chick magazines if that's all you're looking for!!  Instead, I'm selecting guys that I totally dig for a number of reasons...they just happen to also be attractive in the Jeniverse too. :)

So, first up is a guy that I've been working with throughout June on a Scottish fantasy film called The Fairy Flag.  It is kind of apt that my first "manflesh" has been the face of Scotch Beef for the past EIGHT years!!  As a Vegan I do NOT support the eating of animals, I am however a realist, and I know that people aren't going to change into Veganism overnight.  So I'd much rather know that these cows were happy and healthy and well looked after before they become someone's dinner!!  So yay to Chris for being so ridiculously attractive that he drew people to supporting a company that actually looked after the cows first, promoting a happy, more natural lifestyle.  And for being manflesh'ey enough to happily take the piss out of himself and have fun with his job too.  :) 

The former Scotland/International rugby 7's player turned model is now turning his talents to acting, and true to his Scottish roots, rather than go down the pretty boy route, he is jumping straight in at the deep end with the grittier, and may I say, meatier roles!! :)  Having just finished shooting the lead role in Dunfermline director David Izatt's debut feature film, The Fairy Flag, and wanting to branch out and get experience in a wide variety of roles, from big productions, to smaller indie productions, I can now exclusively announce that we have just cast Chris in our Dystopian feature The Young Ones - Safe Haven.  

In this new film from Tachy Studios, Chris plays Dan, a character who we meet, 20 years after the world essentially started to go to shit, due to the fall of the government.  A subject that is very on topic, especially within Scotland right now.  With the character of Dan, we wanted someone who could portray a man who has essentially lost everything, and has been forced to survive in this world where the downfall of society has left the world in a place where to have the motto 'kill or be killed', is one's best chance of survival...but at what cost?!

As a Hitchcock nerd, Capaldi gets EXTRA Morley points for this 39 Steps recreation.  I do likeee...a latte! ;) 

You can find out more about Chris Capaldi at his Official Website, and on Twitter by following @iamcapadi.  

Monday, 7 July 2014

Exclusive First Look at Season 2 Teaser Trailer for Scottish Supernatural Web Series, Caledonia!

It is with great pleasure that I bring to you an exclusive look at the Season 2 teaser trailer for supernatural Scottish web series, Caledonia. From the wonderfully demented brain of Amy Hoff, an American living in Scotland who has the wonderful title of being the only official monster expert in Scotland.  That's right...she's a MONSTER expert!  When she first contacted me back in January with regards to Caledonia being suitable for Jennifer's Bodies, the moment I went onto the official website and started reading about her, I was utterly fascinated!  Anyone who knows me knows that I fucking live for this shit.  So finding someone who is an ACTUAL expert in Scottish mythology, it was like, the coolest thing ever!  :)  Unfortunately I don't screen web series at Jennifer's Bodies just yet...but looking at some of the amazing stuff out there, it is something that I'm considering doing in the future.  And to have this bad ass chick, who is an actual proper bad ass, and full of all this awesome knowledge...y'all know that I need to promote the shit out of her.  

Amy's life story is absolutely fascinating, and one that I think needs to be told.  Before turning to her studies, Amy was a deckhand for some time, and was even considering going to Maritime Academy.  Instead, she chose to take her creative, and rather brilliant mind and concentrate on her studies.  After completing her undergraduate degree in History and Cultural Anthology, specialising in Scotland and France, she then went on to do her Masters in Scottish Studies.  Having travelled all over...Amy started learning Gaelic whilst living in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, before moving to Scotland and continuing here.  Teaching Scottish Folklore at Glasgow University, and even on cruise ships, this girl really knows her stuff!  She was even doing her PhD in Scottish folklore but has put that on hiatus for now whilst she concentrates on writing her series of Caledonia novels, of which she has written four already, as well as shooting the series amongst other projects.  

Anyhoo, after my geeking and utter praise of Amy, Tachy Studios creative director Stuart Gilmartin contacted her to see if there was anything that Tachy could help with.  Due to the fact that Amy and the guys behind Caledonia are basically a bunch of theatre nerds, with no real training in film; a collaboration with Tachy Studios with a group of guys with years of experience between them, both in live streaming, and in film...it was most welcomed.  I have always been of the opinion that filmmakers should do everything they can to support those with original ideas, and Amy is oozing with them to the brim.  With the motto, "Held Together by Prettyboys and Duct Tape", Season One of the show really did prove to be a labour of nerdy love.  :)  With Season 2, they've added some slightly gruff'er men to the prettyboys and duct tape, and I'm sure that fans of the first season will see from the teaser, that the production value has come up immensely...something that Amy and everyone on board the project are really excited about.  I have seen some of the stuff that they have shot, and it looks amazing.  

So yay, check out the trailer, and for more information, head on over to the Official Caledonia Website, where you will find links to Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook and so on.  :)  

Friday, 4 July 2014

Official Red Band Trailer for Debut Feature from CJ Wallis is Red Hot, Psycho-sexual Voyeurism at its Best!

Readers of my blog, and horror fans in general might remember back in November kinda time, and towards the tail end of last year/beginning of this year, that I was talking about a little movie called BB, the debut feature from CJ Wallis.  Back then I exclusively revealed the teaser poster, and then went on to interview lead star Jennifer Mae, as well as Mr Wallis himself....in a 'Part One' in a series of interviews.  More to come!  BWAH!  Back in December I also shared the teaser trailer, which did what it said on the package, and suitably teased something rotten.

Well......fast forward to today and here we have the rather fucking awesome, Official Red Band Trailer.  I think it's pretty safe to say, that BB is looking to be some seriously sexy, voyeuristic fun.  Packed with sweet beats and shot and edited both beautifully, and seamlessly...I am sure you will agree, that it's about time CJ Wallis went from being Canada's best kept secret, to a name that those of us with a love of edgy filmmakers, will be proud to introduce our friends too.  I know that I sure as hell am.  

Having seen some major principle scenes within the film, I can say that this psycho-sexual voyeuristic thriller is something that both film fans, and music fans alike are gonna want to see.  CJ has been quietly making a name for himself, both within film, and music, for quite some time, and the time is now for him to step up to the next level!  As for star Jennifer Mae, with her feisty, flirty yet extremely comfortable level in front of the camera, she exudes that of a young Heather Graham, or Julianne Moore, and is most definitely one to watch.  

You can check out my interview with CJ Wallis HERE, and with Jennifer Mae HERE.  Let me know what you think, comment, share....let's get the word out people.  Indie film-makers depend on YOU, the audience, to help bring their film to the forefront of peoples minds.  Unless of course all you're looking for is another Michael Bay movie! ;) 

To keep up to date with everything BB, as always, just use the #BBMovie on your various social networking sites.  Facebook stalkers, please make sure to drop a like at the Official Facebook Page, and Twitter nerds, just look for @bb_movie.

You can also find CJ Wallis - @fortyfps and star Jennifer Mae - @purplestar420.  You can also find Jennifer Mae's BB girlfriend Violet Vega - @MissViolet420.  

Lastly, please check out the Official BB Website and step into the world of Candy Cummings.  And remember...stay safe online, you never know who's watching you!  And cover your cameras!! 

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Nerd Watch with a Morleysaurus - Lexi Alexander's Green Street!

As a girl who has been one of the lads from a very early age, I have always been completely fascinated with the subject of football hooliganism.  Then when I was 16, all the grungy/punk, stoner boys I hung around with, went through this phase of watching I.D. and The Firm...like ALL the time.  I found these films to be utterly fascinating, I still do to be perfectly honest.  Having experienced the subject of football hooliganism...or perhaps not hooliganism....but that of major fans (can we say Rangers songs on a cassette player in the car!!)...from a VERY early age, it was something that I guess was always going to lead to a fucked up interest in the subject.

When Green Street was announced, what I loved more than anything....more than Frodo Baggins playing a football hooligan, and more than Nathan from Queer as Folk playing one too...was that it was directed by a woman.  This one factor brought such an interesting dynamic to the playing field.  And still to this day I regard as rather brilliant.

Director Lexi Alexander, she's not your ordinary kinda girl.  The fact that she is a trained fighter and could literally take on most guys and kick their arse, that's something pretty special.

Whilst I.D. and The Firm still ooze that feel of football hooliganism for Generation X...with Green Street, it felt  like Lexi explored the various personalities that these individuals experienced...both within their home lives, their work lives...and their lives at the weekend.

Lexi deserves credit for how beautifully she balanced these things alone...all leading up to their own inevitable tragedies.

Lexi also deserves credit for basically discovering Jax Teller.  Whilst we look at Charlie Hunnam now and think Jax Teller, when Lexi wanted to cast him originally, nobody wanted the kid from Queer as Folk who played Nicholas Nickleby!  Lexi stuck to her guns though and got her Pete Dunham.  Thankfully when Kurt Sutter was looking for someone to play Sons of Anarchy protagonist Jax Teller, he saw Green Street.  And that was that.  Jax Teller was born.  And millions of women (and men!!) around the world, owe Lexi Alexander for it as well.  Haha.

So Lexi...on behalf of female kind....I THANK YOU!! :)  I thank you for making a thoughtful and insightful version of a topic I have been fascinated with since I was about 3 years old.  And I thank you for sticking to your guns, and getting your Hunnam!!  :)

And last but not least.....YOU'RE GONNA GET YOUR FUCKING HEAD KICKED IN! ;)  *wrong film, but had to get that in there.  BWAH!* 

And just for my mate Stubby, who went through a total phase of singing this...#ViewfLife

Oooh, and lastly lastly..... ;)  Had to sneak in some Jax!