Tuesday, 15 July 2014

EXCLUSIVE - Manflesh Mondays - Introducing Former Rugby Player/Model Turned Actor Chris Capaldi, Star of Scottish Fantasy Feature The Fairy Flag, and New Dystopian Feature The Young Ones - Safe Haven!


I have been meaning to start a Manflesh Monday's post, and seeing as how I am soooooooooo good at perving on guys...I thought now was the PERFECT time!  Bwahaha.  Now me being me...when I say 'manflesh', there is always going to be something more than the way someone looks.  You can stick to your trashy chick magazines if that's all you're looking for!!  Instead, I'm selecting guys that I totally dig for a number of reasons...they just happen to also be attractive in the Jeniverse too. :)

So, first up is a guy that I've been working with throughout June on a Scottish fantasy film called The Fairy Flag.  It is kind of apt that my first "manflesh" has been the face of Scotch Beef for the past EIGHT years!!  As a Vegan I do NOT support the eating of animals, I am however a realist, and I know that people aren't going to change into Veganism overnight.  So I'd much rather know that these cows were happy and healthy and well looked after before they become someone's dinner!!  So yay to Chris for being so ridiculously attractive that he drew people to supporting a company that actually looked after the cows first, promoting a happy, more natural lifestyle.  And for being manflesh'ey enough to happily take the piss out of himself and have fun with his job too.  :) 

The former Scotland/International rugby 7's player turned model is now turning his talents to acting, and true to his Scottish roots, rather than go down the pretty boy route, he is jumping straight in at the deep end with the grittier, and may I say, meatier roles!! :)  Having just finished shooting the lead role in Dunfermline director David Izatt's debut feature film, The Fairy Flag, and wanting to branch out and get experience in a wide variety of roles, from big productions, to smaller indie productions, I can now exclusively announce that we have just cast Chris in our Dystopian feature The Young Ones - Safe Haven.  

In this new film from Tachy Studios, Chris plays Dan, a character who we meet, 20 years after the world essentially started to go to shit, due to the fall of the government.  A subject that is very on topic, especially within Scotland right now.  With the character of Dan, we wanted someone who could portray a man who has essentially lost everything, and has been forced to survive in this world where the downfall of society has left the world in a place where to have the motto 'kill or be killed', is one's best chance of survival...but at what cost?!

As a Hitchcock nerd, Capaldi gets EXTRA Morley points for this 39 Steps recreation.  I do likeee...a latte! ;) 

You can find out more about Chris Capaldi at his Official Website, and on Twitter by following @iamcapadi.  

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