Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Nerd Watch with a Morleysaurus - Lexi Alexander's Green Street!

As a girl who has been one of the lads from a very early age, I have always been completely fascinated with the subject of football hooliganism.  Then when I was 16, all the grungy/punk, stoner boys I hung around with, went through this phase of watching I.D. and The ALL the time.  I found these films to be utterly fascinating, I still do to be perfectly honest.  Having experienced the subject of football hooliganism...or perhaps not hooliganism....but that of major fans (can we say Rangers songs on a cassette player in the car!!)...from a VERY early age, it was something that I guess was always going to lead to a fucked up interest in the subject.

When Green Street was announced, what I loved more than anything....more than Frodo Baggins playing a football hooligan, and more than Nathan from Queer as Folk playing one too...was that it was directed by a woman.  This one factor brought such an interesting dynamic to the playing field.  And still to this day I regard as rather brilliant.

Director Lexi Alexander, she's not your ordinary kinda girl.  The fact that she is a trained fighter and could literally take on most guys and kick their arse, that's something pretty special.

Whilst I.D. and The Firm still ooze that feel of football hooliganism for Generation X...with Green Street, it felt  like Lexi explored the various personalities that these individuals experienced...both within their home lives, their work lives...and their lives at the weekend.

Lexi deserves credit for how beautifully she balanced these things alone...all leading up to their own inevitable tragedies.

Lexi also deserves credit for basically discovering Jax Teller.  Whilst we look at Charlie Hunnam now and think Jax Teller, when Lexi wanted to cast him originally, nobody wanted the kid from Queer as Folk who played Nicholas Nickleby!  Lexi stuck to her guns though and got her Pete Dunham.  Thankfully when Kurt Sutter was looking for someone to play Sons of Anarchy protagonist Jax Teller, he saw Green Street.  And that was that.  Jax Teller was born.  And millions of women (and men!!) around the world, owe Lexi Alexander for it as well.  Haha.

So Lexi...on behalf of female kind....I THANK YOU!! :)  I thank you for making a thoughtful and insightful version of a topic I have been fascinated with since I was about 3 years old.  And I thank you for sticking to your guns, and getting your Hunnam!!  :)

And last but not least.....YOU'RE GONNA GET YOUR FUCKING HEAD KICKED IN! ;)  *wrong film, but had to get that in there.  BWAH!* 

And just for my mate Stubby, who went through a total phase of singing this...#ViewfLife

Oooh, and lastly lastly..... ;)  Had to sneak in some Jax! 

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