Friday, 4 July 2014

Official Red Band Trailer for Debut Feature from CJ Wallis is Red Hot, Psycho-sexual Voyeurism at its Best!

Readers of my blog, and horror fans in general might remember back in November kinda time, and towards the tail end of last year/beginning of this year, that I was talking about a little movie called BB, the debut feature from CJ Wallis.  Back then I exclusively revealed the teaser poster, and then went on to interview lead star Jennifer Mae, as well as Mr Wallis a 'Part One' in a series of interviews.  More to come!  BWAH!  Back in December I also shared the teaser trailer, which did what it said on the package, and suitably teased something rotten. forward to today and here we have the rather fucking awesome, Official Red Band Trailer.  I think it's pretty safe to say, that BB is looking to be some seriously sexy, voyeuristic fun.  Packed with sweet beats and shot and edited both beautifully, and seamlessly...I am sure you will agree, that it's about time CJ Wallis went from being Canada's best kept secret, to a name that those of us with a love of edgy filmmakers, will be proud to introduce our friends too.  I know that I sure as hell am.  

Having seen some major principle scenes within the film, I can say that this psycho-sexual voyeuristic thriller is something that both film fans, and music fans alike are gonna want to see.  CJ has been quietly making a name for himself, both within film, and music, for quite some time, and the time is now for him to step up to the next level!  As for star Jennifer Mae, with her feisty, flirty yet extremely comfortable level in front of the camera, she exudes that of a young Heather Graham, or Julianne Moore, and is most definitely one to watch.  

You can check out my interview with CJ Wallis HERE, and with Jennifer Mae HERE.  Let me know what you think, comment, share....let's get the word out people.  Indie film-makers depend on YOU, the audience, to help bring their film to the forefront of peoples minds.  Unless of course all you're looking for is another Michael Bay movie! ;) 

To keep up to date with everything BB, as always, just use the #BBMovie on your various social networking sites.  Facebook stalkers, please make sure to drop a like at the Official Facebook Page, and Twitter nerds, just look for @bb_movie.

You can also find CJ Wallis - @fortyfps and star Jennifer Mae - @purplestar420.  You can also find Jennifer Mae's BB girlfriend Violet Vega - @MissViolet420.  

Lastly, please check out the Official BB Website and step into the world of Candy Cummings.  And remember...stay safe online, you never know who's watching you!  And cover your cameras!! 

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