Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Trekking for Charity - My Parental's Taking on the Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal!

Readers of my blog might remember back in May when I posted a blog about members of my family climbing Ben Nevis to raise money for a heart charity in memory of my Granddad.  Part of this group included my Parentals, Roy and Gail.  Despite Ben Nevis being the highest mountain in the British Isles, climbing this, even in the slightly horrific weather that they had to endure, it was pretty much a piece of cheesecake! :)

Now the Parental's have always loved hill walking, as have I, and what could be more of a hill walkers dream than that of to climb Mount Everest!?!  Now obviously climbing Mount Everest is a weeeeeeee bit more of a challenge, you know, the whole not being able to breathe and shit, haha, so instead they are trekking to the Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal!  This is still a totally bad ass trek and is one that for my Dad, has always been a lifelong ambition!  So yes, when they got back from Mexico last summer they decided that for their 2012 holiday, Everest it was!  I remember a few days after they got back from Mexico when I was returning the dog to them, they were like "Do you mind looking after Hamish while we climb Mount Everest!?!!"  To which they got the reply "Yaaa whaaat!???!!!"  Haha.  

So anyhoo, Mother had asked me if I could write a blog post to share what they were doing, kind of like the post I wrote about their Ben Nevis trek.  I had started writing it when I can't remember, I'd taken a break to do some hoovering or something and then waahlaah, whilst hoovering I thought, "Why not instead of writing one single post, actually set up a blog detailing everything they were doing?"  So set up a blog is what I did! :)  At the end of the day, this isn't just trekking up a mountain, it's freakin' Mount Everest!  Just the training to get in shape alone is inspirational, and more's fun!  With a blog, it's easier for people to keep up to date on all of the walks and hiking they do in preparation for the trek, it's also a great way to share with others who might be inspired to take on this almighty challenge!

Not only are they doing this trek to fulfil a dream of the Daddy's, they are using this trek to raise moohlah for causes close to their heart.  One of them is the British Heart Foundation and the other Afasic, which helps kids with speech and communication problems and stuff.  You can read more about the charities they are raising money for, as well as keep up to date with their training and lots lots more at their official blog Team Cooper's Everest Expedition!

It really would be awesome if they could raise as much money for charity as possible with this trek, so if y'all fancied checking out their blog and if you feel inspired, or if you're more just in awe of what they're doing, you can still support from the comfort of your sofa, haha.  All donations are greatly appreciated.  You can either donate to the charity of your choice, or just make a general donation, all of this you can find in the Trekking for Charity page of the blog.  And please clicky to LIKE their Facebook page for the blog and also follow them on Twitter too.  

Now as with all their adventures, family mascot Alistair McAlistair shall be accompanying them to the Base Camp, heehee.  Readers of my blog may remember a blog I did just before Christmas where I introduced y'all to this worldly bunny, haha...he is a character and a half will definitely be needing to get some cosy clothes for this trek...although I'm sure he will still have his kilt with him so he can wear it when he reaches Base Camp!

So yesss, please check out all the links and follow and then share, share, SHAAAAAAAAAARE!!! :D  Thank You! <3

Monday, 5 December 2011

Alistair McAlistair - Wishing You A Merry Christmas!!!

Okay so anyone who knows me knows how much I LOOOOOOOOOVE Bunnies!  Bunnies are awesome, even my little Humpasaurus Jonah!  So it is with great pleasure, and a whole ton of amusement that I bring this awesome video to you.  Now just a little background for you about this special little Bunny...Alistair McAlistair is a Bunny who has most certainly toured the world.  From travelling all over the UK, and Ireland, to holidays in Tenerife (the place where I died when I was a child in a past life I'll have y'all know!!!  And actually, I think I drowned.  Kind of like Alistair almost did before Daddy resuscitated him, haha.  Although that was due to too much alcofrol, tsk tsk.) and even trekking through the Peruvian Amazon and climbing the Inca Trail!  It's gotta be said, this little Bunny~kins has most definitely got a whole lotta rad~core stamps on his passport!  And has most definitely done a whole lotta drinkin' all over the world!  Heehee! <3

A Bunny always needs to know the safety exits, especially on these pesky things that fly!

Complimentary drink, bwahahaha!

Gotta make sure I got my bag with me! :)

I found me a Paddington Bear!  

Oh yeah, Bunnies get to play in the jungle too!!! :)

Me and ma ride...I'm so gangsta yo! ;)

Me and my chicka kicking it in Tenerife!

Kicking it in my jungle bedroom in the Peruvian Amazon!  Pretty swell...and no pesky snakesessss.

Oh yeaaaah...I climbed that shit! ;)

Me and my homies!

Me and Uncle Roy kicking it in our kilts, oh yes, we are soooo cooooo!

Aaaah, these poor animals drinking water...where's the beer dammit!?!

Nice Ass!  Heehee. 

Come on woman...I want my beer...get those little legs moving!

Oh yeaaaah, in Tenerife and got me my booze!

*insert morning after* OUCH!

Might as well have a nice chilled out float in the pool....


......*insert Uncle Roy giving me CPR*

...And I'm back babies!  After that whole drunken drowning thing, the buggers still made me climb up this wretched mountain!  Pfffft!  What's a bunny gotta do to catch a break round here?!! ;)

Oooh, the trip back down zee hill is getting smoke~tastic!

Channeling my inner zen! :)

Bwahahaha...find me if you can!

Me and Pudsey rockin' it for the kids...

....Although not this kid...I  is kicking his ass yo!  Mwahahahaha!  I am tractor driver of awesomo!

Soooo, Uncle Gary stuck a pole up my butt so he could take my picture!  I hope he doesn't do that to everyone who comes into his studio to get their picture taken, heehee!


Me on TV....can you see me!?!  :D

And lastly, me and my Rexy! <3 <3 <3

Soooooo, now that you have got to know me, I get to share my super awesome, totally rad~core new Christmas card with all of you lovely people!  


To follow more of Alistair's adventures, click HERE to friend him on Facebook. 

Monday, 28 November 2011

I Have A Totally Rad~core New Logo...DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DAAAAH!!!

Greetings fellow blog~letties!  You may have noticed something new about my blog, and that is MY AWESOME NEW LOGO, bwahahahahahahaha!!! <3  I LOVE IT!  This wonderful logo of awesomeness was done by a fellow horror chick~a~roo, and that lady would be Miss Miki Hickel!  I am so thankful to Miki for putting a great big dinosnore sized smile on my geeky face!  Miki is the lady responsible for a large number of our Women in Horror Recognition Month banners and logo's as well a whole lotta Ax Wound stuff too!  You can read my blog on her over at my Jennifer's Bodies blog and expect an interview with both Miki, and Alison Lilly, another of our Women in Horror designer/artist extraordinaire's in the very near future!  I love both these girls, they have stupid amounts of talent and with my logo, Miki has made something cute and geeky...AND totally Morleysaurus to the max!  I love the addition of the Morley cigarettes...the very thing where my name Morley came from.  I am an X Phile through and through and I love that this is included in my dino~tastic new logo!  So yay, THANK YOU MIKI!!! <3  And ooh, please do check out her official site to see more awesome work!  :D

Friday, 25 November 2011

Creepmas - Doing to Christmas What it Does to Halloween...

Right, so anyone who was even remotely near any sort of store this Halloween, and every other Halloween before that, (just not as bad as what I witnessed this Halloween) will notice that at the same time that every store is advertising and selling Halloween stuff...usually, in the same isle, just on the opposide side, they are selling bloody Christmas stuff as well!  Now I know that in places such as the States where they are bonkers for pretty much any 'holiday' but especially Halloween and Christmas, this has probably been the norm for as long as people have been eating Pumpkin Pie every Thanksgiving (okay slight exaggeration...but only slight!).  This really bugs me though, we should at least be letting Halloween be over before we start thinking about Christmas decorations, and costumes!  This is why when I heard about Creepmas, I fully embraced the concept!  Creepmas is about doing to Christmas, what it does to Halloween...stomping a nice big Sandy Claws sized boot into the celebrations.

And speaking of Sandy Claws, what better way to celebrate Creepmas than with one of my all time most favourite, most watched and most quoted films...The Nightmare Before Christmas!  Just like Jack Skellington takes over Christmas with his wonderful Halloween spirit, even though he tried his damn hardest to make it as Christmassy as possible, Creepmas is infiltrating all the snowflakes and candy canes with a good old dosage of blood and bats and ghouls galore!  The 13 Days of Creepmas runs for 13 days between the 1st and 13th December.  Check out the Official blog for how to partake in all the creep~tastic celebrations! <3

I'm a CREEP for The 13 Days of CREEPMAS

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Jennifer's Bodies 2012 - Now Open for Submissions!

Greetings my fiendishly awesome ladies...and boys who work with awesome ladies in zee horror movie industry...just wanted to let y'all know that I have now opened up submissions for Jennifer's Bodies 2012, and Official Women in Horror Month event.  If you hop on over to my Official Jennifer's Bodies Blog, you can check out the submission guidelines and all the details for sending your glorious horror features and short in zee way of Miss Morleysaurus!  I eargerly await your response! <3

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Herschell Gordon Lewis - The Godfather of Gore...Directed by Frank Hennenlotter!

Okay so a few weeks back I read this brilliant interview that Rob G did with Frank Hennenlotter over at Icons of Fright.  It was to celebrate the release of Basket Case on Blu-Ray.  Now I've been a fan of Hennenlotter for a number of years, the man is a sick and demented fellow with an absolutely brilliant imagination...some may say he's completely twisted, I say he's a wee bit of genius!  Films such as the Basket Case films, Frankenhooker and Bad Biology stand out as 110% freaktarded works of art!  Anyhoo, in this interview Rob also speaks to Hennenlotter about the documentary he made on the original Godfather of Gore, Mr Herschell Gordon Lewis! As soon as I read this interview I was left eagerly dying to see this documentary, I think Herschell Gordon Lewis is a truly brilliant director.  Some say that the line between his great movies, and his shite movies is incredibly close, but even in a crap way, I still love them.  Particular favourites of mine include Colour me Blood Red, The Gore Gore Girls and Blood Feast.  I have still yet to see the documentary, however thanks to Chris Dunlop over at ScreamQueenArmy, I got to see the trailer for the Hennenlotter directed documentary.  If like me you have yet to see the documentary, you can still watch the trailer below...and this is in no doubt a film for gore~hounds and Grindhouse fans.  And it is one that I shall be sure to update you on the moment I see it!  :)

Monday, 21 November 2011

Tristan Risk Takes Over Leah Gibson Role in American Mary as Beatress Johnson!

Okay so after the final casting announcement for Jen and Sylvia Soska's American Mary was released yesterday and I published it on my blog, a number of the main horror sites such as Dread Central and Bloody Disgusting obviously published the information as well...with a number of them linking to my blog as the source of information.  The thing is, it looks like they've taken the info that I gave yesterday in my blog and then added Leah Gibson's name to it.  Leah was originally slated to play the role of Beatress Johnson, however due to creative differences this is no longer the case.

As a burlesque performer Tristan was originally brought in as the dance choreographer for the movie, not to read for the part.  It was only after chatting to the girls that they realised that their Beatress was sitting right in front of them...Tristan IS Beatress!  So now, not only do the girls have their perfect Beatress, they also have an amazing choreographer as's the perfect scenario!  Just looking at these amazing pictures of Tristan, I'm sure you will all agree, she is perfect for American Mary....I can't wait to see her in action! <3

Yet Another American Mary Casting Announcement, And This Time it's Newcomer Natasha Forry!

Okay so it's another day and yet another cast member of the upcoming flick from Jen and Sylvia Soska has been announced.  This time it's newcomer Natasha Forry, making her debut role in American Mary.  According to the girls we are going to be enjoying Natasha as sultry jail jail bait for whom, that is the question!?!  :)  With secrecy surrounding the exact plot details, every little tidbit of information leaves us all the more curious...and that is exactly what these pesky Soska's want, the little minxes that they are! ;)

In the meantime however, you can cyberstalk Natasha on Twitter @natashaforry