Monday, 5 December 2011

Alistair McAlistair - Wishing You A Merry Christmas!!!

Okay so anyone who knows me knows how much I LOOOOOOOOOVE Bunnies!  Bunnies are awesome, even my little Humpasaurus Jonah!  So it is with great pleasure, and a whole ton of amusement that I bring this awesome video to you.  Now just a little background for you about this special little Bunny...Alistair McAlistair is a Bunny who has most certainly toured the world.  From travelling all over the UK, and Ireland, to holidays in Tenerife (the place where I died when I was a child in a past life I'll have y'all know!!!  And actually, I think I drowned.  Kind of like Alistair almost did before Daddy resuscitated him, haha.  Although that was due to too much alcofrol, tsk tsk.) and even trekking through the Peruvian Amazon and climbing the Inca Trail!  It's gotta be said, this little Bunny~kins has most definitely got a whole lotta rad~core stamps on his passport!  And has most definitely done a whole lotta drinkin' all over the world!  Heehee! <3

A Bunny always needs to know the safety exits, especially on these pesky things that fly!

Complimentary drink, bwahahaha!

Gotta make sure I got my bag with me! :)

I found me a Paddington Bear!  

Oh yeah, Bunnies get to play in the jungle too!!! :)

Me and ma ride...I'm so gangsta yo! ;)

Me and my chicka kicking it in Tenerife!

Kicking it in my jungle bedroom in the Peruvian Amazon!  Pretty swell...and no pesky snakesessss.

Oh yeaaaah...I climbed that shit! ;)

Me and my homies!

Me and Uncle Roy kicking it in our kilts, oh yes, we are soooo cooooo!

Aaaah, these poor animals drinking water...where's the beer dammit!?!

Nice Ass!  Heehee. 

Come on woman...I want my beer...get those little legs moving!

Oh yeaaaah, in Tenerife and got me my booze!

*insert morning after* OUCH!

Might as well have a nice chilled out float in the pool....


......*insert Uncle Roy giving me CPR*

...And I'm back babies!  After that whole drunken drowning thing, the buggers still made me climb up this wretched mountain!  Pfffft!  What's a bunny gotta do to catch a break round here?!! ;)

Oooh, the trip back down zee hill is getting smoke~tastic!

Channeling my inner zen! :)

Bwahahaha...find me if you can!

Me and Pudsey rockin' it for the kids...

....Although not this kid...I  is kicking his ass yo!  Mwahahahaha!  I am tractor driver of awesomo!

Soooo, Uncle Gary stuck a pole up my butt so he could take my picture!  I hope he doesn't do that to everyone who comes into his studio to get their picture taken, heehee!


Me on TV....can you see me!?!  :D

And lastly, me and my Rexy! <3 <3 <3

Soooooo, now that you have got to know me, I get to share my super awesome, totally rad~core new Christmas card with all of you lovely people!  


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