Thoughts on a Morleysaurus!

"Musings of a Morleysaurus is an absolute addiction for us.  Jennifer Cooper is painfully brilliant, effortlessly hilarious and a definite must for any and every lover of horror.  We LOVE her and her blog.  It's the Cristal of horror blogs."

(Pictured above - Jen and Sylvia Soska being interviewed in their element at San Diego Comic Con dressed as Catwoman and Black Cat respectively.)
- Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska - Directors/Stars of American Mary and Dead Hooker in a Trunk 
Musings of a Morleysaurus is hands down my favourite blog (and find!) of 2012.  Jennifer's writing is funny, interesting and above all else, factual and informative.  You will know more than you ever thought you could about whatever horror person, movie or theme she writes about."

(Pictured above - Jennifer Campbell with director Don Coscarelli!)

- Jennifer Campbell, Director of Hike and upcoming short Bruised and feature Final Weekend

"One of the most decent and lovely people I've ever met on the web.  She has wit, taste a devilish streak, and is a total why isn't EVERYONE subscribed to Jennifer's amazing blog??"

(Pictured above - Elisabeth Fies, promoting the work of fellow women in horror.)

 - Elisabeth Fies - Director of The Commune, Founder of Bleedfest Film Festival in L.A.

"Musings of a Morleysaurus makes the average fangirl exult her position after reading this blog.  Pride in our enthusiasms, well articulated by the awesome and absurd Jennifer Cooper.  The lady who spawns rampant fans of her own with her writing!"

(Pictured above - Tristan Risk, in full make up as Beatress Johnson in American Mary)

- Tristan Risk, Burlesque Dancer and star of American Mary

"Jennifer Cooper has been a prompting voice amongst the infiltrating sea of hungry writers and bloggers.  Her passion and knowledge of the horror genre can pack a punch that could eradicate any ego or naysayer about the independent arts."

(Pictured above - Gabriel Carrer in studio recording music for In the House of Flies, starring the legend that is Henry Rollins!!)

"The best blogs have a wickedly distinct point of view; and it's hard to top Jen Cooper's lovingly mad articles at 'Morleysaurus'.  Whether it's the sex appeal of serial killers, driving across Scotland to support indie flicks, starting a film festival from scratch, or promoting the pioneering women in horror from past and present.  Jen's bizarro articles and horror ramblings never disappoint.  I was a fan even before she started stalking me."

(Pictured above - The Barnipede whoring himself out with some baby bottles in NYC to promote Paul Solet's Grace, a film he worked on the Behind the Scenes Documentary.)

"Its a rare breed of person that can keep up with me when I'm talking about serial killers, or X Files episodes, or just horror movies in general. Morleysaurus (or Jennifer) is one of those people. By all means, muse away madam."

(Pictured above - Spooky Sean and one of his victims!!)

Sean Thompson aka Spooky Sean - Blogger and a boy that's up to STUFF!!!

Musings of a Morleysaurus is an excellent blog. Jennifer is incredibly funny and passionate – and we are so thankful she is! Her passion for our tiny, amateur show convinced independent production company TACHY Studio's to take us on, and Season 2 is nearly complete!  Stuart and Allan contacted us from Jennifer's recommendation and we are both thrilled and humbled that she loved a story with little budget, but a lot of heart enough to give us an opportunity of a lifetime.  She discusses everything under the sun on her blog, including films, animal rights, folklore, politics, with bite and drama.  Her enthusiasm for different projects is amazing, and I love to learn about other new and exciting emerging entertainment via her blog.  I have even met new friends and contacts through Jennifer; her friendliness and interest in just about everything gives her a unique perspective on entertainment and the world at large.  Besides, it is the best place hands down on the Internet to hear about Beagles!

Amy Hoff - ACTUAL Monster Expert, and Creator of Scottish Web Series Caledonia, in which she also plays the character of Desdemona. :)


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