Friday, 29 April 2011

April 29th 2011 - Screw This Royal Wedding Shite...Go See INSIDIOUS!!!

Today is the day that the UK finally gets to see the latest movie from one of my all time favourite directors and writers, that would be James Wan and Leigh Whannel...and that movie would be INSIDIOUS!!!

Now I am not getting the chance to go see it today, however tomorrow, 2.45pm at Vue Cinema in Aberdeen, I shall be there.  And I CAN NOT wait! <3

Stalky Pants Power GO!!! - Why Y'all Should LOVE Adam Barnick!

Okay so totally random babblings...Adam Barnick, better known to me as Evil Bee Bee has a great reputation as a man who makes great extra's.  The thing is, he doesn't just make great extra's, he makes amazing mini films.  And this isn't just me, this is coming from one of my favourite directors Adam Green...and Paul Solet.  If you watch the documentary features for both FROZEN and GRACE you will see just how amazingly talented this man is!

Evil Bee Bee is one of my favourite examples of a brilliant writer turned filmmaker, alongside Robert Galluzo, Mr Rob G, the man whom without I wouldn't have had the pleasure of knowing all these amazing guys so soon.  Rob is responsible for the amazing PSYCHO LEGACY...a documentary that allowed him to indulge in all his geeky Psycho dreams.  :)  Anyhoo, back to Barnick, one of Rob's closest friends, here is an interview with zee man...via Skype that is ace, IMHO.  Dammit, I really need to get a video camera for my laptop so I can Skype peoples.

Barnick first got film recognition with his short MAINSTREAM which was featured on the Fangoria Blood Drive II DVD...a DVD of shorts that also included one by Paul Solet, the director of GRACE, both the short film and the amazing feature film too.  MAINSTREAM is disturbing, incredibly dark and reminds me of early Cronenberg and Lynch, absolutely brilliant!  This short is even more proof that someone should give this man moohlah so he can make a super awesome feature out of this.  Fuck all this Hollywood mainstream crap...*pun intended*...let the real talent have a chance to get their work out there!

Anyhoo, all these ramblings came about as I have just watched GRACE with the commentary by Adam Green and Paul Solet.  Let's just say that Barnick is mentioned lots and lots.  :)  I now urge y'all to go out and check out this movie, if you haven't already.  And check out the special features and the commentary, it's so fackin' funny!  If you need some more convincing then how's about checking out my blog post on GRACE...and then after that how's about checking out my post on FROZEN!  :D  Lots of geekiness assured and Barnick's documentaries are superb! 

And one last little thing that you totally have to check out by Mr Barnick is his project WHAT IS SCARY?  He set up a phone line and got people to call in and say what they found scary.  I can't wait to see the final product, I'm sure it will be awesome.  And Barnick, you know what I find scary...that poor Scruffles was sacrificed by the evil John Torrani (see below with Barnick)!  He is a bad man who turned Mr Nice Barnick (ha!) into the evil monster he is now, bwahahaha.  The rise of Evil Bee Bee...super scary!!!!!! ;)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

New American Mary Teaser Poster And Site Is Most Rad~Core!

Everyone knows how much I love my Twisted Twins Jen and Sylvia Soska.  Well I am pleased to announce that CJ Wallis, the man behind their amazingly designed website, has updated it to be all about Mary.  Speaking of their lovely partner in crime, the wonderful Goody Two Shoes from Dead Hooker in a Trunk, Mr CJ Wallis has also updated his Fortyfps site to be all about their new creation as well.  Please do go and check these sites out and look how awesome CJ's new poster for the movie is!  I love it! <3

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Dead Hooker in a Trunk Finds A New Saskatoon Venue

A few days ago the news broke that The Roxy Theatre in Saskatoon, Canada had cancelled the April 22nd showing of Dead Hooker in a Trunk due to an anonymous complaint from a woman regarding the NAME OF THE FILM!  Yup, that's right, the name of the film caused theatre manager Tom Hutchinson to pull the screening.  

Now first of all, I can see why some people may have a problem with the name, especially in that area.  There have been a spate of dead prostitutes in the area since the early 90's.  In fact, when I looked further into it, there was a serial killer, John Crawford who killed at least seven prostitutes in the early 90's, however because of the fact that these women were aboriginal women, neither the press, the public or even the police basically gave a fuck!  Crawford is currently serving 3 life sentences for his crimes.  Also between 1990 and 1994 there were at least 500, yes people FIVE HUNDRED aboriginal women reported missing in Western Canada.  Check out this article for more information.

Now all of this is pretty fucking shocking by anyones standards.  However, pulling a film in a blatant mode of censorship is not going to bring these women back.  The energy put into stopping the film which actually treats the prostitute with more respect than most accepted Hollywood movies do, it should be put into pushing the police to do more about solving these missing persons cases and giving justice to the women involved.  Maybe all the controversy around Dead Hooker in a Trunk will actually make people stop and think and do something about the ACTUAL problem.  Here's hoping so.  

Anyhoo, thanks to John Allison (the man behind The Dark Bridges Film Festival who were showing the film) he has managed to secure a different venue, same time, same date (the birthday of moi, Rondo Hatton, Bettie Page and Daniel Johns of Silverchair...and Earth Day), however just at The Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon instead.  People in the area be sure to get out there and support Team Soska and also TEAM ANTI-CENSORSHIP!

So yay, thanks to everyone who signed my petition.  Let's keep it going as well.  I still think The Roxy Theatre need to realise just how close minded their decision was.  Also, check out what Jen and Sylvia have to say on their blog here!   

Last but not least I urge you to futher support Dead Hooker in a Trunk in all it's madness and pre-order a copy of the DVD from  Do it, you know you want to! ;) xx

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


...A Film That Reminds You of Someone - THE CRAFT 

THE CRAFT reminds me of my friend Nadine.  We were both very much into all things witchy when this film came out and this film just inspired us all the more.  Of course this was before you could really do anything much with the internet and living in Arbroath, it wasn't the easiest of places to aquire Wiccan stuff.  We did our best though.  


From casting spells to doing wiccan initiation rituals and the like.  We were both at one with nature and loved nothing more than to be collecting our crystals and Wiccan books and learning as much as we could.  

THE CRAFT gave you teen angst, bitchiness and also demonstrated, yes albeit in a Hollywood way, that giving someone too much power and abusing the laws of nature, it never works out.  And trust me, from personal experience I can tell you that the whole thing about things coming back on you threefold if you abused that power, or if you aimed a spell at someone and then decided otherwise afterwards, it DOES come back on you.  Threefold.  

So yes, this movie is fun, it's freaky (spiders AND snakes - NOT GOOD!), it has strong female characters and it has a pre-Scream cutie in Skeet Ulrich and Neve Campbell.  Plus it has one of the best lines ever, and one that Elisabeth Fies recreated for THE COMMUNE...when the bus driver drops them off in the middle of the countryside and tells them to watch out for the weirdo's out there and Fairuza Balk's character Nancy replies "We are the weirdo's mister!" 

Monday, 11 April 2011

Women in Horror Recognition Month 2010 Wins Rondo for Best Fan Event

I know I'm a bit late in blogging this but I would just like to congratulate everyone who was involved with Women in Horror Recognition Month 2010 and made it possible for it to win the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award for Best Fan Event.  The Rondo's are in memory of B-movie actor Rondo Hatton, a man whom I have discovered I share a birthday with.  How cool.  So yes, R.I.P Mr Hatton, April 22, 1894 – February 2, 1946.  And also thank you to everyone who voted and made this possible and to Hannah Neurotica for starting Women in Horror Recognition Month.  You are a fucking STAR!!! :)