Monday, 11 April 2011

30 Day Film Challenge - Jurassic Park - Day Three...

...A Film You Watch To Feel Good - JURASSIC PARK

Although I have put this in this category, JURASSIC PARK also falls into my category of one of my most favourite films ever.  With the exception of the misspelling of Stegosaurus on the vile's when Dennis is stealing them, the film is PERFECT!!! :)  It is what I watch when I'm not feeling well, when I'm looking to be inspired, or just looking to have a whole load of fun.  And squeee a lot! :)

I mean just watching the trailer there is enough to give me Dinosnore sized goosebumps! :)  Anyhoo Sam Neill as Dr Alan Grant is my perfect Palaeontologist.  The moment when he first turns round and sees the herd of Brachiosaur and Parasaurolophus is one of the most perfect moments in film history and it still is like one of the biggest geekgasms of all time!

In all fairness, what is there NOT to love about JURASSIC PARK?  It is the first movie to be made about Dinosaurs that actually has the Dinosaurs looking frighteningly realistic.  And even today, 18 years since the film was first released, it doesn't look dated in the least.  

Michael Crichton had a wonderful imagination and this movie just would not have been possible without his wonderful book.  He was a truly wonderful writer, one of the all time greats if you ask me and the world is a far duller place without him, however we should all be greatful for the time he blessed up with his amazing stories. 

JURASSIC PARK is one of those movies that has everything, DINOSAURS, geekery, excitement, scares (see photo above, the kitchen scene still freaks me out), it's funny, it's sweet, you actually learn stuff from it...and oh yeah, it has DINOSAURS IN IT!!!  Simples. ;)

I also personally LOVE the sequels as well, they shall never top this bundle of awesomeness (although parts 2 and 3 DID have Stegosaurus in them) and I for one can not wait to see the gates to Jurassic Park open once more.  Bring it!  

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