Thursday, 7 April 2011

Spooky Sean - The Boy Version of Moi, Miss Morley!

So every now and then you come across someone who is freakishly like yourself.  It doesn't matter how weird and wonderful you are, you are not alone, bwahahaha.  Anyhoo, who is this complete nut case that I speak of?  Who could possibly be another hard core X Phile, serial killer obsessed bundle of joy?  That man would be Mr Sean Thompson of Spooky Sean's Sinful Bloggery.  Put all these qualities into an incredibly talented writer with a slight (HA!) touch of ADD/hypermanic brain disorder, or order, depends how you like your order.  I like mine to be a double Morgan's and Coke please.

The awesome thing about having a total hypermanic brain Morgan's and Coke (or Morley and Coke as the kids at gigs used to call it when I was working behind the bar!) style is that it is always on the go.  Shit when you want to go to sleep but that where the drugs help, haha.  It may make conversation a little hard to follow for the Muggles in the room but what the hey, that's their loss.  The confuscled looks on their faces usually make it all the more entertaining to be honest.  It's that thing of having so much in common with someone that you finish their sentences, you understand every totally random and geektastic reference that is dropped into the conversation.  And the more obscure the better.  Who wants to be quoting random shite from skanks like Jordan and Paris Hilton, fuck it, I'd rather be plotting how I am going to kill society from the detrimental effect of these mongols.  What I find disgusting is that kids actually look up to them.  It's disgusting.  Way to raise the paedophile rate, encouraging little girls to dress up like whores.  And people say A Serbian Film was bad, least that was just fiction!

*insert random Jeffrey Dahmer picture for fun*

And speaking of fiction, Sean is in the editing stages of his first book, Atrocities Across America.  A book in which he kills a lot a lotta women.  And guess what, da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...he's going to KILL ME!!!  I am so excited.  I've given him ideas as to my demise.  You'll just have to wait for the final book to relish in my kill although you can read an excerpt from the book HERE.

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  1. Thanks, but I kill a lot of men in it too. He's a very egalitarian kind of murderer.


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