Tuesday, 12 April 2011


...A Film That Reminds You of Someone - THE CRAFT 

THE CRAFT reminds me of my friend Nadine.  We were both very much into all things witchy when this film came out and this film just inspired us all the more.  Of course this was before you could really do anything much with the internet and living in Arbroath, it wasn't the easiest of places to aquire Wiccan stuff.  We did our best though.  


From casting spells to doing wiccan initiation rituals and the like.  We were both at one with nature and loved nothing more than to be collecting our crystals and Wiccan books and learning as much as we could.  

THE CRAFT gave you teen angst, bitchiness and cliqueiness...it also demonstrated, yes albeit in a Hollywood way, that giving someone too much power and abusing the laws of nature, it never works out.  And trust me, from personal experience I can tell you that the whole thing about things coming back on you threefold if you abused that power, or if you aimed a spell at someone and then decided otherwise afterwards, it DOES come back on you.  Threefold.  

So yes, this movie is fun, it's freaky (spiders AND snakes - NOT GOOD!), it has strong female characters and it has a pre-Scream cutie in Skeet Ulrich and Neve Campbell.  Plus it has one of the best lines ever, and one that Elisabeth Fies recreated for THE COMMUNE...when the bus driver drops them off in the middle of the countryside and tells them to watch out for the weirdo's out there and Fairuza Balk's character Nancy replies "We are the weirdo's mister!" 

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