Tuesday, 31 January 2012

BEST. CHATROOM. TALK. EVER. Viggo Mortensen just answered my quesssstion! Bwahahaha!

Right so anyone who has ever spent more than about 5 seconds with me, haha, will know how much I freakin' LOVE Viggo Mortensen!  He is without a doubt not only one of the greatest actors of his generation, he is easily one of the greatest and most iconic actors of all time!  I mean, he's ARAGORN for stalky pants sake!!!  One of the greatest loves of my life...and a man I WANT TO BE!!!  Haha. 

So yesss, when yesterday I found out that my dear darling partner in crime from when I worked at Vue Cinema in Plymouth had got the chance to interview him, I was beyond psyched!  The Mox and I bonded over a love of Lord of the Rings and all things geeky so this is pretty fucking epic!  With his work as BBC Radio Devon's film critic, he's interviewed some pretty cool people...this is definitely the one that has me squeeee'ing more than I usually do...I was almost speechless when I first found out!  And for me, we all know how much of a "WTF!?" moment that is, haha.  Anyhoo, totally psyched for him, as I was falling to sleep last night I was busy thinking of questions I'd love to ask Viggo, as a true Stalkypantsasaurus would do, right?  :)

And then....da, daaa, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh...I sign on to Twitter to post a link to my Parent's blog and see a Tweet from Empire saying Viggo was in the building and was live in the chat room!  Wheeee, wooop, doo daaah dooop!  So obviously my stalky pants self has to ask some questions.  Now my first question was one regarding working with Sean Penn on his directorial debut, The Indian Runner, one of my favourite films of all time.  And then the stupid thing crashed!  *insert MAJOR arrrrgh*  Anyhoo, I refreshed it and it wouldn't let me see if it had actually posted, or if he'd answered.  I'll get to check that out when the transcript is released later.  

(Pictured below - Viggo in The Indian Runner)

Sooo, I then ask him my next question, one I've been wanting to ask him for well over a decade...
You have done two Hitchcock remakes, as a massive Hitchcock fan I think you would have been amazing working with him, you have that classic and timeless vibe about you! Would you have liked to worked with Hitchcock back in the day and is there any of his films in particular you wish you had been in back then? :)

(Pictured above - Viggo as Sam Loomis in Psycho remake)

And zee answer from the amazing man himself...

I may be mistaken, but my understanding is that he was loath to allow actors to do much thinking for themselves, so I don't know that i would have been that comfortable working for him. However, given his track record, and were he still alive, it would be hard to pass up the opportunity to find out for myself what being directed by him would be like.

(Pictured above - Viggo as David Shaw in A Perfect Murder, the re-imagining of Dial M For Murder)

Sooo, there you have it!  I now have my answer!  Thank you Empire, heehee.  

And I can not wait to hear The Mox's interview with him, I shall be sure to linky all y'all Viggo lovers to it, bwahahahaha.  

And now to get back to the work I was actually supposed to be doing before I got distracted...but for the most worthwhile skiving moment EVER!!!  Muchos looooove to the Viggo!  And now back to writing like an actual grown up, totally non-fangirl (HA!) writer!  :D

(Pictured above - Viggo in Fresh Horses, in the small role that got him the part in The Indian Runner!)

The full transcript is up now, you can check it out at the Empire site! :D

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sons of Anarchy Returns to 5 USA in the UK Tonight - Season 4 Premier at 10pm!

Alrighty...it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that Sons of Anarchy is a show that I love dearly.  In fact, I love it so much, I'd happily rate it just below The X Files and on equals with LOST as one of my single most favourite shows of all time!  And coming from me, that is a MAJOR nerd~tastic nod!  The fact that this show is nothing to do with aliens or time travel, nor does it have any other Mulder~ific traits...it is just downright fucking awesome!!!  Amazing storytelling, superb acting, some of the greatest characters I've ever seen, action, violence and most of all, heart! <3  You care for these characters, like a lot!  ;)

So with Season 4 starting tonight on 5 USA, I thought what better reason to do a "YOU MUST WATCH THIS SHOW!" rant!  Soooo, first of all, check out the Seasons 1-3 catch up video below...just to get you ready.....

.....and now check out some of the previews for Season 4!  These are the FX ones, for some reason I cannot find the 5 USA trailer, which sucks as it's really good!

Now I'm not the kind of person to get obsessed with crap, not in the slightest.  If you disagree then we can arrange a date for a punch up at a later date, haha.  When I love something as much as I do SONS, you know there has gotta be something special about it!  And randomly speaking of punch ups, if you like some good old violence then check out the video below, haha.  I think Jax wins with the amount of people who have been on the other end of his fist.  Although Gemma probably wins for most badass hit, when she whacks Cherry in the face with a skateboard!

Being the cheat that I am, I've actually seen Season 4 already, I love this show waaaaaaaaay too much to have waited for it to be aired in the UK, haha.  In fact, here's a blog I did when the show was actually first back on in the States and the opening scene was sneaked online, heehee.  It is freakin' awesome and I can't geek out over it enough, bwahahaha!!!  But yeah, I did cheat and I'm glad I did.  That still doesn't make me not totally excited for it airing in the UK tonight though!  Any excuse, haha.  Series creator Kurt Sutter (below in his character of Otto) is on the top of his game and I cannot wait to see where he takes my boys next!

Now even SONS fans in the UK have probably heard that one major thing is missing this season, and I'm not even talking about a person....I'm talking about Jax's HAIR!!!  Now when I first saw a pic of him minus the hair, it was a case of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh...however, within a millisecond (lol) I had grown to like it...and then love it!  And I have to admit, I did love Charlie Hunnam's reasons for doing so.  Check out his thoughts at the link below! :)

Before you get some Season 4 goodness though my peeps in the UK, if you've not checked out the APPISODES then I'd definitely recommend it.  They fill you in on some of the things that have went on between the end of Season 3 and the start of Season 4!  The one entitled PAYPHONE is definitely a much needed watch, even if it makes me go EEEEEEEEE and not in a good way, haha.  A lot of what happens in the first episode is to do with what happens in this Appisode!  So check it out, NOW! :D

A really cute moment when Tara visits Jax in prison and brings their new son Thomas with her.  And Gemma of course, haha.  

Get some basketball on yo! :D

Another pivotal moment that happens when the boys are in jail that plays a BIG part in Season 4!

Now don't just take my word for SAMCRO's awesomeness, listen to some of my favourite ladies too! :D  And also please take a moment to check out their websites as well.  :)
"It's a sexy, gritty, non-soap opera...soap opera. :-)  Well, and there's the delicious Jax whom you want all to yourself but don't mind sharing with the female leads because they are tough amazing chicks!"  
Jennifer Pasquill - The Clumsy Eater
"Great writing and great acting!  Violent, harsh and sexy in all the right places.  Strong female characters and strong male characters combine to make it three dimentional.  The stories take their time and the actors actually get to act!  Also one other thought, it can be so funny!!!!  Dark humour at its best!"   
Jennifer Campbell - Director of HIKE
"Speaking as a girl who does NOT want to bang Jax Teller (lol), I can safely say Sons of Anarchy is a show that appeals to everyone.  It has nail-biting tension, gut-wrenching drama, and ass-kicking action.  It's hard to pick a favorite character because they are all so awesome.  And for women who are doubtful, there's always the eye candy or the very strong, well-written female roles.  Gemma alone is probably TV's greatest woman.  You know a show is good when it has me screaming at the television one episode (Nooo!  Don't you touch her!!") and wiping away tears the next episode.  Oh, and I forgot to mention - EPIC FUCKING SOUNDTRACK." 
Heather Seebach - Viewer Discretion Advised

 Speaking of the EPIC FUCKING SOUNDTRACK, the other day I did a blog that featured songs from the show as well as other videos I'd found on YouTube that are SAMCRO perfect!  If you've got a moment then please do check them out!  I especially LOVE the Placebo version of Running Up That Hill...in fact, I'm totally obsessed with it right now, haha.  

Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy these videos and links and I hope you enjoy tonights premier my fellow UK peeperooo's!  Season 4 is possibly the best season so far and the episode HANDS not only has my favourite preview of the season, it is also possibly my favourite episode!  If you've already watched Season 4 and not seen this preview then check it out...and if you're a spoiler whore, I do apologise for making it so easy for you to see such an awesome spoiler, haha!  It's just TOO GOOD not to share, lol! :D

And ooh, sneak peek spoiler pic from Season 4 opener! <3  Look how adorable Jax and Tara are! :)

Enjoy fellow Jax~lings and SAMCRO lovers! <3

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sons of Anarchy - Some of My Favourite Songs From the Show AND Video Dedications to Awesome Songs!

Okay, so I've been meaning to do a Sons of Anarchy blog for a while, I've got a few things that I have written and stuff but until then, I decided to share my favourite Sons of Anarchy related music video's.  Some are music from the show, others video's clipped together to different music...all of them however have the same thing in common...Miss Morleysaurus thinks they're fucking aswesome!!!! :)

Sooo, first up, the Season 4 finale...as per usual, they got it bang on!  This cover of House of the Rising Sun by The White Buffalo and The Forest Rangers.  I love SAMCRO's houseband The Forest Rangers.  The music they have done throughout the four seasons has been amazing, as have they guys they've worked with.  They are one big part of the show, and it wouldn't be the same show without them.  As for the song, it was like it was written especially for Jax, at that very moment. <3

Okay, next is a video I came across whilst procrastinating on YouTube one day...as I'm sure we all do.  It was this day that led me downloading all of the SoA EP's from iTunes.  For those buying the album that has just been released, I think that all of the EP stuff is on there, and then obviously you get House of the Rising Sun as well.  Anyhoo, I came across this next video...having vaguely heard of the band before I though, woot, a kind a heavy rock/metal band with Sons videoage, I can dig that!  I ended up fucking loving this song, and then buying it of course, haha.  

And lol, as this one comes right next in my YouTube favourites list and you know what, I actually prefer this to the original Eminem music video...and that featured a LOST HOBBIT...and Megan Fox!  I think the fact that it's all Jax and Tara, and it's such a well put together video of my favourite TV couple since Kate and Sawyer...or Sawyer and Juliet...that would be a better comparison actually.  You know, drop dead gorgeous scruffy rarrrrrrrrrr bad boy...and the doctor.  Man I miss LOST!!!  Like, really badly!!!!  Anyhoo, argh...Jax and Tara in Eminem's Love the Way You Lie. :)

Another end of season belter of a track is the Season 3 finale with Battleme's cover of Hey Hey, My My...amazing, AMAZING cover!

During Season 3 whilst the boys were in Ireland, a song called Alesund was played by a band called Sun Kil Moon.  Instantly I was in love, everything about it was perfect, and the scene is one of the single most beautiful scenes in TV history.  Not to add spoilers for those who haven't seen it but it's when Jax is following the couple, if you have watched it, you will know what scene I'm talking about.  The band have actually had a number of tracks played throughout the seasons, including the pilot, but this was the one that really got me! <3

And lastly for now, a song I just cannot help but keep listening to over and over and over again, and with this Sons related video, it's all the more perfect! <3

Hope enjoyed these, I know I sure as hell do! :D


Saturday, 14 January 2012

Happy Day of Jason, My Beautiful Mutated Favourite Boyfriend!

Okay so in the spirit of Friday the 13th, the day of my beloved Jason Voorhees, the beautiful mutated Mummy's boy, whos maggot infested face just makes me want to give him lots of squishy huggles, I thought I'd give you a BLAAAAAAAGH post of some of my favourite Jason moments and my random Voorhees loving rants!  :D

First of all, I LOVE ALL of the Jason movies...well apart from Jason Goes to Hell which is a bit poo...even if it does have X from The X Files in it, it's just a bit lame.  Even Jason Takes Manhattan, despite the fact I hate EVERYONE in the freakin' movie...well except Jason and the dog, I still think it's an awesome movie.  You've got super cute Jason moments, such as when he's climbing up to the ship when it's leaving saying "I LIIIIIIIVVVVE!!!".  

Ooh, and the bit in NYC when he shows his displeasure to the punk kids with their beatbox.  

And when he's drowning in the sewers being all cute and "Mommy, help me!".  He is lovely.  With the Julius death you have one of my favourite deaths, I mean what's cooler than punching some dudes head off and it rolling into a dumpster!?!  

AAAAND, when Jason first gets to Manhattan and sees the hockey mask on the billboard, bwahahahaha, SUPER cuteness! <3  I mean look at him, isn't he so cute!?! :D

Anyhoo, I does not care what the haters say, it's a fun film, yup yup yup!  They all are!  Even Jason X!  Say what you like about Jason X but Todd Farmer had it right.  The film is stupid amounts of fun, and not only does it have the best death EVER with the liquid nitrogen death...it also has the total boner~gasm of a tribute to another of the best ever Jason deaths, the sleeping bag death.  This was a film made by a horror fan who likes to have fun, for other horror fans who like to have fun...end of!

Woot, GO Jason... slam them bitches! ;)

Anyhoo, Jason X was a great precursor to all of the awesomeness that Todd Farmer was to inflict on the world with his 3D films, in fact, in my humble opinion, Todd Farmer is the BEST when it comes to 3D movies...say what you want but that man has an eye for all of the good things about 3D, and less of the utter shite that can also be spewed from it!!! :D

This is of course me babbling about the Jason's that most people won't admit to liking to, I always feel the need to defend them.  Thankfully unlike other people, I have no concern with admitting to liking such awesome films, haha.  

Now when it comes to original Jason movies, Part 2 is my all time favourite.  Amy Steel is an absolute doll and Ginny is my favourite Friday the 13th chick...which meant that when I got to interview her it was a horror girls dream! <3

And look at little sock puppet Jason with his cute little bag mask! :)

Friday the 13th Part 3 continues the Jason awesomeness with my 2nd favourite Jason chick and the fact that its in 3D makes it all the more awesome.  Haha.  I remember a while back where I saw it on TV and was like, why does it look so funny?  Turned out it was in 3D.  Haha.  Yeah, I felt like a right spazz!  And I looked like one as well when I got out a pair of 3D glasses from a Scarecrow Batman comic to watch it, haha.  

So yesss, we get a lotta good deaths in episode 3...AND Jason gets his mask!  From Shelly, one of the most annoying characters in the series...but he does give Jason his mask so you gotta give him some credit! :)

Now even though I'm all about my final girls kicking my boyfriends butt...Tommy Jarvis in Part 4, played by Corey Feldman, he is definitely a favourite.  Tommy is fucking awesome.  End of.  Even in Part 5 and 6.  Not as much as in Part 4 but certainly a challenge of awesomeness.  

The other amazing thing about Part 4...CRISPIN FREAKIN' GLOVER!!!  Now if you don't LOVE Crispin Glover there is clearly something wrong with you, the guy is a fucking legend and his part in Friday the 13th most definitely accentuates that.  

Ooh, now I know I mentioned the original sleeping bag death before in Part 7 as being a favourite, so is the death of Sheriff Garris in Part 6...total spine snapping awesomeness! :)

At the end of the day, Jason is one bad ass mother fucker...nothing can kill his sexy maggot ridden ass, and y'all know it bitches!  These wenches might think they can kill my baby but at the end of the day.....


And he looks god dammmmned sexy whilst doing so, bwahahahahaha!!! ;) <3