Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sons of Anarchy - Some of My Favourite Songs From the Show AND Video Dedications to Awesome Songs!

Okay, so I've been meaning to do a Sons of Anarchy blog for a while, I've got a few things that I have written and stuff but until then, I decided to share my favourite Sons of Anarchy related music video's.  Some are music from the show, others video's clipped together to different music...all of them however have the same thing in common...Miss Morleysaurus thinks they're fucking aswesome!!!! :)

Sooo, first up, the Season 4 per usual, they got it bang on!  This cover of House of the Rising Sun by The White Buffalo and The Forest Rangers.  I love SAMCRO's houseband The Forest Rangers.  The music they have done throughout the four seasons has been amazing, as have they guys they've worked with.  They are one big part of the show, and it wouldn't be the same show without them.  As for the song, it was like it was written especially for Jax, at that very moment. <3

Okay, next is a video I came across whilst procrastinating on YouTube one I'm sure we all do.  It was this day that led me downloading all of the SoA EP's from iTunes.  For those buying the album that has just been released, I think that all of the EP stuff is on there, and then obviously you get House of the Rising Sun as well.  Anyhoo, I came across this next video...having vaguely heard of the band before I though, woot, a kind a heavy rock/metal band with Sons videoage, I can dig that!  I ended up fucking loving this song, and then buying it of course, haha.  

And lol, as this one comes right next in my YouTube favourites list and you know what, I actually prefer this to the original Eminem music video...and that featured a LOST HOBBIT...and Megan Fox!  I think the fact that it's all Jax and Tara, and it's such a well put together video of my favourite TV couple since Kate and Sawyer...or Sawyer and Juliet...that would be a better comparison actually.  You know, drop dead gorgeous scruffy rarrrrrrrrrr bad boy...and the doctor.  Man I miss LOST!!!  Like, really badly!!!!  Anyhoo, argh...Jax and Tara in Eminem's Love the Way You Lie. :)

Another end of season belter of a track is the Season 3 finale with Battleme's cover of Hey Hey, My My...amazing, AMAZING cover!

During Season 3 whilst the boys were in Ireland, a song called Alesund was played by a band called Sun Kil Moon.  Instantly I was in love, everything about it was perfect, and the scene is one of the single most beautiful scenes in TV history.  Not to add spoilers for those who haven't seen it but it's when Jax is following the couple, if you have watched it, you will know what scene I'm talking about.  The band have actually had a number of tracks played throughout the seasons, including the pilot, but this was the one that really got me! <3

And lastly for now, a song I just cannot help but keep listening to over and over and over again, and with this Sons related video, it's all the more perfect! <3

Hope enjoyed these, I know I sure as hell do! :D


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