Sunday, 31 March 2013

Two Evil Dead Reviews you Have GOT to Check Out!! Lianne Spiderbaby's Episode of Fright Bytes and Heather Seebach's Viewer Discretion Advised!!

So with the new Evil Dead away to hit theatres, there were two people in particular whos views on the film I was really looking forward to hearing.  Those two ladies would be two of my most favourite chickaroo's in the horror~verse, the lovely Miss Heather Seebach and Lianne Spiderbaby!! 

 Heather (pictured above with her hero Sam Raimi, the god behind The Evil Dead series!!) is the biggest, most hard core Evil Dead fan I've ever come across.  Trust me, this girl knows her Book of the Dead. :)  A few months back, when everyone was getting doing the usual pre-release bitching and slagging off, Heather decided to speak her mind with her Ramblings of an Evil Dead Geek rant, a rant of epic proportions that I totally advise checking out.  Anyhoo, Heather got the chance to see the film early and her thoughts are in, you can read her review here.  Let's just say, it's got me pretty darn excited!! ;)  

With Heather already seriously peaking my interest in the film, a kick ass episode of Lianne's web series Fright Bytes put the cherry on the top of my sweet and very bloody cake!!  Bwahahaha.  :)  This is one of my favourite episodes of Fright Bytes that Lianne (pictured below with grindhouse Goddess Sybil Danning!!) has done, I absolutely love her. 

Please do be sure to check out Lianne's awesome nerd~tastic review below.  After a bit of a break it's great to have Fright Bytes back, and I'm really looking forward to new episodes now that Lianne has relocated to L.A. 

Heather and Lianne have got me all psyched up for this new entry into the Evil Dead series...are YOU!?! :)