Wednesday, 2 March 2011

ONE DAY REMOVALS - Possibly the SWEARiest and Funniest Movie EVER!

You know how every now and then you come across a film that is just so fucking rad you can't help but HAVE to tell everyone about it!!!  Like FUCK YEAH!!!  Haha, yes, when you watch this film you will understand the ridiculously gratuitous, yet fucking hilarious use of bad language.  Like seriously, these guys are true contenders to anything in a Rob Zombie/Quentin Tarantino film...and that's just because they're from fucking Aberdeen, haha.

Now I have shown this film to some unlikely viewers (my Fibromyalgia Support Group).  These were people  who wouldn't in a million years have watched it had I not shown them...I basically made them, but what the hey.  They LOVED it!!!  This included one of my mates mums, haha.  It's the story of two removal men and a not so ordinary day in their life where things just go from bad to fucking hilarious!!!

This low budget, independent Scottish film is one of the funniest things I have seriously ever seen.  And it doesn't matter how many times I see it either, it's still fucking hilarious and none the less shocking!  This is Scottish GRINDHOUSE at its very core and I'm telling you, even my gran would probably appreciate some of the deaths in this...they are so funny and just 'what the hell just happened there?!' that if you DON'T pee your pants watching it, you clearly have a problem!

Now this is definitely a comedy, just one with a number of bodies piling up in the back of it!  If swearing like REALLY offends you, then definitely stay clear as far away from this bitch as possible.  Although, had that be the case, you wouldn't be anywhere near my blog in the first place.  HA! :)


  1. Cheers for the plug, I'm glad your group didn't explode or anything while watching it. Some very sweary people have been offended by our movie.

    You are now an official friend of the blue van:)>

  2. Haha, you're welcome. Just edited some typo's there, really shouldn't start writing stuff when I'm so sleepy, haha. I'm gonna submit a proper review of it to an American real life crime site I write was when the owner of that has posted something on Facebook that made me think, argh, must blog this now! :D

    And it was great, played it through the projector as well so we had it on a nice big screen. They all LOVED it though. It was nice as well because they realised, in comparison, I don't really swear that much at all, haha.

  3. Death vans you say?! You know how I love me some death vans!!!

  4. Sean, you'll love it!!! The bodies in the back of the van just keep on piling up!!! :)

  5. This looks so fucking good. Where can I see it? There's so much heart in indies and you know I love the foul language XD


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