Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Jeremy Renner's Appearance in THOR Revealed - WOOT WOOT!!!! ;)

Okay so I am majorly geeking over the prospect of THOR.  I don't know if it's because Kenneth Brannagh is pushing the boundaries by having The Wire's (and LUTHER) Idris Elba as Heimdall, I mean he cast a black man as a Norse God.....shock horror, he should be white!  The thing is, the way I see it, Idris Elba is one powerful son of a bitch of an actor and I'm actually happy at this casting.  

Anyhoo, it has been announced that Jeremy Renner's character of Hawkeye is gonna appear, but not in full costume.  Here is what Worst Preview's has to say:

Renner won't appear in costume, but as a SHIELD agent with a bow and arrow working for Agent Coulsen (Clark Gregg). In the scene, Thor is trying to get to his hammer, which is embedded in rock and is enclosed by a makeshift glass complex, courtesy of SHIELD.

As Thor sneaks into the complex and fights several SHIELD agents, Coulsen orders a special agent into a crane high above the ground. It is revealed that the agent is Renner. At that point he pulls out his bow and arrow and takes aim at Thor while waiting for Coulsen's orders.

Now my only problem about all this THOR casting came after someone mentioned, I think it was on Charlie Hunnam's Facebook that my beloved JAX would make a great THOR.  Can you imagine!?!  I mean LOOK AT HIM!  Hunnam, Elba AND Renner in the same film.  One day I tells day!  *sighs*


  1. Awesome..Finally some news about Hawkeye..thanks for posting Morleysaurus


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