Thursday, 3 March 2011

Jennifer's Bodies - A Roundup!

So Mr Evil Bee Bee suggested that I actually do a video blog to let y'all know how Jennifer's Bodies went...and I am going to do that.  I just figured I'd start typing up my written blog as well.  Is that good enough for y'all?

I'm pleased to say, it went really well.  I have definitely built up fans of the work that was shown and that was all I wanted to do.  Hell, if I'd even made one fan out of the talent that was on display I would have been happy.  So yay, I'm super psyched to let y'all know that I have created a number of fans, that is so fucking awesome.  I am glad I chose such an eclectic range of films, not everyone is going to like all the same things so it was good to have that range.  Although I'm gutted that Emery had to leave before Splatter Movie came on because I know that he will totally dig it.

Although spontaneously throwing an event did work in my favour, having more time to plan and organise venue etc. shall definitely be better when I decide to do it next time.  The Webster Theatre is a fantastic venue, and one that I feel the people of Angus should utilise to its maximum potential as a cinema.  It's just a shame that when there is something on in the main theatre that you can't use upstairs.  That's why I struggled to get a weekend date because lets face it, weekend afternoons would definitely be a better time, haha.  Through feedback I got from people who couldn't stay for the whole thing due to babysitters and early starts etc., they all agreed that it was something that would be great to have more often, which is awesome!

I am so happy to be able to bring these independent films by such amazing women to people who genuinely want to see and enjoy them.  From initial feedback and individuals wanting to know where they can buy and pre-order these movies straight away, that's pretty fucking quote the lovely Jen and Sylvia Soska.  When I also told the guys about American Mary and their casting of Mary, there was a lot of excitement.  Of course.  Any genuine horror nerd would clearly be INSANE not to love this.  Katherine Isabelle is perfect in the role of Mary.

While some absolutely loved the downright grindhouse awesomeness of DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, others were mesmerised by THE COMMUNE and others loved the hilarity of the Tromaverse that is SPLATTER MOVIE.

THE COMMUNE seriously creeped a lot of people out...myself included.  Bar flicking through the DVD to see it played okay when it arrived a few hours beforehand, I was showing this film on good faith and the fact that the reviews were seriously to my liking.  To quote Leigh Addis - "It was fucking messed up.  It was unbelievable."

There was also a lot of love for the shorts shown and funnily enough, the most excited talking I heard in one of the breaks was about probably the smallest physical character...yet the BIGGEST character and no I'm not talking about the peepee of the PSYCHOSEXUAL victim...of course I'm talking about Hero, the lovely little pooch of Elisabeth Fies...HERO!!!  That dog definitely gained a lot of fans

Oh and thank you Rachel for taking time out from Uni and coming through from Edinbugers for the night for this, you are a fucking star!  Even if you did turn down the opportunity to rub my bottom.  Haha.  Maybe save that for when there isn't a crowd, lol.

I'm looking to get more in depth reviews and opinions to y'all but the overall geekage was definitely GOOD!!! <3


  1. I love it!!! We've been dying for an update at chez fies...glad it was a smashing success!!! We had no doubt, Ms. Cooper!! So grateful to be a part of your awesomeness.

    By the way, Juuuust offscreen on that snapshot photo of Hero are his *JAAAAZZ HANDS!!!!* shiny.

  2. And it's uber cool that you have a real ticket for you event! I totally want one...

  3. Aaahahah, jaaaazzz hands, love it!!! And you are most welcome. :)

  4. If I ever have the time and the money, I'd love to visit Scotland to see your festival.


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