Saturday, 2 April 2011

30 Day Film Challenge - Day One...


Yes, I admit that I am technically cheating here but you know what, do I care?  No!  The way I see it, I watch them as one film, henceforth I am allowed to pick them as one film.  ;)  I read the books as one, I watch the films as one, I am at ONE with the Ring. <3  These have been my favourite books along with The Hobbit since forever, I adore them to bits.  Hell. I'm more passionate about Hobbit's than I am most people, lol.

In my humble opinion, THE LORD OF THE RINGS Trilogy is the perfect example of the magic of movies, you are literally whisked away into another world.  They have everything that one could want in a movie and I will die a happier person for these movies having been made in my lifetime.  I want to live in Middle Earth and I have to admit that as soon as Peter Jackson took over directing duties of THE HOBBIT I was over the moon! :D  And I am super happy that they have finally started filming as well.

These movies introduced me, or actually not so much introduced me as it turns out, I'd already seen most of the actors in other things, what these movies did was make me seek out practically everything that they had done.  Yes, I was ever so slightly obsessed during these years between filming and release.  And it never really went away.  Not only do these films feature incredibly talented and versatile actors, they are all so beautiful in their own little way.

By the time it came around to Return of the King, I was so completely obsessed with these movies that when I found out that if you worked in the cinema you got to see films in advance, I applied for a job in my local Vue.  It was here that I met one of the most amazing and geektastic boys you could ever meet, the absolutely wonderful Paul Moxham, one of the best co-workers I could ever ask for.  I love this guy with all my heart and it makes me so proud that he is now working for BBC Radio Devon doing lots of stuff but more importantly as their movie man!  I urge you to follow him on Twitter, you won't regret it, I promise!

So yes, THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY, my favourite movie of all time, and one that brought me together with some of my most favourite people of all time.  And now I feel that I need to spend my Sunday watching them all again.  For about the millionth time. <3


  1. Aye, but the 3rd one was pish.

  2. You and my girlfriend should be friends on fb. She is an obsessive lord of the rings fan too.

  3. Sean, I can't wait to meet your girlfriend. Mac, you can just suck my dick, ha!


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