Monday, 28 November 2011

I Have A Totally Rad~core New Logo...DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DAAAAH!!!

Greetings fellow blog~letties!  You may have noticed something new about my blog, and that is MY AWESOME NEW LOGO, bwahahahahahahaha!!! <3  I LOVE IT!  This wonderful logo of awesomeness was done by a fellow horror chick~a~roo, and that lady would be Miss Miki Hickel!  I am so thankful to Miki for putting a great big dinosnore sized smile on my geeky face!  Miki is the lady responsible for a large number of our Women in Horror Recognition Month banners and logo's as well a whole lotta Ax Wound stuff too!  You can read my blog on her over at my Jennifer's Bodies blog and expect an interview with both Miki, and Alison Lilly, another of our Women in Horror designer/artist extraordinaire's in the very near future!  I love both these girls, they have stupid amounts of talent and with my logo, Miki has made something cute and geeky...AND totally Morleysaurus to the max!  I love the addition of the Morley cigarettes...the very thing where my name Morley came from.  I am an X Phile through and through and I love that this is included in my dino~tastic new logo!  So yay, THANK YOU MIKI!!! <3  And ooh, please do check out her official site to see more awesome work!  :D

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