Friday, 18 November 2011

In the House of Flies - Geek~tastic New Trailer...Especially For All You Henry Rollins Nerds Out There!

It is with the greatest pleasure that I can provide you with the absolutely, downright wicked awesome new trailer for Philip Carer's (PGC) latest film, In the House of Flies. 

Starring Lindsay Smith, Ryan Kotack, Ryan Barrett AND the one and only Henry freakin' Rollins....In the House of Flies looks like another glorious throwback to a decade long gone by one of the genre's most inspirational, underground directors!  Philip Carer is most definitely one to be watching ladies and gentlegeeks!

I am sure that you will all agree that this is a most excellent is visually stunning, the 80's nostalgia brings a great big Goonie sized smile to my face and more has the best spoken voice over EVER!!!  I mean seriously, if you're going to have any sort of voice over work on your trailer, then you might as well have the god of spoken word do it for you...especially when he's one of the stars of your movie!  Oh yes my fellow nerdlings, get your geekgasm on for more Henry Rollins goodness when In the House of Flies is released.  

And oooh, how awesome is the picture above...Henry Rollins and Philip Carer, definitely a rad~core pairing if ever I heard of one!  :D  And speaking of awesome completely fucking awesome would it be if Philip Carer directed a Deftones video....just saying!?!!! ;)

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