Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Herschell Gordon Lewis - The Godfather of Gore...Directed by Frank Hennenlotter!

Okay so a few weeks back I read this brilliant interview that Rob G did with Frank Hennenlotter over at Icons of Fright.  It was to celebrate the release of Basket Case on Blu-Ray.  Now I've been a fan of Hennenlotter for a number of years, the man is a sick and demented fellow with an absolutely brilliant imagination...some may say he's completely twisted, I say he's a wee bit of genius!  Films such as the Basket Case films, Frankenhooker and Bad Biology stand out as 110% freaktarded works of art!  Anyhoo, in this interview Rob also speaks to Hennenlotter about the documentary he made on the original Godfather of Gore, Mr Herschell Gordon Lewis! As soon as I read this interview I was left eagerly dying to see this documentary, I think Herschell Gordon Lewis is a truly brilliant director.  Some say that the line between his great movies, and his shite movies is incredibly close, but even in a crap way, I still love them.  Particular favourites of mine include Colour me Blood Red, The Gore Gore Girls and Blood Feast.  I have still yet to see the documentary, however thanks to Chris Dunlop over at ScreamQueenArmy, I got to see the trailer for the Hennenlotter directed documentary.  If like me you have yet to see the documentary, you can still watch the trailer below...and this is in no doubt a film for gore~hounds and Grindhouse fans.  And it is one that I shall be sure to update you on the moment I see it!  :)

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