Saturday, 7 May 2011

Have You Ever Lost Someone to Heart Disease? If So Support TEAM Cooper In Their Ben Nevis Climb!

Have you ever lost someone due to heart disease?  That's what my Granddad (below with Granny) died from on the 19th November 2009.  In aid of his memory a number of members of my family including my Mum and Dad and sister Cat are climbing Ben Nevis to raise funds for a heart charity.  Ben Nevis isn't just the tallest mountain in Scotland but in fact the whole of the British Isles.  

Now obviously this is a walk in the park for Mum and Dad after they climbed Machu Picchu in Peru last year, but for some of the people doing it, as my cousin Brenda pointed out on her JustGiving page, the furthest many of the people doing the walk have walked is to their local pub!  :)  Go Team Cooper, heehee.  

For some it's gonna be a challenge but they are downright gonna try their best.  As I can't do it my way of contributing is by asking you, my peoples if you could donate a small amount to their cause by visiting the online joint fundraising site at JUSTGIVING?  Pretty please.  :)  Whatever you can afford, anything would be ace!  Especially if you yourself have lost someone due to heart problems in the past.

I thank you in advance and here's to the memory of Arthur Cooper, my uncle Tim's dad Don Stretton (below with Granddad) whom the guys are also walking in memory of, and also to everyone else who have died due to this horrible condition. 


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