Thursday, 12 May 2011

Luther - Amazingly Dark and Often Brutal BBC Drama Starring Idris Elba!

Luther, the downright fucking awesome serial killer drama from the BBC is set to to return for it's second season very shortly. I didn't actually hear about the show when it was initially shown (I live in a bit of a bubble to be honest, haha!) and it was only some months after the first season had finished that I discovered it. This happened after I'd sat and watched all five seasons of The Wire one after the other and developed a little bit of a loving for bad boy Stringer Bell!  I decided to check out what other stuff he had done, obviously I knew him from stuff like 28 Weeks Later (where he worked with my beloved Jeremy Renner - the two of them have just appeared in Thor as well!) and The Losers but it was Luther that caught my eye.  I mean, Idris Elba AND serial killers...that's like heaven for me!  Instantly I knew I had to see this show, so I got the boxset and cracked on with the six episodes.

The show is dark and brooding, often with a macabre sense of humour, especially when it comes to the delightful Alice, a character who is just perfectly wicked and downright fab in every way!  It's easily the best thing that the Beeb have done in years and to lure Idris Elba back from Hollywood to get him back to his London roots is superb.  The Yanks are constantly stealing our men especially, and damn them, casting them in the best shows ever...aka Sons of Anarchy and The Wire of course.  Anyhoo, all this waffling aside, check out the two trailers below, the first one is for Season One and the second obviously Season Two.  And don't worry, they don't give anything away, it's just nice to be teased.  Sometimes at least anyway. :)

And ooh, you can join the Facebook page for the show HERE!

You can also buy LUTHER from AMAZON HERE!

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