Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Elisabeth Fies - Officially Now A Master o f Horror - GO LIS!!!

If you're the kind of person that loves your horror then you'll understand how much of an honor and sign of mutual respect amongst peers that the Masters of Horror dinners are!?!  These dinners are invite only and are a get together of some of the most important directors in the genre, both old and new.  We're talking John Landis, Wes Craven, John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper, Stuart Gordon and Larry Cohen mixed in with newer additions to the genre (well kind of new) like Robert Rodriguez, Adam Rifkin (the genius who directed UNDERDOG as well, teehee!!!) and Quentin Tarantino.  Add to that James Wan, Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Eli Roth, Tim Sullivan and Edgar Wright...these dinners can be a bit of a sausage fest.  A good sausage fest but a sausage fest none the least.  

Heidi Honeycutt pointed out in an article on FanGirlTastic that female directors in the genre really needed to do something about this and get them their rightly deserved invitations.  

Well I am so psyched to see that one of the most wonderful women I know, both as a director, actress and all round kick ass advocate for women's rights, both on an ethical level, and that of getting their work noticed and shown to others...Miss Elisabeth Fies, finally got herself a much deserved invite! Special thanks go out to Katt Shea, director of Poison Ivy, Carrie - The Rage, Stripped to Kill 1 and 2 and Sanctuary who helped Lis get her foot in the door.  

Lis is an amazingly talented chickadee and that invite was more than long overdue.  With amazingly outspoken and wonderful women like Lis and Katt in there, maybe more female directors will follow suite and join them in joining the boys, proving that women in the genre are not only just as strong as the boys, but perhaps (most definitely actually) even stronger.  

Women have to work twice as hard in this industry to get noticed, something I always find bizarre as I know plenty of incredibly talented women directors who could kick the arse off of half the boys there.  Not that I'm dissing the boys, haha.  Some of my favourite all time directors are mentioned up there.  

So yes, anyhoo, well done Lis, I'm so ecstatic for you and this is something you truly deserve.  And thank you guys rock and it's awesome seeing you there representing the girls!  And the same goes to all of the other women that are out there showing the boys that they are just as fucking amazing.  I can't wait to see the day when Jen and Syliva join you guys too.  This is your time and I can't wait to see all the exciting work that you all have to offer in the future, and I look forward to continuing my support in all your endeavors.  Go Girls!!!

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