Saturday, 21 May 2011

Fright Bytes Episode 3 - Some James Wan and Insidious Goodness from the Lovely Lianne Spiderbaby!

Okay so it is with geeky pleasure that I can share with you Episode 3 of Fright Bytes, the super awesome new mini-show from one of my most gorgeous and superfab friends, Miss Lianne Spiderbaby!

The 3rd episode in her new series sees both Lianne and guest host, her rather cool brother (wearing a wicked awesome tee as well!) discussing the absolutely downright fucking rad~core INSIDIOUS!  The latest film from one of my all time favourite writer/director duo, James Wan and Leigh Whannell.  I absolutely adored INSIDIOUS, seriously one of my favourite horrors in some time.  And to quote my scaredy cat friend Lauren - "Scariest Film Ever!"  I actually had to move away from her watching it as I kept getting punched in the arm every time she jumped, lol.  James and Leigh have created something within a subgenre that is still very original and extremely quirky!  If you've not seen it yet then I totally agree with Lianne...get your asses out there and see this movie NOW!!!

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