Wednesday, 7 August 2013

NERD. GASM. Jeremy Renner AND Christian Bale in American Hustle.

Okay so holy moly, fuck me sideways.  Two of my ultimate most favourite actors ever are in a film together.  Jeremy fucking Renner AND Christian fucking Bale!!  Words escape me.  This is freakin' Batman AND Hawkeye.  EEEEEEEEEEEEE.  

This is pretty much nerd porn if you ask me.  Dodgy suits and all.  Haha.  This is from the wicked awesome director David O. Russell, who everyone nerds over Silver Linings Playbook...which I thought was alright, but not as amazing as everyone kept saying!!  To me, this is the guy that did The Fighter, and more importantly, I Heart Huckabees.  Check out the trailer for American Hustle below and let me know what you think. :) 

Bearing in mind, this is two of the single greatest actors of our time...and the sexiest!!  I love these guys more than I can ever express and to say I'm nerding about this flick is a total understatement.  BWAH!!  
And just to be are a couple of pics of them both looking at their finest.  Moooahahahaha.  Both looking beautiful...and then super hot, Morley style!! ;) 

Sexy Christan Bale.

Even SEXIER Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman!! 

Sexy Jeremy Renner in one of my favourite pics of him from back in the day. 

Even SEXIER THAN SEXY Jeremy Renner as Jeffrey Dahmer. 

Ooh, and here's an extra added Renner pic showing his love for the Batman!!  BWAH!! ;)  Enjoy. 

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