Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Attack of the Killer Mutant Foot...

...okay not really, but that would be a pretty sweet movie, haha.  I mean, you always get movies about possessed hands, never feet.  Or do you and I'm just having a moment of slight retardation!?! 

Now when it comes to possessed hand movies, obviously Evil Dead takes the metaphorical biscuit, in second place fact, almost sitting right next to Ash in a nice little tea shop, eating said metaphorical biscuit, is Anton from Idle Hands, giving Ash the high 5 of awesomeness!!!  Obviously with their remaining hands of course.  Boom boom.  How awesome is Devon Sawa though in that movie?  In fact, everyone is great.  And it doesn't matter how many times I watch it, (and trust me, it's been A LATTE!!) I never get sick of it and I always laugh my head off...hmmmm, interesting that!  ;)

Anyhooooohooo, the whole point of this post was to do a little beerhatching about my god damn foot!!!!!  I went to physio the other day to get it checked out, and I swear, with all his pulling and yanking and what not, I think the guy actually made it worse!!!  I now feel like ALL my toes are broken!!!!!!!!!!!!  And that wasn't even the main pain I went in with in the first place!!!!!  So yes, if anyone would like to go a little James Wan on themselves and saw off their foot before doing a nice little stitch job so I can be FrankenMorleysaurus, that would be super sweeeet!!!  And obviously Rex will need the same.  Ooh we can have little crutches too, mwahahaha.  Now I'm picturing my little dinosnore all Frankenweenied up with crutches, haha.  ;)  Good times. 

To immortality AND beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :D

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